Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are Your DH's As Exasperating As Mine???

Hey Ya'll,

Are your DH's as exasperating as mine???  He does things that either pisses me off or just bugs me to death, then says "you love me".  Which I do, but boy it can get old sometimes.  He just can't help himself!  He just has to pick on me, or pick at me until I give him the reaction he wanted (or at least a reaction), then says his line "you love me".  But sometimes he just goes too far & he realizes it & says maybe I should quit while I am ahead.  I say, "you think"?

Like today, we went to Carl's Jr for lunch.  It was the first time I have eaten at a fast food place since my banding.  I chose the 2 Cheese Enchilada plate with beans & rice.  I ate about 1 1/2 of the Enchilada's & the beans (the Enchilada's were small & not very full).  My DH ate the rest as well as his lunch.  Then we split a Vanilla Shake.  He ate all the Whipped Creme on top & I had about 1/4th of the Shake.  Boy did it taste good!!! 

Anyway, I had the cars radio tuned to a station that plays Christmas music all month.  Which I only get to hear when I am in the car.  On the way home, my DH changed the channel back to HIS PREFERRED STATION, which I hate!  He knows this, but says that he can't stand the constant Christmas music.  Like I said, he is a Grinch big time!  So he says, "you love me".  Which of course drives me up the wall!  So!  Does anyone else have this kind of problem?

So, now I have to get to work on the taxes.  :(  I will leave you with some Christmas photos (most are not mine) from the Internet.

Pretty impressive Tree isn't it?

This photo IS MINE!  I took this on our drive to Reno after the 1st snow fall of the season.  This was at the Rest Area at the summit.

Isn't this Snowman cute?  I am a push over for cutesy Ornaments like this.

And the Hawaiian Ornament.

Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Robyn said...

I am a person who can get worked up pretty easily if you know how to push my buttons. My husband loves to say things to get a reaction out of me. It's usually just stupid stuff, but I get all bent out of shape because I'm a bit of a Type A personality. A lot of times he'll then laugh and say "I knew that'd get you going." Usually when I realize that's what he's doing I laugh it off but occasionally he'll actually tick me off.

Debi said...

I totally know what you are saying! My DH does the same to me. Most of the time I do blow it off. But occasionally, I just have had enough & he figures it out pretty quick. For a little while anyway!

Linda said...

Debi- I totally understand the husband issues...
I got your comment about not being able to see my Vlog. To give you a quick update. I went in today to get a little fluid taken out, but when I got there they took all the fluid out and I have to get another upper GI to make sure my band hasn't slipped. I'm scared and pissed off, but won't know a thing until Monday. I'll keep you posted.
Why do they think you have a flipped port? I hope you don't but fromm what I've read they can repair that pretty easily. I hope you don't though.

Debi said...

Thanks Linda, I will give you more information on your blog.

The Dash! said...

Yeah - men huh! I guess this is a universal problem of sorts - when you live with another person so closely they get to know exactly how to wind you up ... you're not alone there Debi lol. Marriage = fun... well sometimes!!

Debi said...

Thanks Cara!! But my DH seems to make it his life's work to push my buttons!! LOL But I do love him.