Saturday, January 30, 2010

Survived The Memorial, Now Walt's Birthday!!

This is how DH and I feel today!!  Exhausted!!  Tomorrow is Walt's 55th Birthday!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well we managed to make it through yesterday, barely!  The Memorial turned out really nice & we had a nice turnout.  Walt & I arrived at the Church at noon in order to start getting the Reception Hall setup for the dinner.  This took almost 4 hours to do, and we finished with just about 15 minutes left to get ready to go into the Chapel for the Memorial.  Luckily, our Daughter's Christa, Kat & Walt's Sister Susan arrived to help us out!!  Without their help, we would not have finished in time!!

Obviously, once the Memorial was over, we moved the group over to the Reception Hall for the dinner.  This too turned out well, but of course, we easily had at least twice as much food as was necessary!!  But we figured, it is better to have too much food, than not enough!!  And you never know exactly how many will turn up.

But just as I feared, my Mom wasn't feeling well enough to make it!!  She can barely walk anymore & is in constant, severe pain.  Because of this, I am actually glad that she didn't try to make it.  It takes her most of the day to get ready when she does occasionally leave their house to go to the Doctor, etc.  So she would have put on a brave face & tried not to show her pain, while all the while, wishing she were in her own bed!  But I do know that she really wanted to be there, and had intended to be there.  My Dad did come though.  He came with my Brother Kenny, & Sister-In-Law Robin.  My Dad always liked my FIL very much.  My DH, Walt told me that when he was at the Pulpit saying what his Dad meant to him, he could see that my Dad was crying too!!

The dinner went on for quite some time!!  The majority of the guests didn't leave until about 7:30-8 pm!  Then, came the daunting task of cleaning up & getting everything repackaged & ready to take home!  Luckily, Christa & her husband Mark, Kat, Susan & Carolyn helped out!!  Even with so many of us doing the clean up, we still didn't leave until almost 9 pm!!  Then, Christa, Mark & the kids followed us to our house as they were helping out by taking some of the supplies in their van too, due to the rain!!  Walt & I drove there in our truck to accommodate my painting table, so we could use it as an additional table for food, etc & it was too long to fit in my Honda CRV.

After getting to our house, we ended up looking at photos & talking for quite some time & they didn't leave until about 11:30!!  I must say that we were all physically & emotionally exhausted!  But we really did appreciate all the help we got.  We couldn't have done this without them all!!!

I am going to insert some photos now for your viewing enjoyment, but unfortunately, most of them didn't turn out so well!!  And the photos that I was in, I had wanted Walt to take them where they showed more of my body.  Not that I like what I look like, but at least we can start to see any changes in my appearance.  But he forgets & always takes the photos from the chest up.....oh well, here goes.  Oh yea, I almost forgot!  He had changed out of his nice suit without telling me.  I had wanted to have a nice photo taken of the two of us, nicely dressed first!!!  Then, he not only changed, he didn't put on the other nice shirt.  He stayed in just the under shirt, until just before we left!!  So all photos of him are in his undershirt!!  Wahhhh!

You can really see in this photo how my poor Walt & his Mom, Shirley are haggard.  Walt's Nephew Matthew was with them in this photo as well.
 Again, this is Walt & his Nephew Matthew.  If you enlarge the photo, you can see the stress in Walt's face.  He was all red & blotchy in the face all day long.  In fact, many people asked him if he was ok.  They were concerned his Blood Pressure was sky high.  Which of course, we had no idea if it was or not.
Kat & Carolyn (Kat's Mom, Walt's Ex-Wife)!!
My "Sister" Carolyn & I.  Sorry it is out of focus!  It is a point & shoot camera, but photos taken of me by my DH almost always turns out, out of focus!!  This is where I had wished he had taken a longer shot that showed our legs!!  He was far enough away to do it, so I assumed he did until I downloaded them today!!
I only included this photo because it shows a bit more than my chest & face!!  This is my Daughter Christa with me.
Again, Christa & myself.  I 'm not really that much taller than her, but I was wearing shoes with some heal!!  I am actually only 1 inch taller.  Because of these "new" shoes, my feet were killing me by the time we left!  Both Walt & I had been on our feet for most of the day!!!
One of Walt's Sister's, Elizabeth (Betsy) & her Daughter, Maria.
Another of Walt's Sisters, Susan with Carolyn & myself (we call ourselves "The Sisterhood").  I didn't get a photo of Walt's other Sister, Carol as her family left before I could get to my camera.  It was locked away in a closet & I didn't get to it before the guests had left & only a few family members remained.  Damn!
Walt with Betsy & Maria!
Maria with Susan's youngest Son, John.  Her other children had already left.  That open door behind them is the closet where my purse was locked in at.
And last but certainly not least, my Daughter Christa, her husband Mark & my Grand Kids, Walker (9) & Emily (6).

Well, I better go for now, I am tired & have tons to do!!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Shout Out To DL Swims !!!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just logged in real quick, before we needed to leave for the Memorial, & noticed that I have a new Follower!  Her name is, DL Swims, and her blog address is: "A Journey To Embrace".  I started Following your blog last night, but it will take me a day or two (or three) to read it from beginning to end!  So everyone, please check out her blog and give her the support, that we all need!  Well, I have to go, so..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Randomness Questions from Athena's Melting blog :)

Hey Ya'll,

Well, to keep my mind off of what is happening tomorrow (my FIL'S Memorial), I am taking this quiz that I found on Athena's blog, "Athena's Melting".  It is cute & not too time consuming!



*What is your salad dressing of choice?  Honey Mustard

*What is your favorite sit down restaurant?  The Outback (I'm a Meat & Potatoes girl)

*What is your favorite fast food restaurant?  Carl's Jr

*What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of?  Spaghetti with Meatballs

*What are your pizza toppings of choice?  Pepperoni and Pineapple (I love the sweet with the spicy)

*How many televisions are in your house?  5

*What color cell phone do you have?  White with Purple inside


*Are you right-handed or left-handed?  Right

*Have you ever had anything removed from your body?   Uterus

*What is the last heavy item you lifted?  I'm not allowed to life heavy items (Spinal Condition)

*Have you ever been knocked unconscious?   No

*Have you ever fainted?  No, but have come close many times!  So many times in fact, I know the symptoms & sit or lay down before it is too late!


*If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?  Depends, if it is from a long illness, maybe, if from an accident, probably not.

*If you could change your name, what would you change it to?  Christa, which is why I named my Daughter, Christa!

*How many pairs of flip-flops do you own?  4

*Last person you talked to?  My DH, Walt


*Season?  Spring and Fall (usually not too cool or hot)

* Holiday?  Christmas

*Day of the week?  It used to be Saturday, but since I am retired, any day is a good day!

*Month?  Any month that is not too hot or too cold!

* Color?   Favorites are Pink & Blue, but I love lots of colors!

* Drink?  In Soft Drinks, it is Caffeine Free Diet Coke, other wise it is Sugar Free Cherry Kool-Aid


*Missing someone?   My Grand Mother

*What are you listening to?  TV, also known as, white noise.

*Watching?  Listening to the movie, "The Happening".

Worrying about?   Will I EVER get RESTRICTION?  Life, Death, Finances, etc, etc, etc.

*What's the last movie you saw?  At the theater, "Old Dogs", on TV, "Apocalypto" (which is fantastic by the way).

*Do You Smile often?   As much as I can

*If you could change your eye color what would it be?   My hair is Blond (kind of, if you don't count that it is getting darker each year, AND GRAYER!!) my eyes are Blue, but I always thought that Blonds with Brown eyes were special.

*What's on your wish list for your birthday?  Probably either Painting supplies or Crocheting supplies.

*Can you do push-ups?   Not even if my life depended on it!!

*Can you do a chin up?   Ditto from above!!

*Does the future make you more nervous or excited?   More Nervous

*Have you been in a Car wreck?   Yes, totaled 2 cars!

*Have you caused a Car wreck?   No!!

*Do you have an accent?   Sometimes...I start speaking like my Southern Family members.  Also if I am in an area long enough, where there is a strong accent spoken, like the East Coast, I will begin to pick it up & talk like they do!!

*Last time you cried?   When my FIL died.  I cried most of that day & part of the next day as well!

*Plans tonight?   No!!  But then again, it is 10:45 pm!  Actually, my plan is to try to get to bed by 1 am since we have so much going on tomorrow with my FIL'S Memorial.

*Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?   A few times.

*Name 3 things you Bought yesterday?   Food for the Memorial

*Met someone who changed your life?  Yes, my amazing Mom, my Step Dad (he raised me from birth & never made me feel like I wasn't his daughter by birth), my Daughter Christa (from the moment she was born), my Grand Mother (Mama Myrt), and my DH, Walt.

*For the better or worse??   For the Better!!

*How did you bring in the New Year?  In my pj's reading blogs.

*Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?  I always felt like I belonged in another time, or at least that I had lived in another time!!  But I do like the conveniences of the present!!

*Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?  Yes

*What songs do you sing in the shower?  I don't!

*Have you held hands with someone Today?  Yes, my DH!  We always hold hands!!

*Who was the last person you took a picture of?   My DH, of course.

*Are most of the friends in your life new or old?   I have new and old friends.

*Do you like pulpy orange juice?   Yes

*What is something your friends make fun of you for?   That I always know where the Bathroom is, where ever we go!!

*Last time you ate peanut butter and jelly?   Before my Surgery

*What were you doing 12 AM last night?  Crocheting (finishing my hat I started while driving up to Reno last weekend)!

*What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?  Boy that Bacon sure smells good!!  My DH was cooking Bacon for the meal after the Memorial tomorrow.  But I usually think, it is too early to get up!!!

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow & an even better weekend!!! 

Aloha My Friends  :)

It's Hot In Here!!!!!

This is how I feel right now!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well tomorrow afternoon, is the Memorial for my FIL.  What this means is that, my MIL arrived yesterday & stayed the night last night with us.  She will also be staying the night with us tonight as well.  Now under normal conditions, having a MIL stay with you wouldn't be so bad.  But my MIL, bless her heart, is a bit on the crazy side & can only be tolerated in small doses.  LOL

Don't get me wrong, I love her, but she is not an easy person to be around for very long.  Last night, we forgot that she likes to have her house temperature set at around 80-85 degrees, even in the Summer!!  So she didn't "sleep very well".  So this morning, my DH informed me that he was raising the house temperature to about 68 degrees!!  We normally keep it at 58-63 degrees at night.  This means that I will wake up totally stuffed up in the morning!!  I can't sleep well if it is too warm!  So we have two totally different sleeping preferences under one roof.  And of course, we will give our guest her preference.

Luckily, she will be staying the following two nights at my SIL'S house (Friday & Saturday).  Then she will go stay at her Sister's house on her way home.  Like I said, I love her, but it is hard having her stay here.  It totally disrupts our routine.  Normally, we don't have any problem having guests stay with us.  But she is extremely eccentric & things must be the way she likes it.  We are just so glad that she didn't bring her dog with her.  We would not have allowed that dog to stay in our house!!

And for you dog lovers out there, don't take this the wrong way.  We both love dogs, but this particular dog is unlovable to anyone except to my MIL & now, deceased FIL.  This dog hated everyone else & would actually bite you when you tried to visit them, if they didn't keep her on a leash or in her crate!!!  She did bite my DH once & my BIL quite a few times!!  So the photo is me.  Not very happy & trying to hide in my office as much as I can!!

I also wanted to say that my DH & I are planning on making a major change in our lives.  It will take about 4-6 Months to fully execute, but we have a lot of steps to go through to do this.  I will elaborate further at a later time.  Please just be aware that because of this, there are a lot of things that I need to get accomplished between now & then, so most of my time will be taken up doing those things.  Meaning that I will not have enough time in the day to be able to fully keep up on everyone's blogs!!  This is the part that I hate! 

I will be lucky if I can read most of them on a daily basis.  But to actually be able to read them & most importantly be able to comment on them, will be next to impossible!!  So please be aware that I will do my best to try to keep up, but I may not be making many comments for awhile!!  I love you guys & hate to not be able to let you know that I am still here in blog land!!!  Well, I have to go for now, we need to go.  Till next time!!!

Aloha My Friends  :(

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're Back !!! Found A Great Distraction !!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well we made it back from Reno easily today.  It was originally supposed to snow quite a bit today, but luckily it stopped shortly after we left.  At first they had chain restrictions on for anyone driving over the Sierra's, unless you were in a 4x4 or AWD with snow tires.  But they lifted the restriction about the time we got to the Summit so we were lucky, again!  We were expecting snow all the way back!!

However, I forgot to mention in my earlier post from Saturday, that I found a fantastic distraction for while we are driving the Sierra's.  I had brought my crochet bag with me so that I could do some crocheting if I got bored, but Walt had packed it in the back seat area of the truck!  But since we were in such horrible traffic on the way to Reno over the Sierra's.  Meaning that at that time, we were completely stopped (as in NOT MOVING)!!  I had made the comment that I wished I had my crochet bag up front with us. 

When I mentioned that I wished that I had thought to keep my crochet bag in the front with me.  Walt, bless his sweet heart, got out of the truck, opened the rear door & handed me my crochet bag!!  So I began making myself a hat!!  I just wish that I had thought of this years ago!!  Walt wishes this too!!  It was the most relaxing trip we have made yet!!  I was too busy keeping my eyes on my work, that I barely noticed the road at all!!  This helped me, by not making myself a nervous wreak & helped Walt, by me not constantly riding his ass for driving too fast, etc.  He has decided that he wants me to bring something to crochet every time we drive any distance in the future!!  LOL

Well, I better go for now.  I am really tired all of a sudden.  I am afraid that I am now 2 days behind in reading your blogs & by tomorrow, it will be 3 days behind!!  Walt has so much stuff for me to do, that I may not get caught up for some time now.  We're talking weeks or worse!!  But I will at least try to read the blogs even if I don't have much time to actually comment on them all!!  You know how it is, once you get behind, you are always behind!!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

A Shout Out To Maree !!

Hey Ya'll,

I wanted to give a big shout out to Maree!!  Her blog is actually a dual blog with her sister!!  Their blog is called "Sisters Banded Together".  And they were banded together!!  Maree is from New Zealand.  They were banded in November 09 about a week before me, & I would like to say thanks for Following me!!  I have started Following your blog as well!!  Everyone please check them out!!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

A Warm Welcome To Jordan !!

Hey Ya'll,

I wanted to say welcome to Jordan!!  First off, I would like to thank you for Following me, & if you would be willing to provide your blog information, I would love to Follow you as well!!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Done !!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Well, today we walked over to the Surgeon's office from our Hotel.  Luckily it is only about 2 blocks away, so we thought it would be a nice walk, as it had stopped snowing here in Reno by then.  After leaving the Doctor's office, we took a long walk back to the Hotel so we ended up walking about a mile today.  And this is not counting the walking inside the Casino, back & forth to our Hotel room.

Anyhoo, after I was weighed, the Nurse said that I was below "The Number", so she was really happy!  Meaning that I was officially under 200 lbs.  I was a bit over 200 lbs the last visit, & in fact, I was afraid that I had gained weight since my last visit.  I lost 3.8 lbs, so that means that I lost almost a lb a week!!  Considering how much I have been eating, I was sure that I had gained weight!!  So I am doing the happy dance right now!!!  And this is fully clothed, except for my shoes, which I always take off to weigh myself.

The PA seemed happy about this as well.  She was so happy about it in fact that she was only planning on giving me .5 cc's today!  But when we told her that I had NO RESTRICTION, & could eat anything I wanted including bread, steak, etc!!  Walt said how about 4 cc's.  She just about had a heart attack.  So I said how about 2 cc's.  She said, how about 1 cc, LOL.  I agreed to the 1 cc after she said that she hates to give too much at one time, as the stomach tends to swell after a Fill & she is afraid that with me living so far away, it wouldn't be good if I needed an Unfill.  So we agreed, & this now puts me at 4 cc's in a 10 cc Band.

However, it is obvious that from now on, I will not get more than .5 cc's at a time, because I will be getting much closer to what they consider the "sweet spot".  Which she says can be anywhere from about 4-6 cc's for most people.  When we asked how soon I could schedule my next Fill for.  At first she said 4 weeks from today.  Then Walt said what if this Fill isn't doing me any good?  So she agreed to let me set my next Fill for 3 weeks away.  So my next Fill is Tuesday the 16th of February.

So far I can't tell any difference, yet again!!  I know that I am supposed to be on liquids for the first 24-48 hours.  But, since I was eating the day after Surgery, I went ahead & ate dinner tonight.  I just made sure to eat items that I knew would be easily swallowed & tolerated.  I was able to eat at least twice the amount that I should be able to eat, before I felt satisfied.  But of course, I still ate way less than half what I would have eaten pre-band!!  So again, I have to try to control my portions through will power as I appear to not have any Restriction!!!  Unless of course it kicks in later, which as we all know, is a possibility.  Lets hope so!

While we were out & about getting dinner, we were trying to decide where to go eat.  We didn't want to leave the Hotel so we were choosing from all the restaurants, buffet's, etc.  Walt wanted to go towards the El Dorado's choices, but I knew that if we went that way, I would want a piece of my favorite cake they make there!!  And I told him this.  In which he replied, if I let you get cake, does that mean we can have sex???  I tell you, this is about all he has had on his mind lately!!  I told him that 2 nights in a row was enough!!  I am not a spring chicken anymore!  LOL

Anyway, if anyone is still reading this, I would like to request that you go check out a new blog I found today!!  Her name is, Banderific Beauty & her blog address is:  She is being Banded on February 11th & could use our help & support.  She is feeling a bit lost as her friends are tired of hearing her talk about the Band & she has questions.  Well, I should get off here, my DH wants to use the computer too!!  Till Next Time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

A Shout Out To A New Follower, Banderific Beauty !!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just got back from the Doctor's office a bit ago & noticed that I have a new Follower!  Her name is Banderific Beauty & her blog address is: (My Journey Into A New World).  Her Surgery is scheduled for February 11th!!  So everyone please pop on over to her blog & give her some support!!

She has some questions that I am sure between all of us, we should be able to answer for her!!  LOL.  I tried to start Following your blog Banderific Beauty, but I have since found out that your site is undergoing some problems & I would have been your 7th Follower, so I will attempt it again later tonight!!  But rest assured, I will be Following your blog as well!!  So, "welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Shout Out To A New Follower, Work In Progress (Nerolid) !!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just spotted a new Follower, her name is Nerolid!!  I would love to Follow your blog as well, assuming that I am not already Following you!!  If you would please respond & provide me your blog address, I would love to check it out!!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".  Till next time.

Aloha My New Friend  :)

P.S.) I just found out that her blog address is:

She will be banded soon, so please check out her blog & give her the support she needs!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tomorrow Would Have Been A Beeautch!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, we are back in Reno again, and we have just returned from eating dinner.  So now we are back in our room nice and comfortable in our pj's, and I just checked the weather for the next couple of days, to see when the best time would be to head back over the Sierra's home.  Walt wanted to drive home right after we get out of my Fill appointment.  But that wouldn't be until at least 1:30 if not 2 pm.  And I really wasn't looking forward to driving over that late as the roads could get icy later in the day, as the temps start dropping and the roads get all shaded over from the trees and mountains.

So...luckily for me, the weather looks to be the worst tomorrow!!!  I first checked our area at home, as it is the pre-programed link.  And it showed Heavy Rain!  So, if it is raining heavily where we live, then the Sierra's is usually pretty bad.  So next I checked weather for Truckee as it is the only big town going over the Sierra's, on I-80 near the Summit, where the snows are worse.  Truckee is in California, but it is on the Nevada side of the Sierra's.  And Truckee is expecting Heavy Snow!!!  Which means that the Summit could potentially be even worse as it is a bit higher in elevation, and the storms are usually worse on the California side!!! 

So....Walt agreed that it would be too rough to drive over (Assuming they even allow it.  Often, when it is snowing this bad, they close the roads to traffic).  Tuesday is still supposed to be snowing, but it is listed as Snow Showers (which is what it was when we drove here), so it should be ok with a 4x4.  But in case they upgrade the storm on Tuesday to be worse, we still have a room reserved for Tuesday night & Wednesday is supposed to be clear of rain or snow!!!

So, other than watching the weather constantly for any changes, not much else is happening.  Except for Tomorrows 2nd Fill Appointment!!!  Yea!!  Cross you fingers & toes that the NP gives me a decent Fill!!  I am only at 3 cc's & it is doing NOTHING for me!!  LOL  I will keep you posted tomorrow as to what I got.  So, till tomorrow.

Aloha My Friends  :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Was Sooo Prophetic!!!

Hey Ya'll,

So, you ask why the title of the post?  Well, the second paragraph should explain it to you.  By the way, the photo that I was referring to was the photo of the Cat driving the car in my last post!! 

Well we made it!  But it took us 4 hours, just to get to Boomtown!!  Which is a few miles West of Reno.  We stopped there for a lunch break.  Now, this trip usually only takes about 1.5 hours!!!  The problem was the Ski & Snow Board enthusiasts!!!  There was a ton of cars driving up into the Sierra!!!  But because of the snow, they had chain control's in effect.  This caused most of the vehicles to stop & put on their chains.  It took us 3 hours to drive 20 miles!!!!!  Luckily, we were in our 4x4, & 4x4's were allowed through so long as they had snow tires on.  We have all terrain tires, not snow tires, & we were expecting to be forced to put on the chains at some point.  But just as we got to the chain enforcement check point, they lifted the requirement for 4x4's.  So we didn't have to stop & apply chains.  Yea!

But we weren't expecting snow showers until we were closer to the Summit.  The snow began at about the 2000 ft level & snowed all the way to the Summit!  Luckily, that is when the traffic ended!  As that is where the Ski Lifts are!!!  So the rest of the way was a piece of cake!  We still didn't get to where our Son is living until 2:30 & we left our house at 8 am!!!

Then we had to unload the U-Haul, put his bed together, then turn in the U-Haul.  We get to the U-Haul place to turn it in, & they are closed.  The person who runs the place Is Sick!!  So all we had to do was leave the trailer out front & leave our documents in their mail slot!  After all the rush!  Ahem!!

So, once we did this, Carolyn & Russ took us to a nice Mexican dinner (yum).  Then we had to drive back into Nevada to Carson City.  Tomorrow morning, Walt will go to his Mother's to help her go through his Dad's stuff.  I am going to stay at the Hotel, which is really nice by the way.  It is one of the nicest Hotel rooms we have stayed in, in a long time!  So I did as you suggested Tracy (TJ) & requested a late check out & I have until 2 pm tomorrow to vacate the room!!  This way I won't have to sit by myself for too long waiting for Walt to get back.

Then, we drive back to Reno & check in to our Hotel there!!  As my appointment is Monday with the Surgeon's NP for my 2nd Fill!!!  Here's hoping that I get at least 1 cc if not 1.5 cc's!!  Then we have to decide whether or not to try to drive home after the appointment or stay Monday night or until Wednesday morning!!  It all depends on the weather.  I am hoping that we stay until at least Tuesday, I really don't want to drive over the Sierra's in the late afternoon when icing could be started.  We know that it is supposed to snow too.  Anyway, I will keep you posted!!  We need to get back by Wednesday at the latest, as my FIL'S Memorial is on Friday & we have some arrangements still to take care of.

Well, I better go for now, we have to go to bed!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

A Shout Out To Ali (Cojome1) !!!

Hey Ya'll,

We just got into our Hotel room here in Carson City & brought up our computer, & I saw that I had a new Follower!!  Her name is, Cojome1.  I am very happy to have you reading my blog & I would love to read yours too!  Unfortunately I can't figure out your blog address.  So if you would like to provide it, I would love to start Following you too!!!  Everyone can use support, which is what we provide to each other, so...."welcome to my nightmare".  Till next time.

Aloha My New Friend  :)

P.S.) Just received word from Ali that her blog address is:

Please check it out!  She was banded on Jan 19th!!!

On Pins And Needles!!! :(

This is what I expect tomorrow to be like!!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, we leave out tomorrow morning bright and early at 8 am.  Yep, I said 8 am!!  For those that have not been following me very long, you may not be aware of my nocturnal habits.  I am one of those night owls that stays up until the wee hours of the morning.  I can't get to sleep early, unless I am well medicated (and much more so, than normal)!!  So I am usually up until at least 2 am, & sometimes until 4-5 am!!  Then my DH wakes me up at 11 am at the very latest, most mornings (which is rare indeed).  But he usually considers my sleeping until 10:30, sleeping in.  Then he just has to wake me up!!!  He can only function so long without me up as well!!  LOL

The reason that we are leaving out so early in the morning is because we are finally taking my Step Son's Bedroom Furniture up to him (weather or no weather).  He is living way in the heck further up North in California, close to the Nevada border.  So, we get to drive up over the Sierra's (my favorite mountain range (NOT!)) again.  Because the town that he lives in, is close to the Nevada border.  It is easier to drive through Reno, NV, then head back up North into California to get there.  As the roads are better maintained & cleared of snow during the Winter.

Now the problem is this.  Because we have been hit with several storms in a row (El Nino) with another on its way, the Sierra's are packed with snow!  So we are taking our 4x4 so we can tow the U-Haul trailer easier.  Just to be sure we can make it, we actually bought snow chains!!  In the past, we always said that if a 4x4 needs chains to drive on an Interstate road, then it isn't worth driving at all!!  Because usually that means white out conditions, etc.

And it is supposed to be snowing tomorrow!  They are calling for a minimum of light snow showers.  So I am praying that it will truly only be light, so we have no problem getting up there.  We are not bringing the U-Haul back, so then we only have our 4x4 to drive home with.  So the worst of the white knuckling with be tomorrow.

Now, we are staying up in the Reno area until at least Monday afternoon, as I HAVE MY 2nd FILL ON MONDAY!!!!  Yea!!  But....then we have the problem of getting home again!  Now I really don't like to drive in snow & ice conditions, even with a 4x4.  So I have booked us a room through to the 27th, Just In Case!  I got a great rate, pay for the first night, get the second one free!!  Then I booked another night at the end just in case, & we can cancel within 24 hours without penalty. 

Under normal conditions, we would just drive back on Monday.  But since we wouldn't be leaving until at least 2 pm, we have to worry about icing on the roads.  Because of this, we prefer to begin driving home no later than noon'ish to 1 pm, because the temps start to drop so fast as the sun starts to go down, plus all the trees, etc causes a lot of shading, thus leading to black ice!!  Can you tell that I am a big city kind of gal with little to no Winter driving under my belt?  Am I a bit paranoid?  Yes!!  But I would rather be safe than sorry!!

You may wonder what the photo & the title of the post means.  The photo is usually what my DH is doing!!  Trying to go as fast as he can without getting a ticket or causing an accident!  Which drives me up the freaking wall!!!!!  And he knows it too!  LOL  So when ever we have to drive over the Sierra's, I am always on Pins and Needles!  However, he says that when he is towing another vehicle, he always drives much more conservatively.  I can only hope that this is true!  Wish us luck!!

Now I have to say that I have a new NSV!!!  Today for shits & giggles, I decided to try on my wedding band & it went on!!!  I haven't been able to wear it for at least 2 yrs now.  But since it may be just a fluke that it went on easily because it was so cold tonight, I am going to wait until I lose a few more pounds to start wearing it.  I don't want to have to force it off again!!!  LOL  But I got it on, easily.

And tonight, one of our friends (flying buddies) came over to help my DH load up the furniture, as I refused to let DH do it by himself!!  Before the friend left, my DH had me come outside to say goodbye & when I stepped out into the garage, I saw not only the friend that I was expecting, but I saw another friend Jeroen, that had moved back to Paris, France!!  We knew that he & his wife weren't happy back in France (his wife is from France, he is from Holland), but we had no idea that he had come back again!!

He was our Flight Instructor when we were taking Flying lessons about 8-9 yrs ago!!  And he became a good close friend as well!!  So I was able to give him his painting that I painted for him!!  He appeared to love it!!  Even though it isn't quite as good as the one I painted my Daughter!!  It is a painting of Lake Tahoe.  But my reflection in the water was horrible!!

Anyway, I got off my train of thought again, sorry!!  Well, it is getting late & I still have things to do before I go to bed.  We are taking the computer with us this time so I should be able to at least keep up with your blogs!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)   

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Warm Welcome To Jen !!!

Hey Ya'll,

I would like to welcome Jen to my blog!  Her blog is called, "Jen's Lap Band Journey".  She was banded in May of 09 & has already lost 53 lbs!!!

She needs some extra special love right now as one of her beloved dogs, Plato had to be put down due to the big "C" on Wednesday.  She is new to blogging & has need of some great Follower's to give her the love & support that we all need!!!

So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Shout Out To Athena !!

Hey Ya'll,

Just wanted to say welcome to my newest Follower Athena!  Her blog is called, "Athena's Melting"!  She was just Banded on January 19th, so she can use all the support we can give her!!!  So...welcome to my blog, I will be following yours as well!  So...welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Huge Shout Out To Band Groupie!!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just wanted to welcome my newest Follower, Band Groupie!!  Her blog is called, "The Sweet Spot" & she was Banded a little less than a year ago.  She is 3/4's the way to goal, yea!!!  She could really use some Follower's & support, so please run on over & check out her blog!!!!  She is amazing.

So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Warm Welcome To Lynda !!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just realized that I had a new Follower in my Silhouette's.  Her name is Lynda & her blog is, "The Band Saga". 

She is a brand new blogger & is hoping to get Banded in April, so everyone check out her blog & give her the support she needs to get her through all the hoops to Surgery day!!

Thanks for Following me, & I will be Following you as well!!  So...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Another Shout Out!! This Time To Kim !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Just checked back into my blog & found that I have another new Follower.  Her name is Kim & her blog is, "Good-Bye Fatty McButterpants"!!  She was Banded on my Dad's 75th Birthday, Aug 10th, 09.  She could use some of our special love & support!!!  Please check out her blog!  So, "welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Shout Out To TracyZ !!

Hey Ya'll,

I just wanted to say welcome to my newest Follower TracyZ, "One Foodie's Band Quest"!!  She was banded on Dec 16th, 09 & can use all the support we can all give her!!  I just found your blog through Amy's & started to Follow you today as well!!  I will read your blog from the start to current today or tomorrow for sure!!  Glad to have you & welcome!!  So...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

3rd Time Was The Charm!!

  This is how I feel after a long Painting session!!  Exhausted!!  

Hey Ya'll,

Today's post will be very short.  Some of you may be giving thanks!  LOL!  Before I forget, I have posted an e-mail address in the upper right hand corner of my blog, that I can be reached through in case anyone wanted to discuss anything privately with me.  I rarely check it out, so if you do use it, please let me know through the blog so I know to go read it.  Otherwise, it could be weeks before I check it!!  But at least it is there if you want to contact me.

Today I was finally able to get some paint on the canvas again!  Hence the Title, today was the 3rd attempt to paint these petals.  Yesterday, I attempted to paint, but I still couldn't get the color the way I wanted!  So today, I decided to paint the Plumeria Blossoms a different color.  After painting for about 6 hours, I managed to get 2 of the petals painted.  Now I only have 9 more to go!!  Yikes!!  Sorry Aggie, the painting won't be exactly like the photo I am basing it on (but when are my paintings ever like what I based them on).   I hope you will like it anyway!

In reading other blogs yesterday & today, I realized that I missed my 2 month Bandiversary!!  It was yesterday.  Oh well.  It isn't like it is a quarterly mark, like 3 Month, 6 Month, 9 Month, 1 year!!  And since I haven't been eating right, thus not losing weight!  I am not too worried that I missed the Bandiversary.

Monday, I go in for my 2nd Fill.  I am not too thrilled about the Fill that I got last Month!  When we talked with my Surgeon after my Surgery, we asked him how his office was with Fills.  He said that they were pretty generous with them.  He claimed that he usually places 2 cc's in the Band during Surgery & that at the First Fill, they usually give 3-5 cc's, then another 2-3 cc's on the 2nd Fill.

Now let me tell you!!  So far, he was dead wrong!  His NP agreed that I did currently have 2 cc's in the Band, but she only gave me a 1 cc Fill!!!!  Then, she said that she usually gives only .5 cc - 1 cc's in the 2nd Fill!!  Since I can eat anything that I want & as much as I want, we are going to really push for at least 1 cc's if not 1.5 cc's!!  I will keep you posted after my appointment.

Well, I can't think of anything else that I wanted to say, so I guess that I will go for now.  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :) 


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Shout Out To Justine !! Please Give Her Support, Surgery Tomorrow !!

Hey Ya'll,

I wanted to say welcome to my newest Follower Justine, "Adventures In Band Land".  I have been following your blog too!  So, "welcome to my nightmare".

Also, to my fellow blogger's, please check out her blog & give her the support we know she can use right now.  SHE IS GETTING BANDED TOMORROW!!!

Good luck tomorrow!!  We will be waiting to hear how it went.

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Urologist Appointment & A False Start !!

Aren't they just the cutest kittens?  Unless this was your yarn they just destroyed!!!

Hey Ya'll,

This morning I went with my DH to his Urologist appointment.  He has been having some symptoms that could be either nothing or something very bad.  We are clinging to the thought that it is something minor (even the Urologist thinks so).  So my DH has to have some Blood Work drawn & then start some drugs that the Urologist thinks might stop the problem.  If it doesn't, then....we will go from there!  But my DH is certain that it is the something minor!  I refuse to think the worst at this point.  We have too many issues to deal with right now to worry needlessly. 

Anyhoo, I had started another painting session this afternoon, on our Friend Aggie's painting.  I am painting her some  Plumeria Blossoms.  Or should I say, I am attempting to paint some Plumeria Blossoms for her!!  LOL  But after I had started painting & began adding the paint to bring in the Pink colors, I realized that I didn't have the right color to make the shade of Pink that I wanted! (drats!)

So I removed the unwanted paint, cleaned my brushes & made a run to Aaron Bros to pick up some paint.  I bought a true Red & a Magenta color hoping that I will get the right color Pink, out of at least one of these!!  Now, I haven't been buying paints lately as we are a bit strapped for cash right now (and good quality Oil Paints are expensive), but luckily I remembered that I have a Gift Certificate for Aaron Bros that my BFF Nadene, gave me for painting her Butterfly painting for her!!  So I used a bit of that for my paints.  So....tomorrow I will attempt to paint again!!!

While I was out, I decided to go to Jo-Ann's Fabric store to purchase some yarn for the Baby Afghan I will be making for my Niece's Baby Boy, to be born in a few months (with coupons of course)!!  Luckily, I found some extra yarn here at the house, that I forgot I had, that I can make myself a hat or two with as well!!  Winter always makes me want to Crochet!

So by the time that I managed to get back home, it was after 4:30 pm & I don't like to start a painting session that late as my sessions usually last a minimum of 4 hrs, & have gone as long as 10 hrs!!  So if I can't start painting by 2-3 at the very latest (unless I know that I will be doing something minor).  Then, I won't start.

Anyway, I wanted to say hi, and I hope you all had a great weekend!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Details, Details, Details !!!

This One Is For All You Ski Enthusiasts!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I just spent most of the afternoon researching Hotels & room rates in Carson City, NV, & booking a U-Haul Trailer.  I think that I told you that my Step-Son moved back up to live with his mother, further North in California.  Well, his Bedroom Furniture is still here at our house, & he would like it taken up to him!!

Unfortunately, we have to drive up through the snow to get there!  My DH & I wanted to take it up when we drove up for my First Fill the weekend of Dec 28th.  Unfortunately, his Mom didn't have his room cleared out, so we we unable to take up the furniture that weekend!  And it had turned out to be a great weekend for towing something too.  Sigh!

And now we are having these snow storms hitting us almost back to back (El Nino).  We are hoping that the weather forecast for Saturday the 23rd will hold out, as it shows a clear day between storms!!  If this is the case, we will be driving up his Furniture towing a U-Haul trailer (attempt number 2).

Then we will drive back down into Carson City, NV (through Reno) & stay the night.  This way my DH can go to his Mother's house & help her with some of his Father's belongings, since we will be up in Reno for my 2nd Fill on Monday the 25th anyway.  Unfortunately, Reno's rates are really high for that Saturday so we refused to add the extra night to our already existing Reservation (at a REALLY good rate)!  Which is why I was researching Hotels in the Carson area!

So I found a nice place to stay at, called Courtyard By Marriott (it is practically brand new).  It is about $50 cheaper than the night would have cost us in Reno!!  And you get free Wi-Fi, etc.  Anyway, this way I can stay at the Hotel while my DH is going through his Dad's things.  We will already have had to vacate the room before he would be back to the Hotel, but I can stay down in the lobby area & read my book.  So, cross your fingers that this time we are actually successful in getting his furniture up to him!! 

Also, the earliest Appointment I could get my Mammogram/Ultrasound scheduled for, was February 12th.  So I will keep you posted on the results, etc. later.  Well, I better go for now, I am starving & need to eat something!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Will I Make It To Restriction???

Hey Ya'll,

This is how I feel right now!  I have the Band, but since I really don't have any Restriction, I feel like I am constantly stretching, hoping to attain that ultimate goal of the Green Zone (perfect Restriction (if there is such a thing)).

Oh well, I know that I just need patience.  With patience, comes eventual Restriction!!  But I Want It Now!!  Sorry, I will stop whining now.  I just wish that they would have told us in our Pre-Op Classes that they forced us to take, that we would have such a long time with virtually no Restriction, & that we would have to rely on our own will power & determination to not gain back all the weight we lost on the Pre-Op Diet!!  Of course I would STILL have gotten the Band, I just would have been a bit more prepared for this LONG wait!!

So yesterday my DH went to our friends house to have a few beers.  So I decided to stay home & let him go have some boy talk.  Anyway, he ended up staying for Dinner as well!  Of course, he didn't bother to tell me until it was too late!!  And, they had barbecued STEAK & CHICKEN!!!  Now really, I am not complaining at all.  Sometimes it is nice to have the house all to myself.  But he didn't get home until about 10:30 pm!  And of course, I didn't know that he had stayed for dinner until about 9 pm when I texted him to see what time he would be home.  So I asked him to bring me home something to eat from Del Taco.  I know, not the best food to eat on our diets, but I wanted something baddd, that wasn't on our diet. 

So, you would think that this time alone would help me to get caught up on everyone's blogs.  But unfortunately, I am not a fast reader.  So I am still WAYYY behind in reading blogs.  I am beginning to wonder if I will ever catch up!!  Plus I had to read a couple of new blogs that I just started to follow.  But I promise to eventually get caught up.  But it seems that every time I get caught up, something happens that makes me get behind, then....I am forever catching up again!!  This is my never ending cycle!

Before I end this post, for those of you who may still be reading this, I would like to suggest that you go check out Stephanie's blog, "Dreams Of Skinny High Heals",  She is getting banded in about 6 weeks & could use all our support.

So, I guess I will get off for now.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends!! 

Another Shout Out!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just checked back in & saw another follower!!!  Her blog is called, "Loosing In 2009".  I just found your blog last night & will definitely be following you, as I grew up from the same general area that you are from!!  What a small world.  Too bad I am so far away.  Anyhoo, glad to have you as a follower, thanks for joining me in my journey!  I can use all the support I can get!  So, "welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Shout Out To Jen !!

Hey Ya'll,

I just checked back in & found that I had a new follower!  Her name is Jen, "It IS All About Me!".  I just started following your blog yesterday!  Welcome to my blog & world, hopefully we can be of help to each other.  If nothing else, we can give the support when needed & the cheering squad when times are great!!  So, "welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Welcome Stephanie Joy !!

Hey Ya'll,

I just noticed that I had another follower!!  Sometimes I don't see them right away, when they show up in Silhouette.  I'm sorry, all I know about you is your name, "Stephanie Joy".  I would love to follow you too.  If this is alright, please provide your blog information.  Otherwise, welcome to my blog & "welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My Newest Friend  :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Shout Out To Kinzie !!

Hey Ya'll,

I wanted to welcome my newest follower Kinzie, "A Band New Me".  I have been following your blog as well & you are doing great!!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My Newest Friend  :)

A Shout Out To Jess !!

Hey Ya'll,

Just checking in again, & realized that I have another new follower!!  I would like to welcome Jess, "The Little Bandit".  I started following your blog as well!!  If you have any questions or concerns, please ask & we will all try to help as much as possible. 

I see that you will be banded next Friday, Jan 22nd!!  Congratulations on starting your journey, & I can't wait to welcome you into the "Sisterhood of the Bandits"!!

Everyone please check out her blog & give her support in her new journey.  Her blog address is:

So, all I have left to say is, "welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

I Yi Yi !!!

Hey Ya'll,

First of all, I want to apologize if my photo offended you.  But that is how I feel right now.  Yesterday I went to my annual OBGYN appointment.  I usually see the actual Doctor, but instead I made the appointment with her NP.  Let me tell you, I forgot how thorough she is.  The Doctor usually just comes in & says how are you doing, then gets down to business & then its, glad to have seen you, you are doing great, see you next year & off she goes.  It would have taken her 5 minutes, 10 minutes tops!!

The NP took ONE FULL HOUR with me yesterday!!!  The main thing that she is concerned about is a Lump in my right Breast.  I have what they call Lumpy Breasts anyway, so it is hard to decide if the Lump is just a normal Lump or not.  Apparently, the way she figures it, is that if she can find a corresponding Lump in the other Breast, then it is probably nothing to worry about.  But she couldn't find one on the left Breast to correspond to it , so she is concerned.  VERY concerned!

The reason she is concerned is because I have had a history of Lumps almost my whole adult life!  I had to have a Lump removed for Biopsy when I was 19 yrs old.  AND, I have a family history of various Cancers, including Breast Cancer.  So I am getting a Diagnostic Breast Mammogram with a possible Ultrasound.  But I can't get it done until at least the 1st week in February.  She also wants me to go to a Surgeon for a second opinion, just in case.  She knows that not all Cancers are found by Mammogram or Ultrasound.

Unfortunately, we are a bit tight right now, & since it is a new year, we would have to pay the whole bill for the Surgeon as I have a $500 deductible!  So instead of going to the Surgeon, just to go.  We are going to wait to see if the Mammogram/Ultrasound shows anything.  If it does, then of course I would go to the Surgeon.  If not, then we will have to decide what to do at that time.  BUT, I am not going to worry needlessly.  Since in the past, the testing usually shows everything is ok & normal.  But...there is always that nagging, what if.  I will keep you posted.

Well, my DH is at my office door screaming (in his head) that I need to get dressed!!  He wants to go eat!!!  Oh, I almost forgot, we took our walk last night, & did a 2 mile walk with no problem!!

Again, I almost forgot, please visit Shel's blog, "Shel's Journey Forward", I think that she could use some support in her long journey for Surgery!!  So, until next time......

Aloha My Friends  :)

A Shout Out To A New Follower, Carla!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just got up & noticed that I had a new follower!!  Her name is Carla, "Loving Lucy Lapband"!!  I started following your blog yesterday as well!!  I haven't been able to read it all yet, but I do intend to read it today, as I like to read everyone's blog from the very first entry.  You look fantastic in the photos on your blog!!  So, "welcome to my nightmare".  Hehehe  :)

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Shout Out To Katherine!!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just realized that I have a new follower, & her name is Katherine, "The Secret Diaries Of".  Welcome to my blog Katherine & if you have any questions, please ask me or one of the other Bandster's.  Or like me, put out the question to any Bandster's that would like to answer on your blog!!  Anyhoo, just wanted to say thanks for following me, I am already following your blog too!  So...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yikes, What A Day!!! :( :( :(

Hey Ya'll,

No!!!  This is not my bathroom, nor my cats, but considering what happened today, I feel this photo that I found on the Internet was somehow appropriate!!  Now to some, this story may be considered TMI, so if this would bother you, don't read any further.

This morning, after my DH woke me up.  As usual, I went to the bathroom.  After I flushed, I realized that the water wasn't going down.  So I quickly grabbed the plunger & frantically began plunging away!!!  Now normally this would take care of the problem fast.  But.....this time it was a no go.  In fact, the more I plunged, the more I started to hear sounds like water was coming up in the Shower Stall & the Bathtub!!!

So I went to the 2nd Bathroom to see if it was backed up as well.  Well, guess what?  Come on, I am sure you can guess it!!  Yep, that Toilet & Bathtub was also, totally backed up.  In fact, the water & urine was several inches thick in the Bathtub in the 2nd Bathroom (it is the Bathroom closest to the street & to where the drainage goes.  In our Master Bathroom, luckily there was only about an inch of water in the Master Jacuzzi Tub & the Shower.  But then, they are much larger.  Our Master Shower is 7 ft x 4.5 ft, so there was much more space for the water to spread out to.

Now the problem is this.  My DH noticed that the water was backing up in the Shower this morning when he took his shower, but thought that it was just my hair clogging up the drain (did I mention that I am losing my hair right & left?).  But you would think that he would mention it to me before it became a problem.  Also, you would think that we would have had some sort of symptoms that we were starting to have a problem.  But we rarely even had to plunge a toilet!!  Then this morning, EVERYTHING HAPPENS AT THE SAME TIME!!!!  EVERY TOILET, EVERY BATHTUB & THE MASTER SHOWER!!

Unfortunately, we had to drive into Sacramento to check out a Church that we could possibly have my FIL's Memorial at.  My FIL was raised Catholic but none of the rest of the family is.  So we really don't know how to go about arraigning this as a Catholic Memorial, etc.  Luckily, one of the men that my DH works with/for is Catholic & advised us of how to go about setting it up & suggested this particular Church as he respects the Priest & Deacon/s there & our friend is going through the motions to be a Deacon himself.

So we had to wait until this was done to start finding a good Plumber.  Luckily, we have another friend that has a lot of contacts & he recommended the Plumber that we used.  Also luckily, he was able to be here within a half hour from the time we got home!!  So we can now use the bathroom & take showers!!!  We have lived in this house for 10 yrs & the house is about 14-15 yrs old & this is the first time we have had to do anything more than plunge a toilet!!  I guess we can thank our lucky stars.  The Plumber thinks it was the roots from the Pine Tree in our yard that did it.

So, now I am having to wash all the bath rugs & towels that I needed to use.  And, now that I have discussed our little drama for the day, I will leave you for now.  So, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :) 


A Shout Out To Kristin!!

Hey Ya'll,

I have a new follower & I wanted to welcome her!!  Her name is Kristin!  Kristin, I think your blog is, "Catchy Title Here".  Am I correct?  If so, then I am already following you.  If not, please let me know so that I can follow you too!!  So...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where's Dinnerland?

Hey Ya'll,

I have been desperately trying to get caught up with everyone's blog.  It may still take a few more days to totally get caught up.

But I noticed that I was unable to catch up with Vanessa's blog, "Dinnerland".  Does anyone know why she pulled her blog?

She was just recently banded & I hope that all is well with her. 

Vanessa, if you are reading this, please let us know that you are ok!  I tried to make a comment on your blog on the 5th at my SIL's house, on her computer (my DH forgot to bring our laptop) but it wouldn't let me make a comment then, so I figured that I would make my comments after I we returned home & I was able to get to my computer.

Well, if anyone knows what is wrong, please advise!  She was always such a prolific writer & liked to help out!!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

Borrowed Idea From Alexis!! National Delurking Day!!!

Hey Ya'll,

I was reading others blogs, trying to get caught up & found a great idea on Alexis's blog, "The Swenson Family".  I am quoting her, as she explains this idea so well!!  "Did you know that today is National Delurking Day?  Well, it is.  For those of you who that don't know, it means that if you are a regular (or even not so regular -- heck even if I don't know that you read my blog) reader of my blog, leave me a comment and say hello!  I'll also open it up even further and open it to questions.  Yep.  Ask me anything you want (well...try to keep it PG-13 or so).  You can ask me anything about my band, my life, whatever you may have been curious to know about me, and I will respond with my answers in my next post".

So please feel free to leave a comment, even those that read my blog but have never commented on it.  Even if you are not a follower per say.  I would love to know that you are out there & I will answer any & all questions asked.  :)

Still not much happening here right now, except that my DH is trying to gather information with his sister regarding a Memorial for my FIL to be held next month here locally, so my FIL'S friends could attend that wanted to. 

Also, my DH & I have been trying to walk at least a mile every night!!  I bought my Nioxin products as well as my Zinc & Biotin.  I started my Zinc & Biotin yesterday & I started my Nioxin shampooing today.  Here's hoping that it works!!

Well, I better go for now, till next time!

Aloha My Friends  :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm So Overwhelmed!!

Hey Ya'll,

I am sorry that I haven't been posting, nor commenting on blogs as usual.  I have just gotten so behind because of dealing with my FIL'S death.  I haven't been able to catch up on the blogs & can't even think of anything to say in my own!!  I think that I am still too overwhelmed by all that we went through last week.

I feel like this photo above right now.  But don't worry, I haven't taken to eating Cheeseburger's again!!  But I haven't been eating like I should & I have gained back a couple of pounds again!  We brought out one of the extra Enchilada Pies that we made for Christmas Eve, & froze to eat later.  It is really good, but I am afraid that it is high in calories.  Luckily, it is almost gone!  Then I can get back to my allowed diet!!  I really need to show the PA at the Surgeon's office that I can still lose weight.  She was not happy that I had only lost 1 lb from my post op appointment to my First Fill!  Of course, it didn't help that the Holidays were during that time frame!  I told her that I had actually lost another 5 lbs, but had gained it back during the Holidays.  She just looked at me like I was weak willed & wasn't very supportive.  :( 

I go back in on the 25th for my 2nd Fill & I really need it, as the First Fill didn't give me any restriction at all!!!  Also, a quick word on the FILL.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  Most bandsters say that it didn't hurt at all, but some say it hurt like hell!  Well, for me, the Fill was painless.  I could feel some pressure, but no pain of any kind!!  My DH was there watching & he was amazed that I couldn't feel anything after seeing the needle she used!!  She also didn't try to deaden the area first, which I have read that most that do complain of pain, only complains of the pain from the numbing shot.  Then there are the few that really have had excruciatingly painful experiences.  Thank god those are the few & not the many.

We are also hoping that the weather changes by the weekend of the 24th.  So we can rent a u-haul trailer & take up the rest of my Step Son's furniture to him.  He has moved back to his mother's house in Northern California, so he can attend the Jr College up there.  But this means that we would have to drive over the Sierra's again, as the easiest way to get to her place is to drive to Reno, then drive North from there.  Currently it is storming all week!  If it doesn't stop at least for the 24th, we won't be able to take his furniture up to him again.  We do have a 4x4, but we don't want to have to purchase chains in order to pull the u-haul!

So that is all for me at the moment.  I hope everyone is doing well.  By the way, I found a new blog through "Shrinking Mommy", called "Banded Mommy", please take a look, she is being banded later this month & could use some support (  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well, I Did It! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Just jumped in to say, not too much happening right now, thank god.  But yesterday, my DH & I went to Ulta & bought my Nioxin products & then to GNC to buy my Unflavored Protein Powder, Zinc & my Biotin.  That was an expensive trip!!  Between the two stores, it was $148.79 & it would have been even more expensive if we hadn't found that Ulta had a package made up of the Shampoo & Conditioner for $50 saving us at least $30 on these two items!!  This is the most expensive Shampoo & Conditioner that I have EVER purchased!!  I just hope they work!  :)

I guess I will go for now, I have to take off with my DH.  He wants to go run around a bit & likes me to accompany him!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

A Shout Out To Tamara!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just wanted to say Hi to Tamara, "My Band New Journey", & welcome to my blog!  I have started following your blog as well!!  So...."welcome to my nightmare"!!

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Shout Out To Ashley!!

Hey Ya'll,

Just wanted to say hi to my newest follower, Ashley Storey!!  I haven't been able to find your blog address as of yet, so if you would like to provide it to me, I would love to follow your blog too!!  Otherwise, have a great weekend & "welcome to my nightmare".

Thanks for your blog address, "A Band New Life", I will be following your blog as well!!

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Don't Know How It happened!! :)

 Hey Ya'll,

First off, I would like to say that I am finally able to change my ticker tape!  I had gained about 5 lbs back over the Holidays & today when I weighed in, I had lost all the weight back plus 2 more lbs!!  So I am at my all time low since Surgery!!  About time.  Both my DH & I were surprised as we were not expecting me to have lost after our time in Nevada.  I wasn't exactly trying to watch what I ate.  I even had pancakes for breakfast both mornings!! 

I'm also sorry to post so late in the day (night), but I have been trying to recoup from my Allergy Attack, that decided to hang on in another manifestation.  The drainage has almost completely cleared up.  But then today, my sinuses were plugged up so much that I was dizzy.  In fact, so dizzy that I was getting sick to my stomach!  I had already taken a nap earlier in the day (after my Doctor appointment), but with the light headedness getting worse as the day went on, I decided to take some super duper, extra strength allergy/sinus pills.  I normally take only a half dose of these type of drugs as I take enough meds as it is, but I was desperate.  So I took them & of course, they proceeded to put me to sleep!!  I finally woke up at 8:30 pm!!

Late this morning, I had to drive into Sacramento to my Dermatologist to take out my stitches from the "surgery" on the mole taken off next to my knee in late December.  I was supposed to have them taken out on Monday, but that was the day that we ended up having to drive to the Hospital in Nevada for my FIL.  My Dermatologist office kept calling, desperate to get them taken out.  So today was the earliest I could get in.

Unfortunately, I had tried to eat my leftovers from last nights dinner from PF Chang's Restaurant before leaving.  I had a bit of a problem eating what little that I did eat last night.  But I thought it was the noodles that was causing the problems.  This morning, all I had was the Mongolian Beef.  I had cut the beef up into small bites & I thought that I had chewed it up well enough.  But I soon realized that I was getting stuck!

Now as all you experienced bandsters know, if you wait until you believe you are getting stuck, it is probably too late!  My DH had forgot that I had to change my appointment to this morning & he drove my car to go to the gym.  So I was going to have to drive his truck into Sacramento.  But when he realized that, he called me & agreed to meet me so that we could change vehicles.

By the time that I got to where we met, I was really in the throws of pain!  He realized it & offered to drive me to the appointment.  So I must say that he was definitely my hero today!!  This was only the second time I have been stuck & luckily, I wasn't stuck to the point that I PB'D or slimmed, but I came really, really close!

Well ya'll, I am mentally exhausted & cannot think of anything else to say today, so I will leave you for now.  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends

A Question & An NSV!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Sorry, I forgot to ask a question of those who preceded me into Surgery.  I am now 7 weeks past Surgery & my hair appears to be falling out at an alarming rate & I am eating a diet high in Protein!!  I know that this has been talked about many times on different blogs, but my question is, what are the hair products that everyone is raving about to help with the hair loss & restoration?  Is it Nioxin?  Please help!!

Now, as for the NSV.  It is good, but bad at the same time!  I fell down our stairs over 10 years ago, breaking my tailbone, & ever since, I would have pain if I sat too long or in the wrong position.  But I haven't had the pain too often lately, due to the extra fat on my butt!  But since I have started to lose weight & inches, my tailbone kills me daily!!  So it is good, that I am losing inches, but bad, because it HURTS!!

Oh well, I guess it is a negative that I can learn to live with. :)  I just hope someone helps me in finding a good product for my hair as I have VERY, THIN, FINE HAIR!!  And I can't afford to lose anymore than necessary!!

Help Me?

Aloha My Friends  :) 

A Sad But Necessary Ending!! :(

Hey Ya'll,

Sorry that I haven't posted in so long!!  Come to think of it, some may be relieved, as I post so much!!  Anyway,  My SIL, DH & I drove to Carson City, NV, Monday morning to go to my FIL'S bedside.  As soon as we walked into the room & saw him, we knew that he would not be coming out of the Hospital this time.

He was unable to respond verbally, & I am not even sure that he knew that any of us was there.  He would occasionally open his eyes when one of the Nurses was taking care of him, but no real indication that he was aware of who was taking care of him at all.

Shortly after we arrived at the Hospital (noonish), my MIL, & other two SIL'S left the three of us to stay with him.  After 8.5 hours, my DH & I were going to go to my SIL'S house nearby for the night, while my SIL that drove up with us said that she would keep vigil through the night.  By this time, we hadn't eaten since about 11 am & we were starving.  So we stopped at Taco Bell for some food & barely finished eating, when we received a call from my SIL at the Hospital, letting us know that since my FIL may not make it through the night, & they had some private rooms available, they were going to move him into one, so we could have some privacy while he was dying. 

My SIL didn't want to stay alone after my FIL'S prognosis worsened, so the three of us stayed the night.  By about 3-4 am, my DH & SIL were really tired, so I convinced them to take a short nap while I stayed awake keeping vigil.  The room was fairly large & had plenty of room for two chairs (one that opened up like a recliner) & a long sofa.  Because it was obvious that he would not be getting better, the Doctor changed his care to "comfort care" only.  So he was given Morphine for the pain at 2 hour intervals & oxygen.  I stayed in the chair that faced the bed so that I could watch him. 

His symptoms during this time was just labored breathing.  Because he was dying of Cirrhosis of the Liver, he was filling up with fluids faster than could be taken out of him.  Plus, since he was in the later stages, they were no longer trying to drain him of the excess fluids.  Throughout the night, we noticed him moving through different stages, each one getting progressively worse.  By about 1 am, his throat started making occasional gurgling sounds (from the fluid in his lungs, etc.).  So we just sat there, talked some & watched him struggle for every breath he took, while praying that his suffering would soon end.

We didn't expect him to last the whole night, but he did.  We believe that he was waiting for my MIL to come back.  She finally arrived at 7:40 am.  My SIL had gone down to get some coffee & when my DH saw that his mom was out in the hallway, he went to go update her of my FIL'S condition.  As soon as he was out the door, my FIL opened his eyes (unseeing of course) & made movement like he was in distress (his throat had been making the gurgling sounds more constant through the night, and by this time, it was constant).  His breathing had changed substantially, so that it was obvious that he was almost gone.  So I ran out to the hall to advise them that I thought he was about to die.

With five of us there in the room with him.  My DH, SIL, MIL, her friend & I, he began the last stage of his fight for breath.  My MIL'S friend was a Nurse in the Hospital ICU Unit & advised us of what to expect.  After about 10 minutes, the gurgling noise stopped & he was just opening his mouth like he was gasping for breath, but no sound could be heard & no breath was being taken in.  His lungs were totally filled with fluid by this time.  So we watched him take his last breaths.  My DH & I had not planned on being there for the actual death, but it came so sudden, that we couldn't leave gracefully.  It was a totally surreal experience, but one we hope to not have to go through again.

We spent the next 20 minutes saying our goodbyes while waiting for the Head Nurse to come in & officially declare him dead.  Once this happened, we were expected to leave, so they could ready the room for the next patient.  Once we left the Hospital, we were to meet the family at my MIL'S house.  BUT, when we got out to our car, we realized that when my DH had moved our vehicle around to the Emergency Entrance late that night, he forgot to put up my Handicap Placard & we had been cited with a $250 fine!! 

So, on top of what we had just went through, we had to find the local City Hall to see about the ticket.  Luckily, the girl working the window could see that we were in great distress (I had been crying for over two hours by this time) & when we explained that we were from California & had forgotten to put up my placard & that my FIL had just died, she waived the fees, once I could show proof that I had a placard & that it was mine!!  What a day so far!!  By this time, we had been up for about 27 hours & it was only 11 am!  We didn't get to bed until about 11 pm so that made it 39 hours up!!

We started out the next day Wednesday, getting the cremation setup.  My DH's family cremates their deceased family members & has them buried in the family graveyard up in the Pine Grove, CA area.  Then, we took a long drive along the East side (Nevada side) of Lake Tahoe as a family.  Walt, Susan & I were so glad to be able to come home today!!  We really wanted to sleep in our own bed & together!

Oh, I almost forgot!  We took my MIL'S car for the drive yesterday as it is all wheel drive & I had a MAJOR ALLERGY ATTACK!!!  She has a long haired dog that rides in the car & we believe that the car has never been cleaned since it was bought, so the dog hair, etc was extreme.  My nose was running like a faucet!!  I couldn't go more than a few minutes between blows & my nose was raw way before evening!  We had to stop at a store to buy me a large box of some Kleenex with Aloe to try to help & I went through 1/2 of the box by that evening!

Also, we couldn't believe the amount of snow & ice at their homes!  They lived a few miles out of town & only the main streets were plowed.  So we wished that we were in our 4x4!  We were slipping & a sliding for two days!!  Well, I better close this post as I am sure that it is more information than you wanted to know!!  But we are glad that he is no longer in pain & is at rest.  When they removed his rings at the Hospital after he died, my MIL gave Walt the ring that his dad loved.  It was made for him by his sister using a diamond stone from his mother's wedding rings.  So Walt is now wearing it as a wedding band.

Aloha My Friends  :)