Saturday, July 31, 2010

What A Day!! :(

Coconut Palms

Hey Ya'll,

Well yesterday, after only getting about 3 hours sleep, I went in for my Hida Scan for the Gallbladder.  It was an easy test, but I had to lay perfectly still for about an hour and a half!  I will find out the outcome sometime this next week.  But today, I think I had a delayed reaction to the Nuclear Medicine they pumped into me.

I woke up with a Headache which just kept getting worse.  By 2 pm, it was just a step away from being a full blown Migraine.  So I went and laid down in bed as sitting up at my desk was not helping.  I took Allergy meds as well as 650 mg Tylenol (Tylenol Arthritis).  After a few hours of no relief, I had to take some more of the Tylenol.  Finally, after about 5 hours, I got up and made myself eat and start trying to function and do something.  After the 3rd round of meds and eating dinner, I began to feel relief!!  I am still not totally headache free, but at least it isn't debilitating anymore!

Now, as to the Fill I got last Monday.  I feel as though I have less restriction than I have had for the last several Fills!!  Has anyone else had this happen?  Normally I have to be careful for at least a week to 2 weeks after a Fill, but so far I haven't had any real feelings of major restriction.  I am still careful, but I don't feel like I am very tight.  Usually no matter how careful I am right after a Fill, I have a couple of minor "Stuck" episodes to deal with.  I wonder if I have lost some of the saline from prior Fills, giving me less total volume than we think I might have???  I would be curious if anyone else has had this happen to them?  And if so, did you feel more restriction like normal after your next Fill?

Earlier today, our Niece and Nephew came over and took some more of our Furniture, that we were giving our Niece, for her new apartment.  She took some of what we call, "my Furniture".  As it was my choice.  The Black Leather set was picked by both of us, but really is my husbands.  The huge Red Sectional Furniture was picked out by both of us, but my husband took it over, totally breaking down one corner of it, by how he sat/laid on it, and the Cream Sofa Set (my Furniture) was picked out for me, by me. 

We are keeping a Love Seat and Chair from both the Black Leather Set and my Cream Set.  The rest we gave away!  Now the house is REALLY getting bare.  We will now be using the Formal Living Room and Formal Dining Room, as a staging area to store boxes of stuff that we have already sifted through and boxed up to move.  We have a 3 car garage full of "STUFF" to go through!!  HELP!!!

Well, I am going to end this tonight, as I am very tired and still fighting a headache.  I just wanted to keep up with my life and Fill information.  And Walt told me to BLOG!!!  LOL  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

A Big Welcome To ~D~ !!!

Hey Ya'll,

So my second new Follower is, ~D~!!  Her blog link is: A Fat Chick Gets Skinny.  She was just banded on April 2nd, so she is coming up on her 4 month bandiversary, and so far she has lost 22 lbs!!  So, if you haven't already checked out her blog, jump on over and check it out!!  So ~D~..."welcome to my nightmare"!

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Big Shout Out To Brie !! :) Blog Information!!!

Hey Ya'll,

***Hey Ya'll, I just got notification from Brie giving me her blog link.  Here is the link: Weight Loss BanditShe is about 3 months into a 6 month program and could really use our help and support, so please hop on over and let her know you are here for her!!***

I just checked in and realized that I have two new Follower's.  Since I like to welcome all my new Follower's, I try to welcome them individually (at least after the first few!).  My first new Follower is Brie!  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find your blog.  If you would like to provide your blog information, I would love to Follow you too!!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Hida Scan and Wow!! What A Weekend!!

Swan Reflection

Warning!  Warning!  Extra Long Post Ahead!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I began a post earlier today, and was about 1/2 way through writing it....then I lost the whole damn thing!!  So now I am having to rewrite it!  Argh!!!

Well, I went to my 7th Fill yesterday (Monday) in Reno, and I did get another .05 cc's.  Which puts me somewhere between 7.0-7.2 cc's.  I did lose another 2 lbs since my last Fill, but that was almost 9 weeks ago!  So 2 lbs isn't VERY MUCH!  But at least it was a loss, not a gain thank god!

I gave them the written report from my recent CT Scan for the Gallbladder.  They said that just because the Scan didn't show any Gallstones, didn't mean that the Gallbladder isn't Diseased and that a Hida Scan would show if there were any problems with the Gallbladder.  So I am scheduled for the Hida Scan this Friday morning.  It is supposed to take 2 hours!!

They said that the HIDA scan is also used to measure the rate at which Bile is released from the Gallbladder (Gallbladder Ejection Fraction).  And that if the GEF shows a rate of about 35% or less, then the old Gallbladder is heading South Fast!!  I will keep you posted on how old, my old Gallbladder is, compared to this old Broad!  LOL

Well, I finally had a new NSV to report that I am proud of!!  Last week when our friends from Portland were coming over, I wanted to vacuum the house.  And I have got to tell you that this was the first time in many YEARS, that I have been able to vacuum without needing to stop every few minutes and sit down because of the pain.  I was able to vacuum the entire house without having to sit once!  And without a lot of pain.  :)  And I have a pinched nerve in my lower Spine which always causes me problems!!  Yea!!

Also last week, while Walt was in the pool, I was sitting on the steps talking with him, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  I have never seen anything like this before, and almost had a Heart Attack.  At first I thought I was seeing a big squirrel run across the top of our fence from one side of the yard to the other and dropping down into the property next door!  But we don't live in an area where squirrels are.  And squirrels tails are thick and bushy, not long, thin and practically hairless!!  It was a RAT!!  I don't even know where it could have come from, the closest field is about a mile away, at least!!

So, transitioning from my terror of seeing my first HUGE, WILD RAT last week!  Last week our Daughter Kat, called me up and asked me if I would like to spend the day with her the next day.  Of course I said yes!  So she came and picked me up, took me to lunch (Walt ended up joining us as well, she paid), then the two of us went to the movies to see Eclipse.  I loved it, she had loaned me her copy of New Moon, so that I could watch it the night before, so that I could see the movies in sequence.  We had originally planned to have Pedicures as well, but ran out of time, as we were supposed to meet Walt, Russ (our Son) and Kat's husband Elliott for Russ's Birthday dinner.  We had a great day together and it ended too soon!

BTW, I passed my Motorcycle Written Test!!  And it only took me 2 times to pass it!  The reason I didn't pass it the first time (I missed one too many), they were asking questions that were not in the Ca Motorcycle Handbook (which I studied).  The missed questions were in the Motorcycle Safety Course Handbook.  Which I forgot to re-read before going in to the DMV.  But since the Safety Course is not a required course, I don't feel that they should be asking questions that the average person who has not taken the course can't answer!!  They should only ask questions that can be found and studied in the official Ca Motorcycle Handbook!  Luckily, they allowed me to take it a second time immediately after, so I passed it the second time.

Unfortunately, they messed up my paperwork!  I didn't notice it until later that night after they had closed.  The paperwork stated that I needed to wear Corrective Lenses!!  I have never had to wear Corrective Lenses while driving, and I passed the eye test while there!!  So I went back in the next morning, and they said that it was too late!  They were already processing the License.  So I had to wait until I received the new License and take it back in.  So last Monday, I took the new License back in with me, and they gave me the eye test again, agreed that I didn't need the Restriction placed, and re-issued the License.  So I had to make 3 trips to do ONE THING!!!  I know, I know, pick on the almost 55 yr old woman.  She is getting old, she must need to wear glasses!!!  Well I read!  But I am still ok to drive.

Switching gears again completely.  We found out a couple of weeks ago, that I have more American Indian Blood in me than I originally thought.  I thought that I was Maybeeee 1/16th-1/32nd.  I found out that I am actually 1/8th Choctaw Indian.  My Great Grandfather (on my Mom's side of the family), who was a Sheriff in Oklahoma in the late 1800's-early 1900's (and had the classic shoot out in the main street with an outlaw (both shot each other and died (and subsequently were buried close to each other in the local graveyard!))) married a Full Blooded Choctaw American Indian.

So Walt wants me to Research into my Family Tree, and see how far I can go with it.  My Dad has been checking online, and believes that he found ties in my family tree from my Mom's side, all the way back into the 1500's at least.  So that is my newest chore for me.  Research my Family Tree!!  Which I am definitely interested in doing, but don't you think that I have enough on my plate already??  Oh well, at least I can never say that I don't have anything to do!!

And last but not least, we walked into my SIL's, (Mother In Law quarters) where we were staying for the weekend up in Carson City, and was hit by a huge wave of HEAT!!  She "Forgot" that we were coming for the weekend, and didn't turn on the Air Conditioner.  It was 99 degrees in the place!  I am fairly sure that she turned on the Heat just to make sure it was unpleasant.  She always tells us that we are welcome, but lets us know in many little ways how it is an imposition, us being there. 

So we turned on the Air, and had to run it all night just to be able to sleep!  The next morning, we left for 3/4's of the day, and when we returned, she had turned off the Air, and opened up the place!  So we had to wait for her to go back into the main house, after visiting with us for awhile, then turn the Air back on (again for the night)!!  Would you treat your guests like this?  I know I wouldn't, but then like I said, I believe she does these kinds of things to let us know that she really doesn't want us there.

So, now that I have written another book, I better go.  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Update On My Newest Follower, Jocelyn!!

Hey Ya'll,

***I just noticed that Jocelyn (jcraft42003), provided her blog information!!  Like I just said, her name is Jocelyn and the link to her blog is: Jocelyn's Lap Band Journey.  She is in the Pre-Surgery phase of her journey and needs all the support she can get!!  So please check out her blog and give her the help and support she needs at this scary time!!

Jocelyn, I will be trying to figure out how to make it, so that your icon gives the direct link to your blog.  If anyone else can remember how to do this, then please, go to her blog and help her!!  It has been so long, I forgot how to do it!  But I will attempt to remember!  You know how it is, a (very) soon to be 55 yr old!!  The memory is always one of the first things to go!!  LOL

Aloha My Friends  :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Jocelyn !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

***I just noticed that Jocelyn provided her blog information!!  Like I just said, her name is Jocelyn and the link to her blog is: Jocelyn's Lap Band Journey.  She is in the Pre-Surgery phase of her journey and needs all the support she can get!!  So please check out her blog and give her the help and support she needs at this scary time!! 

Jocelyn, I will be trying to figure out how to make it, so that your icon gives the direct link to your blog.  If anyone else can remember how to do this, then please, go to her blog and help her!!  It has been so long, I forgot how to do it!  But I will attempt to remember!  You know how it is, a (very) soon to be 55 yr old!!  The memory is always one of the first things to go!!  LOL

Well, I just returned from Reno/Carson City late this afternoon, and finally checked in to the blog and realized that while I was away, a new Follower had joined in!!  She goes by, jcraft42003.  But that is all that I can figure out!  I have tried very hard to locate your blog jcraft, and have been unable to.  So if you are jcraft42003 and read this, and would like to provide your blog information, I would love to Follow yours as well!!  If not, I totally understand too!  So...."welcome to my nightmare"!!

Aloha My New Friend!!!  :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Book Anyone??? And Some Blogs I Can't Read!!

Half-Assed by Jennette Fulda: Book Cover

Hey Ya'll,

First up, I was sent a great book to read, with the condition that after I read it, I send it off to someone else to enjoy!!  I am almost finished with it, so I am seeking someone who would be interested in receiving it to read as well!

The book is called, Half-Assed a weight loss memoir and written by and about Jennette Fulda.  It is the story of her coming to terms with her weight and her extreme desire to lose it!  Just to advise upfront, this is not a memoir of someone who had Weight Loss Surgery.  Ms Fulda made the decision to lose weight and did it totally by changing her eating habits and forcing herself to start exercising!! 

She went from weighting almost 400 lbs and lost over 1/2 her total body weight!  It is a fascinating read.  I will be happy to send the book to the first person who expresses an interest in it.  Either contact me by my e-mail address, or as a comment in my blog!!

Now on to the second part of the Post title.  I am still having trouble reading some blogs!  In these blogs, I can read the Post Titles, but none of the Post Content or Comments made on them!!  The first blog that I had problems with was, "A Southern Girls Journey".  Jennifer, I still can't read your blog!  Since then, I have noticed that I can't read Drazil's blog, or the blog called, "That's How I Roll". 

I quickly (or should I say, after a long, long time tonight) I looked into all of the blogs that I follow, to determine how many blogs that I could longer read.  Luckily, I found that only these 3 blogs are unreadable to me.  Is anyone else having this problem???  Or am I just the weird one?  And if so, then why can I read everyone else's??

I haven't been posting much lately or reading hardly any blogs at all since we are in full tilt to get ourselves out of the house and hopefully into an RV in the next few months!!  But the most pressing on me for the past few days is trying to finish scanning the hundreds of photos that we borrowed from Walt's Mom for Walt's Dad's Memorial back in January.  She now wants the photos back!!  Can you believe this!  LOL 

And since we are heading back up to Reno, among other places in Nevada this weekend, then we will be taking them back to her.  Hence, my rush to scan them!!!  I have one more days worth of scanning, then I am done!!  At least with the photos that she wants back immediately.

We are also taking up the Red Furniture to our Son, Russ.  Then on to stay with Walt's Sister Carol, for a couple of nights before heading back to Reno for my next Fill Appointment on Monday!!!  Boy do I ever need it!!! LOL  We had to reschedule it from an earlier date, because of Walt's double Ear Infections a few weeks ago. 

We had originally intended to ride up to Reno and beyond on the Bike, to give me some time on the Bike to see if I could make the longer distance "ride" to Portland, OR this September pain free.  But because we had to reschedule my Fill, we decided it would be best to take up the Red Furniture over the Sierra's, while we still had good weather, and before the Winter Storms hits.  Well, it is getting late, and I need to start thinking about going to bed soon!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Alyce !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Sorry that I have been AWOL again these past few days!!  I will post again real soon, I promise!  But first I want to say that I checked in, and found that I have a new Follower!!  Her name is Alyce, she is 21 yrs old and will be Banded on Aug 13th, just 4 days before I turn the BIG 55!!  LOL  Her Mom isn't too happy about her impending Surgery though, and hasn't been giving her the support she needs.  So please jump on over to her blog, and give her the Support she needs and deserves!!!  The link to her blog is, My Rescue IS Possible.  And for all you Australians, she is from your neck of the woods!!  So....."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Imagine My Shock, Horror & Humiliation!!!

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Hey Ya'll,

Well.......Walt caught me in a lie!  I rarely lie to him, and he knows it.  I hate to lie, and I am not very good at it.  Which is why I don't like to lie!!  People can read me like a book!  So if he asks me directly about something, I tell him the truth.  Which is what I did tonight.

How many of you, without really realizing what you did, slipped back into your old habits?  Or perhaps I should say, how often do you still slip into your the old habits?  I bought a box of Carnation Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches, believing that I would just hide them from Walt, and eat one a day.  Well, he found my stash!

I had hidden them in the Freezer in the garage, inside a box of old Frozen Dinners (thinking he wouldn't look in there for awhile).  Wouldn't you know it, he comes walking in from the garage holding one of the Frozen Dinners, and said something like, "look where I was, what do you have to say"?  It took me a second or two to realize that he had found the stash!!  Imagine my shock and horror that he found me out.  It is bad enough that I felt like a slime everytime I ate one, knowing that I was letting myself down.  But for him to find out was 10 times worse!!  I hate it when I let someone down.  And I let Walt down.  And most of all, I let myself down!  Walt, I am sorry Sweetheart.

Here's a little background on my psych.  Growing up, my parents never had to spank me.  In fact, I rarely did anything bad enough, to even warrant anything more than a mere scolding.  I was after all, the perfect child, the good kid that never got into trouble.  My Dad never had to spank me, if he got angry with me for anything, all he had to say was that he was disappointed in me (even now), and I would start to ball my eyes out!!  Imagine me, disappointing my Daddy, the man I looked up to with such adulation!!  And tonight I felt like that with Walt.  I wanted to crawl into a hole, cover myself up and die.

Unlike most of ya'll, I don't have as much trouble with how hungry I am (at least most of the time).  I can go most of the day without eating.  but my downfall is controlling myself from my bad habits.  I am not hungry most of the time, I just WANT IT.  I CRAVE IT, I GOTTA HAVE IT (maybe some of you can relate to this still).  I wish they would develop a pill that could block my Brain from WANTING what I don't need.  Then life would be perfect!  Maybe I should have went ahead and had the Gastric Bypass.  They say that with the Bypass, when you eat sweets, you become so ill, that you don't want to eat them again!!  There, problem solved! 

This is partly why I haven't posted much about my Band lately.  I have been hanging in there with the weight.  Not really losing, but not gaining too much either.  Staying fairly stable.  But that is because of my inability to control myself long enough to break my old habits of, CRAVING SWEETS.  Anyone else out there feel like this, or am I the only one going nuts???  I am my own worst enemy!!!  Well, what can I say, I was found out, I hate myself right now, but I have to get up, dust myself off, and get on with my life.... 

Changing the subject before I really break down.  Today was pretty hot here in the valley.  It appears to have gotten up somewhere between 100-102 degrees.  And we are expecting it to be somewhere between 102-106 degrees for the next 2-3 days!!  Depending on which weather report you pay attention to!  I am of course, praying for the lesser temps.  LOL  And us without Air Conditioning (by choice of course)!!  I can usually take the weather up to about 92 degrees without it being too unbearable, but definitely anything over 96 is BAD!!!  Well, tonight I jumped into the pool at 7:15 pm, and didn't get out until about 9 pm!  And it felt great! 

Today, Walt went on day one of his three day 600 miles per day Bike rides!  He said that it was harder than he expected it to be.  They (our friends Don, Debbie and Walt) took the ride in 4 sections.  But he said that his Legs, Hips and Back bothered him most of the day.  He will be sure to take some Tylenol Arthritis pills with him tomorrow and Saturday!  So he survived the first day of 600 miles.  Two more to go.  He should be totally exhausted by Saturday night!

Ah.....Saturday night!  Our friends from Portland, Oregon, are here in the Sacramento area, visiting Mark's Mother.  They are heading back up to Portland early Sunday morning, so they are coming over to our house Saturday night for dinner!  I assumed that Walt was going to cancel his ride for Saturday, or at least take a shorter ride.  But he said that he still planned on the full 600 mile ride.  He will just have to start even earlier!!  He started out at 6 am today (Thursday)!  And didn't get home until about 8:15 pm as they stopped for Lunch, and he took a short break before he rode the last stretch home, from their place ( which is about a 2 hr ride from here)!!!

This should prove interesting!!  I am not sure, but I believe that he is planning on barbecuing Saturday night for our friends!  I would prefer to go out and not deal with the mess in the house, as we do not have much left in the way of furniture.  And the thought of dealing with cleaning up the mess in the heat, on top of all of it, is just almost unbearable.  So I am hoping that we go out at least for dinner.  We can come back and swim or talk, whatever, just don't make a MESS that I have to CLEAN UP in the heat!!!

****Side-Note****I spoke with Walt earlier, after I wrote the last couple of paragraphs, and he said that he had originally planned on barbecuing.  But he agreed that it would be better to go out.  Maybe my Brain was sending out my thoughts better than I thought!  There is a god!!

Well, I am so excited.  I finally got my Kindle DX last week and have downloaded about 18 Free Books so far.  But today, I received my Gift Certificates in the mail for Amazon!!  I have been filling out online surveys for several years now, and cashed in enough to give me $70 to spend!!  Now I can start to actually "Buy" some books.  LOL   Now that I have this "money", it is burning a hole in my pocket so to speak, but I want to be sure of what I buy with it.  I want to be sure that it is something that I really want.

Let me tell you something else about me.  I always want something.  I will save for it, and plan to buy whatever it is.  I will have saved the money, and maybe even have a coupon, or the item may be on sale, making it an even better deal.  But then I get to the store, hold the item in my hand, and 9 times out of 10, I will TALK MYSELF OUT OF IT!!!  Just ask my kids.  The kid that acts as the Devils Advocate for me is Kat.

If she is with me, she will see me fighting with myself over whether or not I should actually buy the item "that I specifically went in there to buy"!  And she will either talk me into it, or buy it for me herself!!  Walt sometimes hates it when we shop together!!  LOL  As he knows that I will almost always talk myself out of something if I am alone, but with Kat, I sometimes buy too much!  So now I have this "funny money", and I'm trying to figure out what books I want to purchase with it!!  Such is my life.

Well, I better go for now.  I have lots to do, to get the house ready for our Friends to come over, as they have never seen our house.  It is now 1:30 am and it is still 86 degrees in my Office, for Chris-sakes!!  I didn't get to bed until 5 am yesterday (Thursday), and was up (to stay) by 11 am.  The heat makes it hard to sleep.  We hate these nights, where the temps don't drop low enough to make it comfortable.  This is when we miss the Air Conditioner the most I think!!  So, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Will Be A Long One!!! PART 2


What A View!!

Hey Ya'll,

Part 2, here we come!!  For those of you still with me that is!!  LOL  I know how hard it can be sometimes to read such long posts.  But I am way behind in posting.  Part of the reason will be discussed in this post!

****Now for an update on Walt's Ear Infection.  I know that I told you I took him into the ER the weekend of the 4th for an Outer Ear Infection, then discovered on Tuesday the 6th that he had a Double Ear Infection, as he had an Inner Ear Infection in the opposite Ear!!  Well, the Antibiotics helped.  At least with the pain, but his Ear's are still plugged up.  So he has been taking Tavist D, trying to clear his Ears.  Unfortunately, he still goes, "what did you say"?  Like an old man!  LOL  I shouldn't laugh, I know.  I do know what he is going through though, and it is hard when you can't clear the pressure in the Ears.  But when it happens to me, it usually effects my Equilibrium!!

But big news, he will be riding several long days, to get used to riding long distances.  This is a requirement of our friend Don (he was one of my MC Safety Course Instructors).  Don will probably be riding with Walt back to Texas, to go pick up our Trike Wheels that we bought!!  Yes!  We bought them!!  But since it will be either 2, REALLY LONG DAYS, or 3 Fairly Long Days to get to Texas (and this isn't counting the ride back, of course), Don wants to make sure that Walt is physically up to it.  So he told Walt to take 3-600 mile rides, and do them on 3 consecutive days!!!  So he will be riding his ASS OFF this weekend!!  So he is really hoping to have the Ears under better control by then.

****Well, what can I say, I already broke the news about the Trike Wheels.  Walt e-mailed Don, after I texted Walt and informed him that I passed regarding my passing, and Don said "OMG, I'm getting off the road"!  And Walt said, "I'm blaming it on you"!!  LOL  Men, you gotta love them.....right?  And like I said, the Trike Wheels are in a small town in Texas.  The guy just bought his Bike, and the Trike Wheels were already on it.  He didn't want them, so he sold them to us!  Now I just need to learn how to ride our Humongous Bike!  Relearning how to control the power it has, etc.  I can't wait to see the faces I get riding it!

****Now, the reason that I haven't posted since the 7th, except to welcome my newest Follower, Christine yesterday.  Do you remember my post on June 2nd?  Where we had gone through a 14-15 hour Power Outage???  Luckily, we weren't having any real problems with heat yet.  We had been having a really mild Late Spring/Early Summer, so at least we weren't dying!!

Well, Thursday the 8th of happened AGAIN!!  Why???  Why only our area?  Just a few blocks away, they "Have Power"!!  Is there something out there that says, "Walt and Debbie are doing their best to save money this Summer, and aren't running their Air Conditioner, so let's make sure they don't have ANY ELECTRICITY AT ALL"??!! 

Again, thank goodness that it wasn't extremely hot, but it was hot enough to make it very uncomfortable.  Especially since we do run the Whole House Fan at night to cool down the house, and make it more comfortable to sleep.  And by doing this, the house at least starts out cooler the next day.  But with no House Fan at night, no cooler house the next day.  So by the next day, the house is really getting uncomfortable.  This time we were out of Power, for about 14 hours, again!!

Now, I was about 1/2 way into writing my post, guessed it.  The lights went out.  It was 11 pm and I thought, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, Not Again!!  This is going to be a REALLY LONG NIGHT!!  I immediately called in to our local Electric Co, and discovered I was the first one to report the outage.  I just knew that it was going to be an all nighter at least.  So I lit some candles and turned on our battery operated lantern, to draft some plans by, since I couldn't do anything on the Computer!  It just seems like someone is targeting our area specifically. 

Like I said earlier, luckily the temps only reached about 92 degrees that day, so all in all, it was livable.  Now, if it had happened just a couple of days later, we were in the 100's!!  Thank god for little miracles!!  And we are barely into Summer!  We have never had outages like this, in the 10 years we have been in this house.  And the ones that we did have only lasted 4-5 hours, not 14-15 hours!  And now, already 2 of them and both lasting over 14 hours each???  WTH is up with this?

****Since I mentioned the Drafting project, I guess that I should tell you what Walt's newest hair brained idea is......We both like different sections of 2-3 different 5th Wheels, so he is hoping that by the Fall, they will be so desperate to sell, that they will be willing to make some "Changes" for us.  I have told him that the kind of changes he is hoping for, will never happen.  However, he said that if we don't ask, they will not have the opportunity to say no!  Or yes for that matter.  But we do have a backup plan just in case they say no.

So I am drawing up some plans showing our "Dream RV" on Grid Paper.  When I am finished, I may post them on the blog so that you can see what I am talking about.  I have drawn up separate plans for each section, and I have drawn up one plan showing our entire "Dream RV" pieced together! 

My plans are as close to scale as I can make them, without actual known numbers.  Meaning we do not have the room sizes.  We have a few of the measurements/dimensions, so I am guesstimating the rest.  Luckily, I don't have to be perfect.  Once I finish them, I may download a free trial of one of the CAD programs out there for Macs, and attempt to put the plans on it.  I took 2 Semesters of CAD in College about 14 yrs ago, but my CAD program was for a PC.  And now we use Macs. :)

****About the only thing left for my to say is......Did I tell you I got my Kindle DX???  I love it and can't wait until I can start buying books for it.  So far I have downloaded about 18 free books, but the ones that I really want to read, I have to pay for.  Luckily, I have some money coming, in the form of Gift Certificates for Amazon.  I am expecting them any day!! (Imagine my tongue hanging out, like a Dog riding in a car, with his head hanging out the window!).  Am I excited?  Of course! that I have typed my fingers to death.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Will Be A Long One!!! Part 1

Remember this photo????

And this is what I will be riding once we get the Trike Wheels on it!

Hey Ya'll,

I am apologizing up front for this post.  I will tell you that it will be a long one, as I want to cover a lot of stuff and I don't want to make 7 separate posts in one day!!  So I am going to combine all 7 and bore you to TEARS!!  In this post, I am planning on covering another PB (oh my!), an update on my Gallbladder, my Motorcycle License Test, and update on Walt's Ear Infection, our Trike Wheels, another horrible Power Outage and last but not least, my BFF's Surgery tomorrow!

****First off, I want to give a brief shout out to one of my BFF's!  She is the BFF in my icon photo with me.  Kelly is having Surgery tomorrow!!  No, not Lap Band Surgery, but Surgery none the less.  She is having Surgery on her Shoulder.  She did some serious injury to it, and was advised that if she didn't do the Surgery, she would ultimately lose most, if not all of the use of her Arm!  Scary, huh?  So if all of you could send her some good thoughts tomorrow, I would really appreciate it and so would Kelly!!  Kelly, I really wish that I could be back there with you to help you out in your recovery.  But I can't.  :(  So please follow your Surgeon's orders and do not overdo it too fast.  I want you to make a full and quick recovery!!

****Well, a couple of nights ago, I had another PB!!  It should never have happened of course.  All I had was a barbecued Hamburger Patty for gods sake!  Walt barbecued it almost perfectly.  It was of course, a tad under cooked for me, but still edible.  But for Walt, it would have been considered WAY, WAY, WAY OVER COOKED!!  So I couldn't say that it was too dry and thus, STUCK!  No way, it was still plenty juicy.  No, I just ate it too fast and didn't chew it to death!!  So I have no one else to blame but myself!  Unfortunately, Walt ended up walking in on me several times when I was bending over the waste basket in my office, sliming!!  Once was an accident, but since he knew what I was going through, any visual he saw afterwords, was on him!!

****Now, for the Gallbladder.  Well, my CT Scan was on the 2nd of July, and I woke up on July 8th to the phone ringing, and it was the Doctor's Office calling me with my test results.  And....NORMAL!!  WTH?  The Nurse said that the Doctor thinks that my 3 hours of pain was inferred pain from the Lap Band Surgery (or something like that!)!!

If this is the case, then why did it take so long to have them?  I mean, when I had my pain episode, it was 7 1/2 months AFTER the Surgery!  Is this something that has happened to anyone else?  Where you had inferred pain so long after Surgery, but not really before??  Is it possible to have this kind of intense pain so long after the Surgery and still be connected to it?  I mean, the only pain that I had from my Surgery was the Port pain that I had.  I didn't even have any gas pains, etc.

However, even though our PCP thinks that this was just a referred pain episode, I am planning on discussing it with Laurie (MS, CNS, APN, CBN - Nationally Board Certified Medical-Surgical Nurse), who does my Fills, and see what she thinks....What do you think???

****Well, I managed to survive the day yesterday at our local DMV Office, taking my Motorcycle License Written Test!!!  Even though I had an appointment for the test, I was still there for 2 hours!!!  And I had to go back today!!  Well, I believe the woman who took my money, thought that it was crazy that a "middle aged woman", would want to get a Motorcycle License.  She kept saying, "you are going for your Learners Permit, right"?  I said, no....I used to ride dirt bikes all the time when I was younger, and I have already passed the Motorcycle Safety Course given by the CHP (CA Highway Patrol).  I am obviously over 18, so I don't need a Learners Permit, just give me the Freaking test!  Of course I didn't say that and I kept a smile on at all times! LOL  You never want to piss off a DMV Employee, they can really cause you grief.

So, finally she gets it through her brain, that I am going for the License, not the Learners Permit, and gives me the standard Eye Test using the cardboard eye chart over head.  I passed it...barely.  By this I mean, I passed it.  My left Eye is more Far Sighted and my right Eye is more Near Sighted.  So using both Eyes and just the left Eye, no problem-o!!  But the right Eye was blurry.  But not so much that I couldn't read the sign.  So I passed.

Now, for those of you who are terrified for your life, should I come across your path on the road, don't worry.  Even though I am not required to wear RX glasses while driving.  I have used RX Sunglasses for many years, and most of the time, I use clear RX glasses at night as well.  I just don't want to be branded as, "Having to wear Corrective Glasses" unless or until necessary"!

So I went over to the next station and stood in line to get my Test.  The man took me over to take my new Photo, get my Finger Print and Signature.  Then he gave me my Test to take.  After I was a few questions into it, I realized that it was for a regular Driver's License, not the Motorcycle License.  So I went back to him, and said that I was supposed to take the MC License test.  He looked at my paperwork again and said, yes, but they are requiring me to take both, so he gave me the MC test as well.  Do you see a theme here??  I am a middle aged woman, taking a Motorcycle Test.  So I should be tested for both.

So I take the tests.  I was freaking out on the MC Test.  They were asking questions that were not in the MC Riders Handbook!!  But I knew that they had gone over these things in my Safety Class.  Unfortunately.....I forgot to study the guide I got from that class.  I only read the CA MC Riders Handbook.  Boy was that a mistake!!

The good part, was that I passed the regular DL Test with no mistakes!  But, I missed 5 out of 25 on the MC Test!!  I was only allowed to miss 4!!  Luckily, he said that I could retake the test yesterday, so I agreed to do this.  Of course, he gave me a different test.  And again, there were a few questions that I knew were talked about in the Safety Class (back in APRIL!!!).  Sorry, but my memory isn't as good as it used to be, so I was praying that I would pass it the second time.

When the man came back after grading it, he said, "do you really want to know"?  I said, yes and no.  So he said that I missed....3.  So I PASSED!!!  Thank goodness.  I really didn't want to take it again!  But then, late last night, I pulled out my temporary paperwork that I have to carry with my now destroyed DL (they punched a hole in it), I realized that they had made a mistake.  They marked it that I have to wear CORRECTIVE LENSES!!!!

So I drove back this morning, hoping to get it corrected easily, before it was too late.  But they said that it was indeed too late.  The DL was already being processed!  She said that I will probably have it within a week.  So once I receive it, I am to take it in so they can change it.  She said that they will probably give me a more thorough Eye Exam and if I pass it, then they will re-issue the DL with the correction.  Otherwise, it will stay.  Like I said before, do you see a theme here??  Over Weight, Middle Aged Woman, going for a Motorcycle License.  Now they are trying to force me to wear Corrective Lenses too!!

Oh well, at least I passed it.  And let me tell you, now I know why others have told me the Test was difficult.  Because they hadn't gone through the Safety Course, they didn't have the introduction to the information needed to pass!!  Somehow I don't think that they should have so many questions on the test that isn't discussed in the DMV Motorcycle Riders Handbook as the Safety Course isn't a requirement, and it is expensive, so many choose not to take it.  But who am I to rock the cradle???

I changed my mind and decided that I needed to break up the post into 2 parts as it is already so long to begin with!! to part 2!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Christine !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I am sorry that I have been AWOL for awhile.  I will tell all why, in a later post. 

Right now, I want to welcome a new Follower!!  Her name is Christine and the link to her blog is: Phoenix Revolution.  She has a great blog with tons of information in it!!  I highly recommend it to all.  So....."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend!!  :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Information From Drazil Re Blog Following!!

Birds on a Beach

Hey Ya'll,

First off, I want to mention that I had a PB Episode again late last night!  I got the taste for a melted Cheese Sandwich.  But I didn't want to take the time to make a Grilled Cheese.  So I just put the Cheese in the Bun, and melted the Cheese in the microwave.  So the Bread was nice and soft.  I ate the Sandwich and probably would have been ok.  But I forgot, and.....took a huge drink of water!!  OMG!!  I forgot that the water would make the soft Bread that I just ate, EXPAND!  So I was in the bathroom for awhile having a PB again!  It was a stupid mistake, that I hope to never make again!  I know, STUPID!!  Duh!

Now for the post title, Drazil finally figured out why her icon keeps disappearing from my Follower's.  She looked into it and discovered that Blogger only allows you to Follow 300 blogs!!  So although it only shows 149 Follower's, I know that Draz is Following me, so in my Heart, I know that I have 150 Follower's!!

After I received an email from Drazil last night letting me know this, I checked it out for myself, and it's true.  Apparently Blogger didn't expect anyone to ever reach 300 blogs to Follow!!
Blogger claims that you can Follow as many blogs as you want, but your icon can only be displayed on 300 blogs maximum!!

So I checked out how many I am Following,  and I am Following 179 blogs already myself!!  So I will be checking the blogs that I am Following, and I will probably Un-Follow some of the blogs that haven't posted in at least a month or two.  As they usually don't continue to blog, if it has been that long since their last post.

However, I do try to Follow everyone who is actually Following me, regardless of how long it has been since their last post.  Unfortunately, I am also Following many who have never signed on as a Follower to me.  So if I begin to get close to my 300 blog limit, I will probably look into whether or not I truly enjoy reading the blogs that are not Following me, and Un-Follow them as necessary.  But until then, I will probably continue to Follow most, if not all of the blogs I am currently Following.

Sorry that this post is such a downer, but I thought that this new information should be put out there, so we can all understand what is sometimes happening.  At least in regards to losing an icon in our Followers, from those really popular bloggers, that have a ton of bloggers Following them, and are in turn, also Following MANY blogs themselves!!

Now, for some news regarding my next Fill appointment.  It was originally scheduled for this Friday.  But we decided to reschedule the appointment, so that Walt's double Ear Infection could have more time to be taken care of.  Since we will be taking the Bike on this trip, I would not be able to take control of the Bike, if Walt started to have issues in his Ears, due to the pressure change.  So we decided to not chance it.  Now if we had our Trike Wheels on....I could then ride it if needed and get Walt to a Doctor.  We have found a set of Trike Wheels and purchased them, but we still have to drive to Texas to pick them up!!  So we rescheduled my next Fill for the 26th of July.

Now, my written test at the DMV for my Motorcycle License is next Monday the 12th.  Because of this, I have to get reading up on the DMV books for my Motorcycle Written test.  I also have found out that the DMV has the option to make me take the written test for BOTH, the Motorcycle and Autos.  I haven't taken the written test for Autos in YEARS!!!  

And a lot of new laws have been made since then, not to mention that through the years, we just tend to forget small details, like how many feet before a turn you need to start signaling, etc.  So I not only have to study for the Motorcycle test, I also have to read the full guide for Autos as well!!!  I am no spring chicken anymore, so my concentration and memory retention isn't as good as it used to be, so I will probably read the manuals at least 2-3 times each by Monday!!  Wish me luck!!

Also, a quick interjection here.  I am really busy right now, so I have not been reading everyone's blogs, so please bear with me, I am hoping to start reading them again after my Motorcycle Written Test on Monday.  I have been a bad blogger, I know! 

Well, I better go for now, I've got lots to do and so little time to do it in!!  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :) 

Well My Friends.....

An Echo in the Bone (Outlander Series #7) by Diana Gabaldon:  
Download Cover

This is the current book that I am reading, and I love this author!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, in my last post, I was bragging about having finally reached 150 Follower's!!  But then, something went wrong again, and I lost Draz, AGAIN!  So I am back to 149 Follower's.  :(  But at least I know that it seems to be a glitch in Blogger itself, as Draz was not happy that I was dropped.  But at least I know that she is still reading me, but something just doesn't want her icon to stay with me...I do know that I have had some problems with Blogger lately, so it could entirely be from my end as well.  But who knows?

Anyway, I also mentioned that Walt had come down with an Outer Ear Infection in his left Ear, and we had to take him to the ER on Saturday, as the Prescription Ear Drops he got on Thursday, wasn't doing anything for him, and he was in constant excruciating pain!  Well, we had found out that the drops would never do anything for him, as his Ear Canal had completely closed up, so no Medication could get through!  Duh!

So the ER Doctor placed an Ear Stint in his Ear, so that the drops could seep through into the Inner Ear, and start working on the Infection.  But, his Ear just wasn't responding to the Drops, and by Sunday, his Right Ear was also Infected.  So today (as the Doctor's office was closed yesterday for the Holiday) I drove him in to see our Primary Care Physician, and he said that Walt's left Ear was coming along (slowly), but that now he has an Inner Ear Infection in the Right Ear as well.  So the good Doctor gave us enough free samples to last a week of an Antibiotic.  Yea!  Finally something FREE!!  Between my CT Scan last week and Walt's ER Visit, we are spending more money than we want to right now. 

So keep your fingers crossed that this works!!  If he doesn't start feeling much better by Thursday, I may have to cancel my Fill for Friday, and change the date out a bit.  Since driving over the Sierra's with Infected/plugged up Ears is not a good thing, with the pressure changes and all.  And we were planning on taking the Gold Wing, so that I could see how my Tailbone does on a longer distance ride.  I will keep you posted!

Oh, BTW!  I ordered my Kindle DX today!!!  And I downloaded the free software for the iMac as well, so that I could already start downloading books!  So today I already ordered about 10 Free Books!!  I can't wait to start reading on my new Kindle.  It will be so much more easier than carrying around a huge 900+ page book!  Which is what the current book I am reading is.  So now my kids know what they can get me for gifts.  A gift certificate to Amazon, so that I can start buying books!!!  This Kindle can hold up to 3500 books, so I doubt that I will ever use up all the storage. 

Well, I guess I better go for now.  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Woo Hoo!! I Get To Order It!! And I Have 150 Follower's!!!

Butterfly of Magic

Hey Ya'll,

First off, I want to say thanks to Drazil for letting me know that her dropping my blog as a Follower was in error.  I totally understand.  In fact, I am wondering if it is Blogger that is doing it sometimes, as I have noticed some problems with Blogger lately.  So thanks for Re-Following me Drazil!!!  You made my day  :)  Secondly, I have 150 Followers!!  I feel like..."you like me, you really like me"!!  LOL :)

Now, back to the real world, Walt finally gave me the go ahead to order my Kindle DX today!!!  I can't wait!!  Then I just have to start purchasing my books for it.  I love to read, and I am planning on reading more in the future.  I used to read a book a week, but lately I only read during Vacations, etc, so it can take me a year or two to finish one of Diana Gabaldon's (900+ page) books!! 

My favorite Authors are Diana Gabaldon, Bertrice Small, Margaret George, Philippa Gregory, Jean Plaidy and Alison Weir.  Although I have just begun to read books by Michele Sinclair and Karen Marie Moning among many others as well.  If you haven't noticed a pattern here, I love to read stories about real characters in History, Highlander's, Scotland and Vampires! 

My favorite types of books are Historical Fiction, Historical, Biographical, Historical Time Travel, some Horror and Sci Fi (like Twilight Series, etc), among others.  However, I mostly read books set in the 1000AD-1799AD time period.  Yes, I know, I am a snob about it.  But I rarely read anything set in Contemporary times.  And that means anything set from 1800AD-forward!  So here is to my new Kindle DX, and my new passion for reading!!  So...till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Big Shout Out, This Time To Jessica!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just noticed that I had another new Follower!!  She photo icon slipped in between two that have been there for a while, so I didn't see it at first!  Her name is Jessica and she was just Banded 2 weeks ago, so she could really use our support!  Her blog link is, My 30th Summer, so please hop on over, and give her the support we all can use!  So Jessica..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Big Shout Out To Misslofly !! :)

Hey Ya'll,
I just wanted to shout out a big welcome to a new Follower!  She goes by Misslofly, and her blog link is: My Life.  She is a true newbie as she has not even been in contact with a Surgeon as yet.  So she really needs our help and support!

Misslofly, I tried to leave you a comment on your blog, but after I finished, and it was saved, I noticed that it was no longer showing up in your blog comments!!  I tried a second time as well, and still it is not showing!  So unless you have it setup to where you need to approve all comments first, and I didn't see it.  Then of course, disregard this part of my post!!  LOL

So Misslofly...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

What Can I Say....

View Image

Hey Ya'll,

I hope that everyone who lives here in the States, had a great 4th of July and for everyone else, I hope you had a great weekend!!  We ended up turning on the Air Conditioning today after all, so the house wasn't too hot for my visiting Brother and his family.  We have been living in such warm temps lately, that a nice cool house was heavenly for a change...

Well, I did fairly well food wise today, at least until tonight!!  For lunch, I had one Hot Dog and some Macaroni Salad, plus about 2 handfuls of Cheese Puffs.  Did I say I did ok?  Well...maybe not as good as I thought.  Then for desert, Walt brought out some Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with fresh Strawberries on top.  Hey, he dished it up for me himself, so who was I to turn it down???  It was good too.  Yum!

So all of that wasn't too bad, but then tonight I had another Hot Dog and some more Macaroni Salad.  Still not too bad, considering that was all I had all day.  But then I went and did a really bad thing...I couldn't resist another bowl of the Ice Cream and Strawberries!!  But I waited until Walt went to bed to eat it.  I know, I know, I'm a bad, bad girl!!  But at least it was a great way to be bad!  So now I really need to buckle down, and try to lose a couple pounds before my next Fill, which is this Friday.  Here's crossing my fingers and toes that I am able to lose the weight.  I really want to...but it is so hard.

Anyway, like I said, I have my 7th Fill this next Friday, the 9th of July.  At least I am hoping to get another Fill, as I have lost most, if not all of the restriction that I had from my last Fill.  We are taking the Bike up this trip, so that we can see how I do on a longer distance ride.

We are needing to make sure that my Tailbone isn't going to cause me problems for our trip up to Portland later in the Summer.  So we are riding up to Reno for the "Fill", then over to my MIL's for the night, before returning on Saturday.  Then on Monday the 12th, I have my Motorcycle written exam.  I haven't had any real time to study for it, so I hope that I pass it the first time.  Anyway...till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Nikki !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just finished writing my last post, when I realized that I had a new Follower.  Her name is, Nikki and she hails from Queensland, Australia.  Her blog link is: I'm Finally Losing It!!.  I believe that she is just beginning her Journey into Lap Band Land, as her blog doesn't list a Surgery date, or change in her weight as yet either.  So this means that she really needs our help and support, as we all know how challenging the pre approval/pre Surgery days can be!! 

I did attempt to sign up as one of her Follower's.  But so far, I have not been able to get my photo icon to stay on her blog.  As soon as I sign out, it disappears (I left this info on her blog as well)!!  If anyone knows how to correct this, please let me know.  I rarely have this problem, but it has happened on one or two other blogs that I am Following.  So Nikki..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

What A Day!! & HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, yesterday I went in for my CT Scan.  But except for a momentary shock of pain that only lasted a few seconds earlier today, I have had no pain since the horrible 3 hour ordeal last Sunday.  So I am not sure if anything, will show up or not.

I have read that the pain can come and go and many people have Gallbladder problems without ever realizing it as most put it off as Heartburn or something and never talk to their Doctors about it.  So unless the Stones start causing a blockage or turn into Infection (hence, severe ongoing pain), many never have their pain checked out.  So whether or not the test will show something...your guess is as good as mine.  I should have the results sometime next week though, so I will of course keep you posted as soon as I know something.  I don't know whether or not to hope that the CT Scan proves the Gallbladder is my problem.  On the one hand, if it is, at least we know what it is.  If not, well, the Gallbladder is ok, but then, what the He** is it?

Now that my pain stopped, Walt started having Outer Ear Pain on Thursday.  So he called and had our Internist call in a prescription for Ear drops.  He has had this same pain off and on for years, and knows what it is when it reappears.  Unfortunately, by last night the pain still had not began to subside.  We should have taken him into the Hospital last night, but he decided to wait until this morning, hoping the medicine would start to work.

Unfortunately, I had not gone to bed until after 4:30 this morning, and was asleep by around 5 am.  By 10 am, Walt woke me up asking me to take him to the Hospital.  I jumped up, threw on my clothes and off we went to the Hospital.  Luckily, we got there at a great time, and the waiting room was practically empty, so we were called back almost immediately.  This has never happened to us before, except when we were taken in by Ambulance, after a teenager ran a red light and ran into us at speed!!  And everyone knows that unless you are taken in by Ambulance, you will sit FOREVER!!! 

Sure enough, it turned out that Walt does have an Outer Ear Infection.  But the medicine couldn't possibly help, since the Ear Canal in front of the Eardrum was totally closed up!  Yes, we had waited too long, hence nothing could go through at all.  So they had to insert an Inner Ear Stint with a Steroid to begin the process of opening up the Canal.  By keeping the Stint in place, I can place the Medication Drops onto the Stint (which is like a very tiny tampon) and the Medication will seep into the Inner Ear allowing the Medication to begin working.  The Doctor said that he should begin to feel better by Sunday early afternoon, and he should keep the Stint in until Wednesday.

But we count ourselves really lucky, in that we arrived at the Hospital at a great time to be there.  We were in and out in only 2 hours!!  And for any of you that have had to go to the Hospital, and wait at least half a day if not all day, know that only 2 hours is great!  When we left, the waiting room was full of patients!!  Whew!

So tomorrow, July 4th, we decided to invite my Brother Kenny and his Wife Robin and their Son Garrett over for a barbecue and swimming.  In the past, we have always had giant parties with at least 20-40 people and kids.  But we really wanted to tone it down this year, and have an intimate gathering where we can just relax and talk.  Garrett is now 13 yrs old, so he won't be a problem as far as noise goes, and he is a really good kid.

Well, I guess that I will go for now, I hope that everyone has a great 4th of July!!  Whether it be at a big party with Fireworks and all, or a small intimate gathering like us.  So...Till Next Time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Chicomaya79 !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just woke up (after going to bed at 4:30 am), and checked in to my blog, and found that I have a new Follower!!  They go by Chicomaya79.  I would like to welcome you to my blog, and if you would like to provide your blog information, I would love to Follow you too!!  If not, that is ok too.  So...."welcome to my nightmare".

**I just wanted to say that apparently she decided not to Follow me after all, as she Un-Followed me!  I hope it wasn't anything that I said....**  Oh win lose some.  I lost one Follower today, but gained two!!  Chicomaya79, I wish only the best for you, and I hope your Surgery and weight loss goes as you want it to.

Aloha My New Friend  :)