Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally Walked Again!!

Hey Ya'll,

My DH & I just returned from a walk in our neighborhood.  I hate to admit it, but it is getting a bit easier to walk.  I wasn't in as much pain, so I doubled our walk tonight!  The part I like about walking outdoors this time of year is getting to check out everyone's Christmas lights & decorations.  In case you forgot, I love Christmas decorations & lights!  The more the better.  I am even considering walking the opposite direction to check out the homes that way too.  Which if we went the long way around, back to our house, it would just about quadruple our walk so far.  But I am hoping that before the end of the Christmas season, I will be able to do it.

Earlier tonight I was watching a couple of shows on TLC channel which was very sad.  The first one was the Half-Ton Mom.  She was about 850 lbs & was finally given the ok for Gastric Bypass Surgery by the Surgeons as they usually won't do the Surgery if you are over 400 lbs (I think it was).  She made it through the Surgery only to die about 2 wks later.  It was sooo sad, she really wanted to get her life back together (she was overweight her entire life) so she could be around for her two daughters.

The second show was called the Half-Ton Teen.  It focused mostly on one young man who was 19 yrs old, but it also showcased two other teens around 13-18 yrs old as well.  The boy they showed the least of, died during the filming.  Two of the boys was about 850 lbs & the other one was about 1000 lbs.  The 1000 lb boy is the one that died at age 18, sooo sad!

But the worst part is, the other two boys fought the weight loss tooth & nail.  They didn't want to eat the proper diet or exercise.  At the end of the program, one was still fighting the weight loss & the other finally seemed to come to the realization that if he didn't follow his Doctor's orders, he would lose him as his Doctor, & agreed to go into a Rehabilitation Center for a couple of months to continue learning how to eat & exercise, as his Mother was an enabler big time!  By the end of the show, he had lost about 400 lbs!  Anyway, just thought that it was interesting. 

I have an Aunt that was probably somewhere between 400-500 lbs the last time I saw her.  I haven't seen her in about 30 yrs, but I haven't heard of her dying so I can only hope that she finally got some help.  I will have to remember to ask my Mom next time I speak with her.

Well tonight, after getting back from our walk, I convinced my DH to bring down my Christmas decorations.  So, hopefully I will have them up within a few days.  Tomorrow, we have to drive back over the Sierra's to Reno for my after Surgery Check Up.  Wish me luck that the Doctor is happy with my weight loss so far & doesn't yell at me for eating what I wasn't supposed to so early.  :(  Anyway, I will let you know.

Well again, I am sure that I had intended to say more, but for the life of me, I can't remember!!  Like I said before, it is hell getting old, or as Garth Brooks said in one of his songs "I'm much too young to feel this damned old"!!  I am hoping that once I start losing a lot of weight, I can start going off some of the drugs that can wreak havoc with my memory!!  But somehow I doubt just dropping some of the meds will be enough!  Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend!

Aloha My Friends  :) 


Dinnerland said...

Hi, you're hardly 'old'-- but I guess it is a condition of aging that we say "I'm old"-- because I've been doing it for a few years and I'm 39. Ha ha.
But I don't think of 54 as old so go figure.
Sounds like you're doing great! Do that walking, it will help shed the pounds and shape the muscles...

The Dash! said...

I love the Christmas lights too! It's a beautiful time of year - enjoy!!

Debi said...

Thanks guys! I have noticed that when we walked, I seemed to lose weight faster, go figure!! LOL. Maybe by the time spring rolls around, I will be small enough that I won't mind walking before dark!