Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome Danise :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just noticed that Danise (The Whole Band Family) has joined me as a follower!  For those that haven't started to follow her blog, it is extra special in that she isn't the only one in the family that was banded!  Her Husband & oldest Son also was banded within weeks of each other!!  How remarkable is that?  So if you are interested, please check out her blog!  So...."welcome to my nightmare".  :)


The Dash! said...

Hey Debi,
Thanks for agreeing to go to Sally's blog - her and I have been in contact by email (she's a little alone I think) and somehow I knew your generous nature would come through. Ta :)

Debi said...

Your welcome Cara! Does this mean that she has agreed? If so, please post her blog info & I will be glad to follow her!