Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Well, we have been busy getting our house ready for tonight's Christmas Eve dinner!  Whew!!  I am almost ready & the family will start arriving in about 5 minutes!!  I will post photos later.  So I just wanted to say........

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Dinnerland said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family-- enjoy!!

The Dash! said...

Hey Debi,
I have a question for you when you have the time to answer it :)
I remember a while back you posted about the possibility you had flipped your port or damaged it.. whenever you reached up or bent over it killed around the port site and the pain stayed for a little before going.
Today I woke up and I have noticed this too. It really hurts and I'm stressing. Did you ever find out what was wrong or did it just go on its own? I would appreciate any info you can give me.
Thanks a bunch.
Cara xxx

Debi said...

Thank you Vanessa! Hope you had a nice Christmas too!

My pain started 10 days after my Surgery, when I was putting up the Christmas Decorations. I was stringing the Xmas Lights around the two front windows on the inside of the house. I had to use brute force to push in the push pins that held the lights in place.

My Port was killing me by the time I finished the first window, but I wanted to finish. So I completed both windows. It hurt really, really bad.

It's hard to describe how it felt, but it was an intense pain all around the port area, which kind of made me double over in pain. The port area actually hurt more if I attempted to straighten up. Yet, it hurt more if I bent over, like to pick up something on the floor.

So after I finished with the two windows, I rested for a few hours until it felt a bit better. But as soon as I would bend over a bit, it would start hurting again. So I carefully trimmed the Christmas Tree. Walt had strung up the lights, so all I had to do to finish was to put on the ornaments.

After I finished, I made sure to take it really easy afterwords. But every time that I would bend over for the next couple of weeks it would hurt again. Actually, it hurt most of the time for about a week, like it had hurt the first few days after Surgery.

So I was concerned that I may have flipped my port. I decided to wait & see how the pain went. If it didn't feel better, by the next day or two, I was going to call the Surgeon's office. But it did start to feel better, so long as I didn't bend!

It hasn't bothered me much in the last week & a half. I do plan on telling my PA on Monday, when I go in for my first fill. I am guessing that if she is able to access my port for the fill with no problems, then I probably just stressed the muscles around the port. But if she has problems, then...I will let you know!!

I hope that you are not having problems!! I will definitely post what the PA says either way after my appointment Monday.

The Dash! said...

Thanks Debi,
I really appreciate you answering that question. I cannot for the life think of what I could have done to hurt the port area.. it started to the left of where my port was and I thought - ahh muscle pain but within a few hours it was directly over the site.
Same here too with the bending.. as long as I'm straight no worries.. I was very busy yesterday - maybe I strained the muscle or just leaned hard against the port area. It's a pain in the ass though - I don't want any problems from it. I don't have an appointment for a fill though for weeks and weeks - but if it keeps up for a while I guess I had better ring the doc for an opinion. Arrgh.. typical timing.
Hope your Christmas went off without a hitch and you had fun!
Cara xxx

Debi said...

Thanks Cara! I will definitely let you know what the PA says after my fill on Monday. As it appears that our pain is the same!!

Hope you had a great day too.