Monday, December 7, 2009

Holy Crap!! I Almost Had A Heart Attack!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Well my DH & I just got back from our evening walk.  While we were walking, we were deep in conversation & not paying attention to what was coming at us, when I suddenly heard a small sound.  I thought at first it was a bird or something.  About a second later, something shot right past me, brushing my pants leg as it passed.  I let out a shriek (the neighbor across the street putting up his Christmas Lights probably thought I was nuts)!  From the sound I had heard, at first I thought it was a bird.  Then, when it ran past me, I thought it was a mad squirrel.  But after a second, I realized it was a cat!!!  It wanted me to pick it up, but my husband would have said no.  I could see a collar on it so I knew it belonged to someone.  So we just kept walking, & it followed us for a few houses.  But when you aren't expecting something like this...all I can say is, it really got my heart pumping!!  LOL

Well, not much else to say right now, so...till next time!

Aloha My Friends  :)


The Dash! said...

lol Those crazy cats!!! Probably trying to avoid the snow...

Debi said...

No, we didn't have any snow that stayed. But I am sure he was trying to get out of the cold! We had record lows last night! It got down in the mid 20's!!!

Robyn said...

Too funny. A few weeks ago I was walking with a girlfriend and we both screamed as we walked past some high grass because something in there was moving the grass, and I was convinced it was a snake!

Debi said...

You never know!! It could have been a snake. However, I don't think screaming would scare it away! Maybe it was a field mouse? But I do understand.

My cousin & I were walking along a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere (we were teenagers at this time). Our families were camping out along a canal in the California desert & a snake was slithering toward us in the middle of the road.

We just separated & walked on each side of the road giving the snake plenty of room & it just kept on going (thank god). That was the closest I ever want to come to a snake that is not held in captivity!!

My Dad almost had a heart attack when he heard about our close encounter, as he is deathly afraid of snakes, he won't even look at them on TV!! LOL