Thursday, December 10, 2009

Off To The Dermatologist I Went :)

Hey Ya'll,

I had to go to my Dermatologist's office today as I wanted to have her check me out again before the end of the year (for Insurance reasons).  I am glad that I did.  She froze off another small pre-cancerous spot on my left cheek as well as did a biopsy on a mole next to my right knee.  I will get the results next week.  But I am expecting the results to be good.  Too early to worry about it right now anyway. 

Unfortunately, I had to drive all the way into Sacramento to see her.  I hate driving to Sacramento!  The traffic is horrible.  On a good day, it can take an hour to get there, but if there are any accidents, etc, then it could easily double.  She is the only Doctor I still see in the city.  All the rest are closer to where we live.  But I really like her, so I keep driving to see her.

Once I got home, my DH & I went for our walk.  This time we walked before dark, which I hate as too many people see us.  I prefer to walk in private.  However, although it was still cold, it was a bit warmer than it would have been had we walked when we normally do.

Then I went to work painting the 2nd of 5 Roses for my Mom's painting.  If I must say so myself, it turned out pretty good.  So I am hopeful that the other 3 roses will turn out well too.  There are 3 different styles of roses in the bouquet.  Two buds at the top, two that are in full bloom in the center & a single full bloom facing forward on the bottom.  I will post a photo once the painting is done.  I WILL have it finished in time to give to her for Christmas!!!  I will, I will, I will (insert stamping foot)!

Here are a few photos (not mine) for the Christmas spirit.  Since I can't send everyone a real one, here is a photo of a greeting card. 

Merry Christmas to all & I hope your New Year is just what you want it to be!!


This Ornament almost looks like a cookie with a hole in it!

I would hate to have to pay their electric bill!!  If you check out the very top, it kind of looks like a well lit crown.

And last but not least, the Hawaiian Ornament.

I guess this is all for tonight, till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Nad said...

Hey Deb! I'm glad to hear you guys are doing daily walks - that is terrific. Miss you guys LOTS.

Love, N.

Debi said...

Thanks N, we miss you too!