Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My New Look For Christmas!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Hope you like my new look for Christmas!!  I just wanted to show my Christmas Spirit.  I Love Christmas!!  I will be showing at least one photo each post for Christmas.  However, unless I specifically say the photo is one of mine, you can be sure that it is a photo that I found online!!  LOL  Now, these photos that I am posting now, ARE MINE!  These are from last Christmas Eve.

This room is actually our Formal Dining Room, which we never use, so we made it my Conversation Room with my practically Antique Bookcase (it is about 33 yrs old).  We have to set up an artificial tree due to my allergies.  And if you notice the paintings on the wall, these are not my paintings.  One is done by my DH's Maternal Grandmother, the other is by DH's Paternal Grandmother.  The window behind the tree is the front of our house.

During the Christmas Season, we have to move one of the sofas from in front of the window to allow room for the tree.  So we move it in front of the Bookcase temporarily.  Can you tell that I like Teddy Bears?  The two framed Black & White Photographs on top of the Bookcase were taken by my Father-In-Law.
Now you can see my Teddy Bears better, as well as my small village.  It barely fits on the Coffee Table, & I decided to just go with a white towel instead of the fake snow last year, it was much easier!
This is where the Formal Living Room is supposed to be, but this is the TV room.  You can see our cat Oreo peeking out of his hiding place.  We didn't realize how sick he was at the time, but we ended up having to put him to sleep about a month later due to Cancer.

This is the Entertainment Center with the big ass TV.  We just took it to the dump last week!  The framed photo above it is also one of my Father-In-Laws Black & White photos.
Here are the damned green walls that I hate again!!

This is the green room or the official Family Room where the TV is supposed to be, but instead, we have the TV in the Formal Living Room (Yea right, we don't do anything formal!!) which is next to my Conversation Room.
This is our mantel.  You can see how much we use the spot for the TV (that cavernous hole to the left of the fireplace). LOL.  The framed photo hanging above the fireplace is a photo that my Mother-In-Law took along the Oregon Coastline.  By the way, are you seeing a running theme here?  I also like Beanie Babies!  Of course, I only had out the Christmas themed ones!  Oh, & the fireplace has only been lit probably 3-4 times in 9 yrs as it is too warm here to light it up most of the time!!!

This is our small Dinette area.  But we rarely even eat here!

Since we live in California, unless we have a really cold day, we can almost always hold our parties both indoors & out.  So we setup our Buffet line out on the patio, which made it much easier since the food wasn't in the way in the house!  We don't have a lot of space inside.

Here is my DH proudly standing in his domain!!  You can see the new French Doors we had just had installed.  We hadn't even taken off the plastic on the doors!

And our Buffet Setup.  It worked out really well.  And made the food line go much easier & faster.

This is my sweet Grand Daughter Emily.  She was 5 yrs old here.

Here is my Mom & my youngest Uncle Emery.  She was doing her best to act like she was ok that night, but now it is almost impossible for her to.  I wish I had a good photo of my Dad from that night, but he kept hiding behind boxes & bags of presents.  And if I did get him in a photo, it was blurred!!

And here are my two Grand Kids together, Walker (8 yrs) & Emily (5 yrs) old.  Aren't they just precious? 

Well, I had intended to write some more, but I unintentionally placed a ton of photos in the post & now it is going on 2:30 am.  I really need to get to bed!!  So I will post more tomorrow!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Aloha My Friends  :)


Robyn said...

Love how festive your conversation room looks with the tree and little village. I love christmas too, so loved looking through your house at your decorations. Wow, what talented in-laws you have. And as I'm sure I've told you before, Walker and Emily are adorable!

Nicole said...

gorgeous house!! and grandchildren :)

Debi said...

Thanks guys!! I'm really limited in what I can do as far as decorations go, but I do my best with what I have!! I just love the colors & spirit of Christmas. It drives my DH crazy as he is more of the Bah Humbug kind of person. Or at least he pretends to be!

The Former Fat Girl said...

Deb! I LOVE CHRISTMAS !! My apt is too small if not I know I would totally go nutso and do a winter wonderland !!! Love the decorations, and would love to see this years !!

Debi said...

Thanks, but I will probably do exactly the same this year as last. However, if I change anything, I will take pics of it!