Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some New NSV's To Share :)

Hey Ya'll,

Well my DH & I spent all day driving around the Reno area today!  We got lucky, the snow stayed away from Reno.  It snowed all around us, but stayed clear here!

So, now for the main event!  I wanted to post some NSV's that I keep forgetting to post about.  First one is...I am back wearing my "ancient", size 14 jeans!!  I haven't been able to wear them for 2 years at least!  I wouldn't have even tried them on yet, but my 16's are practically falling off me.

The second NSV is....I am losing in my chest area!!  Finally!  I was praying that I would lose there, but was afraid that the twins would be the last to go!!  I noticed last week, when I realized that I was actually wearing my bra all day long without it killing me, then when I checked the size, I realized that I was wearing the smaller size that I had been avoiding!!  So I consider that a double NSV! 

But the biggest NSV is probably....still the bra!  But a different bra.  I usually don't wear my good tighter, firmer bra, unless I am wearing certain top, or going to the Doctor, or something special.  So on Christmas Eve, I put on the fancier bra, & it was of course looser....but the cups was too big!!!  I was afraid that it would look funny on me!  I can still get away with wearing it, but not for too much longer!!  So I have gone down a cup size as well!!!!!  Yea!!

So tomorrow, I go in for my "First Fill".  I am going to describe the problem I had with my Port a few weeks ago & will report back as to what she tells me.  I just hope that she can do the Fill with no problems.  Otherwise, I probably did flip my port.  Wish me luck, cross your fingers, etc!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot!!  I came this getting stuck at dinner tonight!!  I ate half a chicken breast a bit too fast & realized almost too late.  I was checking out the route to the closest bathroom, when it went down!!  Don't want to do that again!!!

Well, I better go for now.  Till tomorrow.

Aloha My Friends  :)


ToomuchRN said...

I hope you have good news at the doctor. I pray that your port hasn't flipped. As far as the Bra issue I hear you on that Last night was the 1st time I went to sleep with a bra on in years. I woke up this morning and it was still on Yay!!!!! and it was one of the tightest Bra's I had.

The Dash! said...

I hope your port hasn't flipped too - still having a little bit of pain this end.. hope it goes.. really want to know the verdict on yours.

Lovely NSV's Debi - how exciting to wear a nice bra and have it fit. I'm big busted as well and mine are def disappearing also.. but more in proportion.. yayy for that.

Amy W. said...

hahah, I used to wear special bras and good undies to the doc. I still do actually, although he sees neither! Congrats on the NSV's. Did you give your mom the painting?

Kristen said...

haha I have never thought of wearing 'special' bras and undies to the doc, thats actually a really good idea! Congrats on the girls getting smaller, I want mine to go down a cup size, they've gone down a band size so far so i'm still keeping my fingers crossed!

Debi said...

Thanks guys!! I will post about my port issue later today. We will be going to Carson City to visit my FIL after the appointment as we will be leaving for home tomorrow morning before the storm hits! It is supposed to be snowing over the Summit by noon!!

I am hoping that all who want the girls to get smaller, to do so, & if you don't want them to shrink, I hope for that too!!!

I have been wearing a size 44D in the good, tighter bra & a 48DD in the comfortable cotton bra (as they shrink so much). I am currently in a 46DD in the cotton bra & I should probably go down to a 42C in the good bra!! I guess I should go in & get measured properly for a new bra & try it on to be sure!!

I'll post again later!!

CeeJay said...

Woo hoo for your NSV's!!! :)

Debi said...

Thanks CeeJay!

Amy, I forgot to answer your question about my Mom's painting! I was able to show it to her on Christmas Eve, but it wasn't dried enough to let her take it home. It should be ok to give to her by the end of the week! With the cold weather, it just isn't drying as fast.