Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Filled!!!!! Yea!! :) :) :)

Hey Ya'll,

I went to the Doctor's office today for my first fill & had no problems!!!  The PA (or whatever her title is) said that my Surgeon is really good at REALLY stitching the Port in place so it would be highly unlikely that I had flipped my Port.  She felt it & said that it was still firmly in place.

That said, she said that I probably just stressed the sites where the sutures were placed.  Maybe stressing the Muscle where the sutures were.  So she wasn't at all worried about it.  Thank god!!!  I was sooo worried that I had done something stupid & messed myself up!!

As for the FILL, apparantly, one hand doesn't talk to another hand in some things at their office!!  Dr Kozar told me that they usually give 3-4 cc's at the First Fill & then 2-3 on the 2nd fill, then less with each subsequent Fill to try to find the "Sweet Spot" without causing the patient to be over filled, thus needing an unfill.

Well, the PA determined that I had 2 cc's in the Band from Surgery, so she gave me 1 cc today.  Waaa!  I was hoping for at least 2-3 cc's.  She said that the next fill, she would put in either .5 or 1 cc.  She is apparantly more conservative than Dr Kozar knows!!  But at least I got the Fill!!  There is never a guarantee that they will give a Fill as all you experianced Bandster's know!! 

So far, I can't tell any difference!  But my DH wanted me to be really, really careful & follow the rules at least for tonight, so I only had a bowl of Enchilada Soup (did not eat the Chicken) from Chili's Restaurant.  Do you know how hard it is to find soup from a Restaurant that isn't full of something?  At home it wouldn't have been a problem!  But I couldn't even go to a store & buy a can of soup since the Hotel room doesn't have a microwave!!  Anyway, I was good & only had the soup, but I am sure that I will be hungry long before bed!!!

While we were out & about, we drove back to Carson City to visit with Walt's dad at the Nursing Home while we were in the area.  He looked much better today & had more strength, but he still looks bad.  He definately had at least one stroke, but luckily, not too severe, this time!!  He wanted to go to bed after we had been there for about 45 minutes, so Walt helped him back to his room so he wouldn't fall.

Cara: I noticed that you mentioned in a comment to me that you didn't know what the Sierra's were that I keep talking about having to drive over.  The Sierra's is a mountain range that border's California & Nevada.  This particular section that we have to travel, is famous for a group of Settlers that were stranded for 6 months with little food in one of the worst Winters on record there.  The group was called the Donner Party.  They were a group of emigrants (some rich, some poor) that headed out West, by Covered Wagon.  They were stranded by a snowstorm at the end of October 1846, at what was to become called Donner Lake.

Of the original 87 pioneers, 39 died and 48 survived. Five died before reaching the Sierra Nevada, 14 at the lake camp, eight at Alder Creek, and 12 while trying to escape the mountains.  Some of those that survived, resorted to Cannibalism to survive.  The last of the survivors were rescued & brought down to Sacramento by April 1847.  If you are interested in Historical reads, this book is fascinating.  It is called, "Ordeal by Hunger The Story of The Donner Party".  It is written by, George R. Stewart & first published in 1936.

Ok, I am finished with the history lesson.  I guess I will get off for now so I can read up on everyone's blogs.  Till next time.  OH BY THE WAY, IT IS NOW 7:51 & I AM STARVING!!!!  We ate at about 4:15.

Aloha My Friends  :)


The Dash! said...

Oh, of course!!! I had heard the name Sierra's but you just cleared it up further for me.. US history is known here, I was just a little sketchy. Thanks for the help. xx

I am so glad your port is ok. I think mine is too - I must have over exerted myself because today it feels fine - even when I press on it. WHEW!!!

Just take those fills a little at a time Debi, too. One thing I have noticed about the US docs is that they can be too aggressive with their fills and I'm reading all the time how our girlfriend bloggers have/had to have some taken back out because they are overfilled. Seriously, the smaller the better - just creep up on that sweet spot - it's a pain I know but at least you won't have worries about having too much in because that causes problems all of their own.


Dinnerland said...

Thanks for the review about the Sierra's, Deb. Good luck with this fill working-- I agree with your dh, babay your band, it will jump start the weight loss anyway to be very selective and you don't want any unnecessary and unpleasant PB episodes!!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I agree with you that the fill is not nearly enough, seems like we need to get around 6-7 for some real weightloss.

Debi said...

Thanks guys! I will take the fill as it is & try to get used to the new restriction, if I have any! I know from reading everyone's blogs that most of you, don't start feeling any real restriction until at least 5 cc's. But I agree, going a bit slower will help to keep me from being over filled.

Sorry for the History lesson guys. But I figured if I mentioned the Donner Party, you would know what I was talking about! Truckee where my friend used to live, & which we have to drive through on our way over the pass or "summit", is where Donner Lake is.

I have to go, so we can eat breakfast before we leave. I will post more later.

TJ said...

I think it also depends on what size band you have. I have a 11cc band so they said that I probably won't hit my sweet spot until closer to 7. However, someone with a 9cc or 7cc band would probably feel restriction much sooner. Also, some of the saline goes in the tubing so the first 1 or 2ccs probably doesn't make much impact.

Personally I don't feel anything at 5ccs, but with the size of my band they said I might not feel much. But you never know. The 2ccs you got today just might kick in after a couple days. I was told that it could even take up to 5 days to feel the impact. If not you are at least 2ccs closer to hitting that sweet spot.

When do you get your second fill?

Debi said...

Thanks Tracy. I have a 10 cc Lap Band AP. They said that I had 2 cc's in already & I just got another 1 cc, so total I have 3 cc's now. So I am not expecting much difference at all. My next appointment is on January 25th & she said that she will either give me another .5 or 1 cc's then.

Nessa said...

Sounds like you're doing great, Debi. I love the drive through the Sierra's. I live in the Midwest but I've made it several times. The way we feel about all this sort of reminds me of a favorite little prayer that always makes me smile.....Dear God, please give me patience and please give it to me NOW!!! Keep smiling and Happy Happy New Year! What a great year it's going to be!

Debi said...

Thanks Nessa! I love that prayer! It fits perfectly!

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!!