Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We're Home :)

Hey Ya'll,

Well, we made it home!  We got lucky & made it before the next storm was to start.  The traffic was horrendous!  I am sure that we passed at least 125-150 Semi Trucks, which always slows the traffic down!  Plus so many cars that were afraid to drive under those conditions, but refusing to move to the slower lane to allow others to pass.  Anyway, the drive was slow & tedious, but we made it in one piece!!

For breakfast this morning, I had 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese & about 1/2 cup of oatmeal (thinned out).  This was at 9:30 & I am just now feeling hungry again, & it is now 3:58 pm.  So I guess I have at least some restriction again!!

Now I have to finish our taxes by the end of the week!!  I will be really working my fingers to the bone to do this, but we need them done now!

Here are a few of the pictures that I took while driving up to Reno, as well as from our Hotel rooms.

Now remember, these photos were taken from our car while driving!  Also, the amount of snow was much greater on our way home today.  Unfortunately, because of the fresh storm, the road was nasty & crap was all over our car & windows, so I didn't even try to get any photos.  I literally had to wash the car when we got home!!

If you enlarge the photo, you can see that they setup a small sledding hill for the kids behind a gas station!!  Kids of all ages, look forward to going up & sledding in the Winter.

The ski slopes at Boreal (the top of the Summit).

Another photo of Boreal ski area.  Not that I have EVER been there!  I have never even tried to ski!

This is the Rest Area at the Summit.  Good thing that we didn't need to go!  The parking lot was packed!

On the way down from the Summit on the Nevada side of the Sierra's.  However, we were still in California.

A photo of Donner Lake from the highway.

Just wanted to get a photo of one of the River's that run along side of the highway.  Too bad the signpost was in the way!

Another shot of the river.  It was really hard to get a good photo of it, since my DH was driving so fast, & it was hard to catch a photo, when the river was easily visible!!

A view from our Hotel room at Circus Circus.  You can see all the snow on the upper levels of the parking garages.

Another photo from Circus Circus showing the lights of Reno.  Trust me, this is the only time you could say it was pretty!  Reno is basically a desert, but at night when the lights are all lit up, it is pretty.

And a view from our Hotel room at Silver Legacy.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say at the moment, so I guess I will end it here.  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Lap Band Gal said...

glad u made it home safe!

Debi said...

Thanks Lap Band Gal! Sometimes I am glad for bad conditions as that forces my DH to drive slower!!

Shrinking Mommy said...

beautiful pictures. what is all that white stuff in the pictures????lol

Nicole said...

Great Pictures!!

Debi said...

Thanks guys! Yea, I never see the white stuff where I live either, unless I look up at the Sierra's or drive over them in the Winter!!

Gen said...

Looks just like my neighborhood! Hope you had a wonderful trip.

Debi said...

Well, it might look like your neighborhood with snow, but I can guarantee it doesn't look like your neighborhood without it!! LOL

As for a wonderful trip? Well, I wouldn't call it a great trip. There isn't much to do there unless you like to gamble & we NEVER gamble. So we spent a lot of time driving around & visiting Walt's dad at the Convalescent Hospital. We are really glad to be home!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom, that gas station play park picture....if you look across the highway you will see the best snow park ever in Northern CA. Most people stay at the free one next to the gas station (your picture) but if you go across the highway to Cisco Grove, they have a small hotel, snow lift, store, CLEAN bathrooms and nice parking lot, all for $5. I'm glad its a secret, it's not packed like across the highway and the kids LOVE it. Great pictures!

Debi said...

I never noticed it before because I was always looking on the side of the highway that we were driving! Next time I will try to remember to look across the highway to see the other one!!