Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Quiz Copied From Mountain Laurel's Blog

I found this on Mountain Laurel's Blog & thought I would answer it too.

1.  Wrapping paper or gift bags?   I hate to wrap, so I much prefer Gift Bags!

2.  Real tree or Artificial?   Artificial, I am allergic to the real ones unfortunately! 

3.  When do you put up the tree?   Within days after Thanksgiving.   As soon as I can get my DH to put it up for me (which includes the lights). :)  I decorate it all by myself, tho.

4.  When do you take the tree down?   I like to leave it up at least until New Year's Day. 

5.   Do you like eggnog?   Not particularly, but my DH loves it!

6.   Favorite gift received as a child?   Probably my new bike.
7.   Hardest person to buy for?  My Grand Kids

8.   Easiest person to buy for?  My Mom

9.   How do you decorate your tree--matchy-matchy or hodgepodge?   My tree is a hodgepodge of new & old, home made & store bought.
10.   Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?   We open on Christmas eve.  When we were kids (and when my daughter was young) we saved some to be opened on Christmas morning from Santa.
11.   Favorite Christmas song?   I love Christmas music, & it is hard to choose just one as my favorite, but I love The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole.  I usually try to listen to just Christmas music during the whole month of December.

12.   Favorite Christmas Movie?   Again, so many good ones.  I will think of many too late to put in here though!!

13.   When do you start shopping for Christmas?   I usually start buying them as I find something I know that someone will like, so it could potentially start now for next year.

14.   Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?   No

15.   Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?   Ham, Turkey, German Chocolate Cake made from scratch, Coconut Creme Pie.

16.   Travel at Christmas or stay home?   We stay home & host the dinner at our home.
17.   Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?   Doubt it.

18.   What do you want to do for Christmas this year?   Spend time with family.

Have a great Christmas!!


The Dash! said...

Lovely questionnaire Deb, even better answers. Like this a lot.

Debi said...

Thanks Cara! I found it on Mountain Laurel's site last night & thought it was cute too.

Ramona said...

Hi there! I'm a new follower and want to say that I hope you have a great christmas. I love all the pics of the houses along your walk route. :)

Debi said...

Thanks Ramona! I am following your blog as well!

Happy Holidays

Debi said...

Hey Ramona, I just tried to leave a comment on your blog for today's post & wasn't able to. I am not sure if the problem is on my side or on your blog.