Monday, May 31, 2010

A Big Shout Out To A New Follower!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just checked in and found that I have a new Follower!  All I know is that they go by Shiny.  So Shiny, thank you for Following me!  I would love to Follow you too, so if you would be interested, please provide your blog information as I am unable to pull up any blog information on you!!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

CORN IS EVIL!!! Did I Say That I Didn't Have Restriction?

Hey Ya'll,

So, now I have a confession to make.  Wednesday I went in for my 6th Fill and I did ok eating wise on Wednesday and Thursday.  However, on Friday, our oldest Daughter Christa came by, and we took her out to lunch at one of our favorite local, smaller, family owned Mexican restaurants.  Usually I don't have any problems eating there, but this time......

I realized after eating only about 1/4th of my meal (at most), that I had eaten too fast and I was stuck!!  OMG, I hate to be stuck in a place that only has one rest room for each sex, as I hate to tie up the ONLY bathroom!!  And you guys know how you just don't know how long this will take!!

So I went into the bathroom, praying that it wouldn't be too bad.  After all, our Daughter was with us and I was missing time to get to talk with her, as she couldn't stay long this time.  Luckily, it didn't take long.  BUT!  This was the only time so far that I can actually say, that I vomited!!  It only took about 5 minutes to vomit, but once it started, it came out in one quick swoosh.  I was expecting just a glob of the thick mucus/foamy crap, but noooo.  It was all of the Enchilada and Beans that I had already eaten!!  But I instantly felt so much better.  I still had a few issues for a short time afterwords, but for the most part, I was much better.

Today, we took our Son Russ to lunch.  He requested to eat at Carl's Jr as they don't have one where he is currently living.  I had a Super Star With Cheese, no Fries, and I didn't have any problems eating it.  I know to eat it slowly and carefully.

Tonight was a different story though!!  Walt had barbecued some Steak and Corn on the Cob.  He took my Steak and cut it even thinner, then ran it through the Meat Tenderizer several times so that it was as tender for me as possible.  The Steak wasn't the issue, it was the Corn On The Cob!!!  I only had 1/2 of an Ear, but I ate it too quickly, and I just knew that I had eaten it too fast.  I still wanted to eat a couple of tiny bites of the Steak (it was fantastic BTW).  But I shouldn't have.....

I had the worst, longest PB/Slim to date!!!  It ONLY lasted 3 full hours!  So, other than eating a burger at lunch time, I only ate 1/2 of an Ear of Corn for dinner.  After I convinced them that it could take me a while to feel up to going out for dessert, Walt and Russ went to our local Frozen Yogurt shop and brought be one back.  I still had to wait a couple of hours to be able to eat it though!!  I really would love to eat the rest of my Steak, but I am afraid that I will just have another stuck episode.  However, since I didn't actually vomit anything up, just had some horrible slimming, I might could eat it, since my throat isn't, I think I better wait until tomorrow or Tuesday to eat it!

So, that is my latest PB episodes!!  I guess that I do have some Restriction now!!!  :)  We will see if I start to lose weight again!  And I think that for now at least, Corn On The Cob is a no-no.  How about you guys, can anyone else eat Corn?  Or do you have problems with it too?

The main reason that Russ was here today was to help Walt move some of our furniture over to my parents house.  Since we are moving out of our house, and into a 5th Wheel in a few months, we are in the process of giving away some, if not most, of our furniture.

So we gave my Dad, Walt's Recliner.  It works great for my Dad as he is over 6 ft tall and the Recliner is made for a taller man, my Dad loves it!!  Then we gave them our Dining Room Table and Chairs.  Again, they loved them.  We will be giving them our Freezer once they clean out their old one so that we can exchange them.  Walt and Russ took their old Chair, and Kitchen Table and Chairs out to the Dump!  No, their old stuff was not worth giving to charity or we would have.

Then on Thursday, Russ will come back and help Walt take over our (really nice, brand new condition) Entertainment Center to our Daughter Kat's house.  This way, the more that we can get out of the house now that we are not keeping, the less we have to deal with at the last minute!!!

We have offered to give my Brother and SIL our Hot Tub and Gazebo.  Also Walt's precious Barbecue Island from the patio.  It is 11 ft long, with a huge Barbecue in it, with side burners and 2 outside Refrigerators.  We will be keeping one of the Refrigerators for ourselves though!  If it turns out that they can't take them, then we will probably just leave them with the house.

Well, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Drazil's **Bring Your Own Craziness**

Hey Ya'll,

Sorry this is so late!!  But here is my...Drazil's BYOC Friday questions!!!

***Bring Your Own Craziness***

BYOC - here we go again!  A couple of questions to get to know each other better.  Copy and paste into your own blog if you want to play!

1.  If you could be a flower, which one would it be and why?

** I would have to say, the Carnation.  I love its look and especially its smell!!  It is a beautiful smell without being overpowering, and it lasts so long!

2.  Which Sex and The City Character do you most relate to? (Thanks Jenny)

** This is a hard one for me...because I see a little bit of me in all of them.  But I love Charlotte.  She is probably the closest to myself and how I feel.  She is a true romantic, like me.  Always looking for our knight in shining armor!

3.  If you had a crystal ball or could know one thing about the future - what would it be?

**  God this is hard.  Why do you pick such hard questions?  I guess I would start saving for the future immediately!!  Which is why we stress to our kids the importance of saving now.

4.  What's your biggest fear in your weight loss journey?

**  That I'll never reach my goal, and if I do - I'll have to continually work at it to stay there, because I love sweets, and carbs, etc!!

5.  Repeat question:  Whose blog or comment spoke to you the most this week and why?

**Cara's (The Dash), and Sandy Lee's (The Weight Loss Rollercoaster), for obvious reasons!!

Till Next Time...
Aloha My Friends  :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Big Shout Out To ~Hey !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just checked in and found that I have a new Follower!!  She goes by ~Hey and her blog link is: Lap With Me.  She is a real Band Newbie, having just been Banded on May 23rd!!  So please go check out her blog and give her the support we all need!!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

I made an error in posting the Surgery date, it was actually March 23rd, NOT May 23rd!!!  Sorry ~Hey!!  I started typing in M for March and just typed in May since this month is still in my mind!!  :)

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!

winter blizzard_20080120_004.jpg by susan.babson.

Ok, so the roads did not have this amount of snow accumulated on them yet, but it looked like this other than the road, and the snow was coming down harder and faster than this picture shows!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, yesterday we drove back up to Reno for my 6th Fill.  The last couple of times I have been there, I have been given incorrect information, or at least I am assuming it is incorrect.  Based on what the APN Laurie gave me, my current Fill level should be at 6.7 cc's in a 10 cc Band.  On my first Fill, I was told that I had 2.0 cc's in at Surgery, this is based on Laurie's deduction of how much fluid she was able to pull out.

And based on her advising me of how much she was putting in each Fill, again, I should have 6.7 cc's.  On my 5th Fill, she put in .6 cc's which would bring me to 6.5 cc's.  This Fill yesterday, she gave me another .5 cc's and said that now I am at 6.5 cc's!!  But just going on the numbers she has provided me all along, starting from the first Fill date, I should have 6.7 cc's.  So who should I believe?  My numbers based on what she provided, or her numbers, guessing on what I have, based on how much she pulls out each time?  And she doesn't pull out 100% of the fluid!

Anyway!  I got the Fill and doing fine with it so far.  I have not had a PB yet and I am eating fairly normal.  I am not eating totally solid foods, but I am eating more than just liquids.  I ate a small amount of Chili yesterday with ground beef in it for breakfast/lunch, then some homemade Goulash for dinner, noodles and all!  Today, I had a Tuna salad from Subway for lunch and ate a small amount of the lettuce and tomatoes as well.  Again with no problem.

The great news is that I have been losing weight again!!  After getting down to a low of about 191.0 a few months back, I back slid and allowed my Head Hunger to rule me, and I gained back about 10 lbs.  But since I have been consciously trying to lose weight, I have lost back down to 191.0!!  Laurie and the girls in the office was thrilled.  I have lost 6.6 lbs of the 10 lbs, since my last appointment on April 16th.  So here's hoping that I can break into the 180's soon!!!

Now, as for the title of my post!  Yesterday was supposed to be a fairly mild day weather wise, with a bigger storm slated for today, so we drove my car instead of the Truck with 4x4.  Luckily, I checked my e-mails just before we left, and I had a warning for an accident at the Summit East bound (our direction), that had closed the Hwy until at least 11am-12pm!  This meant that we would have to drive all the way into Sacramento, then head up Hwy 50 through Placerville and around Lake Tahoe just to get back to where we needed to be!

So I called the Surgeons office to advise them we may be late due to the accident.  Luckily they had heard about it as well, and had a cancellation for 45 minutes later than my original appointment, so we gladly took it!  We didn't make it with too much time to spare either.  LOL

Like I said, yesterdays weather was supposed to be fairly clear with just some rain showers, even in the Sierra's.  But it didn't turn out that way at all!!  We started out with nice sun with partial clouding, then went into overcast, then rain, then sleet, then snow showers, then sleet, then sun with partial clouds, then wind.  This just on the way there!!  On the way home, it started out wind, sun and partial clouds, then wind and rain, then sleet, then snow (not snow showers, but snow!), then hail, then snow, then rain, then sun with partial clouds.....

The snowing started right after we crossed over the Summit of the Sierra's on our way home.  Luckily, we made it over when we did, because by the time we made it down a few miles, we noticed that they had stopped traffic on the other side heading up, enforcing chain control!!!  We were in my car without 4x4, so we were really lucky because we did not take any chains!!  It's nearly JUNE for crimany sakes!!  It shouldn't be snowing still.  But you know what they say about mountains....never trust them, the weather can change in a moments notice!  So it seems like we had just about every kind of weather you can drive in yesterday, all in one day!!!  So we figured that today's storm had moved in early, but nooo, we still had our Thunderstorm today!!  LOL

***I forgot to add that the trip up took us just about 4 HOURS!!!  It normally takes us 1.5-2 hrs!!!***

Anyway, that is my good news and excitement for now.  Till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)

A Big Shout Out To Ruth !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just noticed that I had another new Follower!!  Her name is Ruth and she was just banded on May 10th!!  But even more exciting, her Fiance just proposed to her YESTERDAY!!!  Her blog information is: Unleashed - By Lapband.  So please go check out her blog and give her the support, and Congrats!!  So, Ruth....."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Another Big Shout Out To A New Follower!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I would like to welcome a new Follower!  Her blog information is: Curvas Peligrosas.  She is in the process of getting approved for Surgery and hopes to be banded next Month in June!!  So please, check out her blog and give her some support!!!  So...."welcome to my nightmare"!

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Request!!

Hey Ya'll,

I was just reading a one of the blogs that I Follow, and she is really hoping to get to 75 Followers!  She had Gastric Bypass Surgery, and has already lost at least 130 lbs and is looking fabulous!  She has said that whoever helps her to achieve 75 Followers, will be in a drawing to win a new dress!  The dress is on display in her blog.

So here is her blog information.  Her name is Aimee and her blog link is: The Fat Theory.  So please go check out her blog, and sign on as a new Follower!!

Aloha My Friends  :)

Finally, Relief! And Another Fill Tomorrow!!

This is scene we see on our way down the mountain from Boreal Ski Resort at the Summit of the Sierras on Hwy 80, heading down towards Truckee and Donner Lake.  Here we were between storms so the roads were remarkably clear and dry.  And tomorrow it should look like this as well, assuming it only rains with some light snow showers.

Hey Ya'll,

First off I would like to apologize for not commenting very much on other blogs lately (again!!).  I am having a hard time just posting on my own blog!!  But that is no excuse.  But...if you would like to hear one, then...the excuse is that I have been working diligently on going through our belongings.  I have produced a ton of trash, and that is just from my office!!  And two more boxes of shredding to boot!  And I am only about 1/3 of the way finished in my office!!  Whew! 

But we have soooo many deadlines ahead of us, that I fear I will continue to fall behind in your blogs!  I will try to read as many as I can each day, and hopefully comment now and then as well!!  Just know that I am thinking of all of you!

Now for the relief part of the post.  The last two days has been hell on my nose!!  My sister in law was here on Saturday.  She helps us out by cleaning our house periodically and Saturday was the first time she has been able to make it here in 2 months!  And with us going through tons of boxes of dusty old things, apparently too much dust, etc was kicked up.  Which wreaked havoc on my Allergies!!  I haven't had an attack like this since my post on January 8th.  Where I had a major Allergy attack while in my MIL's car and used up almost a whole box of Kleenex that day.

Well, I have had 2 full days of almost constant nose running.  I should have lost at least a pound of body fluids at least, you would think!  I went through 2 boxes of Kleenex this time.  And if I was able to go 2-3 minutes between blowing, I was counting myself lucky!!  Usually it was about 1-1 1/2 minutes apart.  And TMI ALERT here!  We are not talking about a gentle blow.  We are talking, if I forgot to make sure the bottom of my nose was covered, I found slimy snot in my hand, on my clothing, on the desk, etc....I couldn't even trust using my Bi Pap Machine at night, for fear that I would get snot all over the mask!!  But today, I found some relief, finally!!

And wouldn't you know, tomorrow we drive back over the Sierra's to Reno for my next Fill, and it is snowing!!!  But tomorrow it is supposed to only be rain/snow showers, so we are hoping that the next heavier snow that is due on Thursday, does indeed hold off.  It makes it much easier to drive if we do not have to deal with the weather as well.

Well, I better get off for now, Walt just got out of bed and told me it was time to get into bed!!!  So I better start my bedtime ritual so that I can be in bed by 2-2:15!  Till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Message From Beyond, and A Miracle

Hey Ya'll,

After posting about my frightening experience the other night, I thought long and hard about writing this post.  But finally came to the conclusion that I should.  It has elements in it for those of us that do believe in the spiritual world, or at least the possibility of a spiritual world.  As well as those that have deep religious beliefs.  I find myself believing in both.

My Grandmother (my Mom's Mom) died when I was a very young girl of about 6.  I barely knew her, but I was just old enough to have some memories of her.  She was very short.  Standing only 4' 10" tall, with long red hair.  I remember that she smoked cigarettes and chewed Beamen's Gum.  To this day, when I occasionally find a pack of the gum and smell it.  I can't resist it, and it brings back a great memory of her.  In fact just thinking of it, I can bring back the smell of the gum.  My Mother loved my Grandmother so much.  When my Grandmother passed, it almost broke my Moms heart.

This story I am about to relate, happened to my Mother.  She told the story to me when I was a teenager.  One night while sleeping, my Grandmother came to her.  I am not sure how she woke my Mom up, just that my Mom did wake up.  My Mom wanted to talk to her as she missed her so much, but my Grandmother was there for one purpose only, which was to give my Mom a message.

She told my Mom that she was sick, and that if she didn't go to the Doctor soon, she would die.  After giving my Mom her message, she left.  My Mom was desperate to continue talking with her and called out, "Mom, Mom, come back".  Well, my Dad woke up at that, and thought that she was having a nightmare and sort of slapped her, thinking she needed to be woke up.  Which of course really pissed my Mom off!  Of course, my Dad didn't believe her when she told him that my Grandmother had come to her and gave her a message.

My Mom had a cold, but other than that, felt ok, and quickly forgot about the warning.  A few days later, she became very ill, very fast.  Back in those days, not everyone had a home phone (I know, we lived in the days of Dinosaurs!).  The closest phone was at our neighbor's house, but she couldn't even walk out of the room, let alone to the neighbors!  She was praying that I would come straight home from school.  But as luck would have it, I played for a bit with my friends.

When I finally did walk into our house.  My Mom immediately told me to go to the neighbor's house and call my Grandmother (my Dad's Mom) as she needed my Grandmother to take her to the Doctor!  Once there, it was determined that she had Walking Pneumonia pretty far along and could have died.  She has had Walking Pneumonia several times since then as well.  So this is my families personal experience with the paranormal.

Now, for the Miracle.  My Grandparents (my Dad's parents) owned and operated an Auto Repair shop.  My Grandfather worked it, and my Grandmother ran for parts and shuttled customers to and from the shop.  A few years after my Mom's "visitation", my Grandparents were camping.  They loved to take off for the weekend and go fishing.  This particular weekend, my Grandmother was stepping out of the trailer and slipped, twisted her ankle, fell and broke her foot!

They immediately drove back to town and went in to the Doctor.  He took x-rays of the foot and ankle and said that yes, it was most definitely broke.  But because it was so swollen, he didn't want to cast it immediately.  He wanted to wait a couple of days to allow for the swelling to go down.

In the mean time, an Evangelist that the family always went to see was in town, so they decided to go see him, even though she was on crutches.  Because of the crutches, they sat in the back of the huge auditorium, so as to not be in the way.  This particular Evangelist was famous for Healing.  However, this was not the reason for them attending.  Like I said, our family always went to see him, when he was in town.

During his Sermon, he would to go to different people in the audience, and proceed to pray for them and "Heal" them.  The auditorium was one of those that was also a Theater, so the seats were sloped up in the back.  Unexpectedly, he walked all the way to the back of the Auditorium where my Grandparents sat and picked out my Grandmother from the crowd.  He made her (clumsily) get up and walk out into the isle to stand next to him.

He told her that God had spoken to him, and told him that she had broken her foot in an accident.  She said, "yes sir".  He said that God told him that she helped my Grandfather in his business, and that he really needed her to help him.  Again, she said, "yes sir".  He told her that he was going to pray for her.  After praying for her, he told her to put aside her crutches and walk.  She did without hesitation.  She had no pain at all!  He told her that God had healed her.

Well, the next day, which was Monday, they went back into the same Doctor and he was amazed.  He took another set of x-rays and compared them to the original x-rays.  Where the first set definitely showed a broken foot, the second set showed a normal unbroken foot!  The Doctor said that it truly had to be a Miracle, as he had the before and after x-rays to prove it.  He was amazed but truly happy for her.

To this day, whenever I tell this story, I still get chill bumps, and become very emotional.  The family truly believes that my Grandmother experienced a Miracle that weekend.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Big Welcome To Kathy !!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just realized that I forgot to welcome my newest Follower.  And for any of you that have been Following me for a while, you know that I like to personally welcome each and every new Follower!  So...her name is Kathy, and her blog is called, My New Beginnings..My Day to Day Journey In Life and My Progress After Having LapBand Surgery.  Her Surgery was on March 26th, 08 and she is almost at her goal weight!!  So go check out her blog, and give her the accolades that she deserves!!

So Kathy...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Big Shout Out To McKayla !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just noticed that I have a new Follower and her name is McKayla!!  She was just banded on the 10th I believe, so hop on over and give her the support she can use!!  Her blog link is, True Life: I've Been Banded.  She is already down almost 20 lbs, so she is doing fantastic!!  So McKayla...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Not Alone???

Hey Ya'll,

I had the most unnerving experience tonight!!  You will probably think that I am nuts!  And I am not so sure you wouldn't be wrong!!  This would be a great subject to discuss with a shrink I think.  LOL

Earlier tonight I decided I wanted to lay down for a short time to relax my back.  Walt had already gone to bed, so I went to lay down on one of our sofas.  The sofa is really comfortable, so I was concerned that I would fall asleep and end up sleeping most of the night there rather than in bed where I prefer to sleep, right next to Walt.  So I set my cell phones alarm to wake me up within 45 minutes just in case.  I laid down and covered myself with my super soft long robe.

As luck would have it, I actually did fall to sleep.  But soon realized that I was hearing voices speaking in hushed tones.  They sounded like they were about 8 feet away.  I was freaked out and quickly opened my eyes, to see who was in the room with me.  As soon as I opened my eyes, the voices stopped!!

By now, I was starting to feel chilled even though I was covered with the robe.  But I just figured that I must be dreaming all this, even though I hadn't been asleep long enough to have achieved deep enough sleep to be dreaming!  Again after a short time, I heard the voices, but this time they were around where my legs and feet were.  I actually felt like someone had uncovered my feet and was touching them!  I instantly woke up again, and again the voices stopped, there was no one standing there, but my feet were uncovered.  And it was colder still.

So again, I blew it off and went back to sleep, and it seemed like I almost immediately began hearing the voices again.  But this time I felt like someone was right next to my face and upper body!!  I was freaked out and terrified to open my eyes.  I just knew that I would see someone or something standing there next to me!!  But luckily I didn't, and the voices stopped. 

By now I was truly chilled and glad that I had my robe around me.  Also, I was now totally freaked out, and decided I wasn't going to temp whatever it was again.  I got up and came back into my office.  This has never happened to me before, and I hope it never happens again!!    

So, this was my personal "ghost" story!  Whether or not it really happened, who knows!  But I feel like it really happened.  I wasn't asleep for long.  I was only laying down for a total of 35 minutes!!!!  So, what do you think?  Am I nuts?  Or could this have really happened?  Well, I better go for now so that I can start getting ready for bed!!  Hoping everyone is having a great weekend.  Till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whew! We Made It!!

Aggie's Plumeria Blossoms

Hey Ya'll,

Well....after only getting about 3 - 3.5 hrs of sleep, we made it to downtown Sacramento, and into the small room set aside for the Trustee Meetings with only about 15 minutes to spare!  We were set to be the 5th case to be seen, starting at 8am.

We were glad about this, as it gave us time to see how each case was handled, so we knew what to expect, but not have to wait the full hour, before the next group was set to arrive!  Apparently they set about 10-12 cases per hour, which is why they only spend a few minutes per case.  Also why the Trustee totally goes over each of the cases and asks all the cases prior to the date so that it is really just a formality.  So we were in and out by 8:30!  The Trustee literally only spent about 5-6 minutes per case and there were NO CREDITORS was there!  Yea!

Afterward, we were planning on meeting with Aggie for lunch, so that we could give her, her Plumeria Painting that I just finished.  Since we had a couple of hours to spend, before we needed to drive over to meet Aggie, we decided to walk over to the "K" Street Mall in downtown Sacramento.  We hadn't taken the time to eat before leaving, so we found a small shop that served coffee, soda, and breakfast pastries.  We decided to share a large Cinnamon Roll with Walnuts, I had about 3-4 bites out of it and it was good.

While we were sitting there wasting time and eating the roll, some small birds seeing food, flew in, and at first we thought, "oh, how cute"!!  But let me tell you, it didn't take long before they became very aggressive!!  I mean, they would take flight and try to fly in towards the roll and snatch a bite out of it!  So Walt was spending his time flailing his arms and legs to keep them from getting too close!!  If only I had my camera with me!!  LOL

Finally it was time to go meet with Aggie.  She came out of the meeting and loved the painting!!  At least I think that she did.  She definitely appeared to love it.  And Walt says that he could tell that she was really jazzed by it.  And since he works with her, I have to believe him.

We also took the Lake Tahoe painting in, but Barry wasn't in today.  We left it in his office for him as we didn't want to carry it back home.  So Barry would arrive back in his office to a surprise, as he wasn't aware that I was painting this for him!!  He is American Indian and his offices are decorated in an American Indian theme.  When I saw this, I told Walt that this painting me look out of place there!  But he said that there were American Indian's living around Lake Tahoe, so why not have a painting set there!  But the style is totally different!  I just hope that he likes it.

Well, I better go for now, there are some more things that I need to do before I start getting ready for bed.  Which means that I will hopefully be in bed sometime between 3 - 4 am!!  I will leave you with a photo of my sketches for Aggie's painting.  If only I could take a photo of it that looks halfway decent!  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

The original sketch on top, then I reproduced it larger in the middle sketch.  The larger sketch was the exact size I was using for the canvas.  Yes, I re-sketched it each time, I did not use a photo copier to blow it up.

This photo shows the 2nd sketch laying on top of the canvas for placement.  I then traced the outline of the blossoms onto another sheet of paper, then cut out the outline so that I could trace the outline onto the canvas.  Once this was done, I free handed the interior of the blossoms.

This photo shows the outline of the blossoms on
the canvas with my free handed blossom interiors.  If you look closely, you can see the tracing taped on the wall behind the canvas.  Once I had the blossoms free handed on the canvas, I free handed the leaves where I decided to place them, then voila!!

I counted at least 22 sessions from the first sketch to the finished painting and a minimum of 80 hours into it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Important Morning Tomorrow!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, bright and early (for me at least) tomorrow morning at 8 am, Walt and I have to meet with our Bankruptcy Attorney, and go before the Bankruptcy Trustee regarding our Bankruptcy request.   This is an important meeting, as we will find out what, if any of our belongings the Trustee wants to sell off, in order to pay some money back to our Creditors.

Keep in mind that we have a $500 allowance on each item.  Which means that whatever the Trustee takes to sell off, the first $500 of its sale goes to us, with the balance going towards paying off the Creditors.  Because of this, we do not expect much if anything to be taken (hopefully).  If anything, he may take the Hot Tub and Gazebo, and he may say the Gold Wing is worth taking. 

However, we do have $20,000 in which to protect items as well.  We are planning on using this money to protect Walt's truck, and the Bike if necessary.  The rest of the household items would be hard to sell for more than $500 each, making them undesirable to the Trustee.  Because of this, they rarely take items like these unless they are antiques, that are worth some money, etc.

So tomorrow we have to get all dolled up (for us at least) and go to this scary meeting!!  It is feasible that the Creditors could be there as well, but we have been told that they rarely show up for these meetings, unless some really big bucks is involved, or they suspect fraud, etc, and want to ask questions.  We do know that a representative from the Credit Union, where my car payment is through will be there, but other than her, we are not expecting any other Creditors.

We have also been informed that these meetings rarely last longer than 5-10 minutes maximum!  They have so many cases to get through in a day, so they basically push them through.  Which is why the Trustee has been looking through our information since the Bankruptcy Filing, this way he probably won't have many questions for us, if any at all.

Once we get through tomorrow.  If everything looks to be on the up and up, the Trustee will not need to schedule a 2nd meeting.  If this is the case, which it is most of the time, then we just have to wait 60 days for the Bankruptcy to be Discharged.  This gives the Creditors 60 days to protest it.  If no protest has been filed by 60 days, it is Discharged.  Then a whole new process begins, at which time I will talk about that process too.  So please wish us luck, that the Trustee doesn't have many questions, and we can get out of there fast!!

After the Trustee meeting tomorrow, which is in downtown Sacramento (ugh!!), we will spend some time shopping or whatever, until we can meet up with Aggie.  Her painting is finished, and we are giving it to her tomorrow!!  So I will post the photos of it after it has been given to her.  I will report her reaction then too.  :) 

Well, I gotta go, as I have to go through my entire history of billing and payments for the company that supplies my Bi Pap Machine and supplies, including my Face Mask.  They are claiming that I have a balance due, but I am fairly positive that I am up to date on what we owe.  So I only have to go through 15 months of billing statements!!!  I really hate this company!!  When we move up to the Reno area, I will be changing to another company!!!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Jordan Romero is in the Yellow/Green Cap.
His dad is next to him also in Red.

"Jordan Romero, 13, began his march upward today from a north-side camp at 21,500 feet, and hopes it'll take just a couple of days to attain the 29,035-foot summit and complete his controversial bid to become the youngest person to attain mountaineering's ultimate single pinnacle."

Here is the link to the story that I read about this young boy.

Hey Ya'll,

I just read this story about a young American boy aged 13 who is attempting to climb Mount Everest!!!  I am flabbergasted to say the least!  I don't know whether to feel happy for him, because he knows at such a young age what he wants to do, and is attempting to accomplish it.  Or anger that his parents would allow him to attempt such a risky challenge so young!!

I am sure that all of you know the history of Mount Everest.  Every year, hundreds ascend on the mountain, trying to conquer it.  Many die trying.  One of the worst seasons on the mountain, was in 1996, which was made famous by the Book "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer, and the movie based on it as well.

On May 10th, 1996, 9 climbers from 4 different expeditions lost their lives, and before the month had ended, another 3 had died.  A rogue storm had hit the mountain with winds easily hitting 70 kph, causing extreme white out conditions, and catching many climbers still high up on the mountain, and not yet safely back at camp.

Probably one of the saddest losses to me, was Rob Hall from New Zealand.  He was the leader of one of the main Expeditions.  His wife usually climbed with him, but was pregnant that particular year, and so she lost her husband before the birth of their daughter was born.

So I am terrified that this young "boy", is not old enough or strong enough, to make the decision to climb this unpredictable mountain.  Even if he survives it, he could have some potentially dangerous repercussions from the high altitude and severe weather conditions.  Even a good day is still living in extreme, dangerous, conditions.

I read Jon Krakauer's book after it was first published, and let me tell you, I am not a fast reader.  But it was a real page turner, and took no time at all for me to finish it!!  I couldn't put it down, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in true stories.  It is written and told through the eyes of Jon Krakauer, who was in Rob Halls Expedition.

Another book that came out of this horrendous year, and written by someone who also, was in Rob Halls group is, "Left For Dead" by Dr Beck Weathers.  It is his personal story on how he was literally "left for dead", but managed to find his way back to camp after many hours in the extreme conditions, frozen and blinded.  He lost a good portion of both feet and hands as well as his nose to severe frostbite!!  I have this book, but have yet to read it.  But I will!!!

Anyhoo, sorry to post about something totally non band related, but I just couldn't not write about what I fear will happen to this young boy on Mount Everest!  Anyone else have any thoughts on this?  Am I wrong to be so concerned?  Or do you also think that this boys parents should be scolded for allowing him to risk his young life?  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Meg !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Just a real quick post here, to say welcome to my newest Follower!  Her name is Meg, and she will have completed her 6 month supervised weight loss diet in mid June.  So mid June, they will be turning in her paperwork for her Surgery approval.  She is in real need of the kind of support we can all give her, so please jump on over and check out her blog, and give her the support she needs!!  Here is the link to her blog, Zen & The Art Of Meal Replacement.  So Meg..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've Been Bad And I Am Embarrassed And Ashamed :(

My sentiments exactly!!  Only I like girls night out every night!!

Hey Ya'll,

Like my post title says, I have been bad and I am embarrassed and ashamed, so spank me, spank me (LOL)!!  I just wanted to make a really quick post, as I have so much to get accomplished today.  But I wanted to come clean with ya'll about my band success, or lack thereof!!

I initially had great success, and had lost down to 191.2, from an all time high of 228.6, prior to Surgery.  but then I allowed my head hunger to rule me and I gained back up to 201!  This terrified me more than I can say.  So I began my efforts to lose, and getting my head hunger back under control.  Which I do most of the time.  But occasionally I still lose it.  As of today, my weight is back down to 194!  So I have updated my tickers to reflect my higher weight.  I am so ashamed that I didn't come clean earlier and update my tickers to show my higher weight.  :(

So initially, I had lost some decent amount of weight.  Then I got a bit cocky, and gained some back to make me 201.  Then I panicked, and lost a few pounds in order to get back under the 200 lb mark, and kind of hovered there for the last 3 months or so!!  But at least I was maintaining at that weight and not gaining it all back.  But now I am beginning my downward trend again.  My goal is to lose another 64 lbs!  I know that I can do it, I just have to get my HEAD HUNGER under control!  Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this permanently????

I would like to be like everyone else and start losing at least 8 lbs per month, 10 preferably.  But hey, I would even take 4 lbs per month!!!!  At the minimum 4 lbs per month, I could conceivably be at or near goal by November 2011!!!  But that would put me near goal when we go to Hawaii, if our plans aren't canceled because of our Bankruptcy problems!!  But I would be happy if I could lose that amount by then.  So if I could increase my weight loss to 8 lbs per month, then I would be at goal by late February 2011.  Of course we all know what comes before then...Thanksgiving and Christmas!!  So that may slow the weight loss during that time a bit.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to come clean and tell you why I haven't been blogging about my weight lately.  I have been ashamed to admit that I was failing, or at least back sliding in my weight loss.  But I need your help and support to get me back on track.

Walt believes that my weight loss stopped about the same time that I began my massive undertaking in preparing our taxes earlier this year.  Then of course pulling all the information together for the Bankruptcy filing, etc as well!!!

Because of this, I had almost stopped blogging and rarely had the time to read any of your blogs!!  He believes that if I can get back into blogging daily, like I did earlier, and get caught up on your blogs, then I will get myself motivated to start losing again!!!  So I am truly hoping this is the case!

We do have some heavy times ahead of us in the next 3-6 months because of the Bankruptcy, etc, but I am going to try to stay caught up with you guys as much as possible.  I really need and appreciate your support and guidance, more than you can even know!!  Anyway, I am now rambling, and I don't have time to ramble today, so....till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Am Red!!

Hey Ya'll,

This weekend, we spent more time in our garage going through a ton more boxes to determine what we needed to toss, save or shred!!  Imagine this, we have been living together/married for 18 yrs 9 mos.  And we have had a good portion of our "stuff" in boxes, in the garage for most of this time!!  We currently have a 3 car garage, and the only thing that we can park in it is Walt's Gold Wing Motorcycle!!!  So we have a ton of crap to go through!!

Today we went to the local Junior College, as they were sponsoring a Motorcycle Awareness Fair today.  While there, Walt had the chance to ride one of those new Can-Am Bikes!!  It is the one that is 3 Wheeled.  But the odd thing is that the 2 Wheels are in the front, instead of the typical Trike where the 2 Wheels are in the back!  It was really nice and the seat was the most comfortable I have ever sat on to date!!  But alas, it is about $25,000-$30,000!!!!!  I could have ridden it too, but I was too self conscious to ride it in front of all these "professional" bikers!!

Then Walt really got a thrill, and was able to take a half hour ride on one of the newest bikes available.  It is a new US Company called Victory.  He rode one of the Touring Models as that would be the one we would purchase if we bought.  He loved it, but it too costs way too much at about $22,000.  So we will probably stay with the Gold Wing that we have as it is paid for and we can add the trike wheels for me to be able to ride it.  But first I need to take the Motorcycle Written Test, to get my license.  We also have to buy my Helmet which will be about $250 and my gear to wear which will be about another $250 + dollars!!

Anyway, back to why I am red.  Today was a nice day.  About 78-80 degrees, slightly overcast with a slight breeze, making it a perfect day!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a hat (which I am always supposed to wear because of my skin problems but hate to wear) until we were half way there.  But we were not expecting to be gone so long, so we didn't worry about it.

We ended up staying there for about 3 hrs, at which point we left with a friend, who was working one of the booths on Motorcycle Safety, to go eat a late lunch with him and his daughter Courtney, who is our daughter Kat's best friend.  He wanted to go to In-n-Out Burger (great burgers if you have never tried them, but get the chance to).  They were quite busy (as usual), so we ended up sitting outside.  Because Don lives out of town, we sat there for another 2 hrs visiting before he had to leave to drive home.  But don't worry, we were not being unfair to other diners, as by the time we got our food, the amount of customers had died down.  All in all, it was a great day.  I'm posting a few photos of the two bikes from their brochures for your viewing pleasure.  Till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)

This is a photo of the Can-Am Spyder RT Roadster.  Which is a Touring Bike for two.

This is showing it with the optional Trailer which only costs another $5000!!

Here is a photo of the Victory Touring Bike like Walt rode today.

Another view of the Bike with both rider and passenger on it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Pie !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I was just reading some blogs and found a new one through another blog!  Her name is "Pie" and her blog link is...Pie In Progress.  AND, she is being banded TOMORROW!!!  So please, hop on over to her blog, and give her the support she needs!!  Good luck tomorrow Pie, and let us know how it went, when you can!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend!!  :)

A Big Shout Out To Nella !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I just realized that I have a new Follower!!  Her name is Nella and her blog link is...Skinny B---H!.  She was just banded on Feb 24th!  So go check out her blog if you haven't already and give her some support!!  She is doing amazing already!!  So welcome to my blog and...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Finished And Here It Is!!!

This is a photo of the actual photograph I used as my inspiration.
So here it is!  Hope you all like it.  I took a lot of liberties with this painting, but changing the look of the mountains and rock in the foreground.

Hey Ya'll,

Just wanted to say thanks for all of you still interested in seeing my latest completed painting!  It is a variation of the photo taken by my Mother-In-Law.  The photo took 2nd place in the Nevada Magazine that year.  Since then, I have now completed 3 paintings based on it.  And I am not planning on painting another one!!!

Today, I ended up spending several hours at Sams Club/Walmart, as Walt forgot and left the headlights on yesterday in the truck and drained the batteries.  We were able to get them jumped by AAA, but since they are the original batteries in the truck and it is a 2002, we decided it was a good idea to just replace them.  So...guess who got to go spend half the day getting the batteries changed?  Ahem!  Moi!!

So I didn't get anything else accomplished today.  I am going to attempt to read everyone's blogs in the next few days, so hopefully you will be seeing my leave comments more often from now on.

In other news, Walt finally got the call from the Specialist's office in San Francisco, providing the information on his next appointments.  He needs to go back on June 18th for his Ultrasound to rule out Prostate Cancer.  This appointment is set for 12:30, then we have to wait around until 3pm on the same day, to see the Specialist again.

So we will need to be there no later than 11:00-11:30 so he can administer the enema to himself.  He has to do the enema at least 1 hour prior to the Ultrasound and since we have a couple hour drive to get there, he really doesn't want to be driving, or for that matter, be in the car during this time, as he will need to be in the bathroom!!!  So we are anticipating this visit to be a really long day!!

We will have to leave our house by 8:30-9:00 and we won't be out of the last appointment until at least 4pm if not 5pm like the last time!  And this is on a Friday, so we will have to spend a couple of additional hours there in San Fransisco to allow the traffic to die down, meaning we probably won't get home until at least 9pm!!

Anyway, I guess I will go, Walt is calling me!!  So...till next time!

Aloha My Friends  :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whew!! It's Finished!!

I feel this comic is perfect right now!!  Our weather system can't decide if it is going to Rain or Shine!!  Just when we think our weather is turning to Summer conditions, it Rains again!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just wanted to pop in, and say that I have finally finished my latest Lake Tahoe painting!  This one was my largest painting yet!  It was originally meant to be Walt's, but since we will be downsizing our living arraignment so drastically in the next few months, we will not be able to keep it in our future 5th Wheel.

So we are giving it to Walt's Employer Barry.  It measures 2'x4' which is much larger than the photo it was based on!!  I will post photos of it tomorrow as I am too tired to try to get a decent photo of it tonight without some good daylight.

I also worked on Aggie's painting tonight, and it is almost finished as well.  I WILL have it done in at most 2 more painting sessions, but hopefully it will be finished during the next painting session.  Aggie, it is almost done!!  We are hoping to be able to give the paintings to both you and Barry at the end of next week!

For some reason, Walt wants me to be there when they are given to you guys!  I will be embarrassed to be there, as I am always unsure of whether or not the person I am giving the painting to, will actually like it!!  And not just say so to make me feel better!!

Well, I guess I will go for now, got lots to do and so little time to do it in....till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)

A Big Shout Out To Steph !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I wanted to welcome my new Follower, and her name is....Steph, and her blog link is...My Road To Becoming The Biggest Loser!.  She is brand new to blogging, and her Surgery is a week from TODAY (May 18)!!  So please check out her blog and give her the support she needs!  She is in the Pre-Op Diet phase now.

Aloha To My New Friend!!  :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


Hey Ya'll,

Here's the answers to Drazil's weekly BYOC questions!

1. Do you have any nicknames?

•  Yes, my Dad always called me Lightning, and it wasn't for what the name implies!!!

2. What was your “last straw”? The incident/situation that made you decide to get a lap band or commit to losing weight via any plan this time?

•  I couldn't go anywhere where walking or standing was required without my walker or scooter without severe pain.  I could barely bend over to tie my own shoes, and forget about a self pedicure!  I had such severe Sleep Apnea that I even woke myself up (let alone poor Walt)!!  Anyway, I think that you get the picture, my total quality of life was so not there!  So I decided to take the next step and stop trying to "diet" and lose the weight for life!! 

3. What’s your favorite joke or funny story? (This is from Sandy – she needs some laughter to start the weekend and requested this one.)

* Probably one of my favorite "funny stories", took place when I was about 12 yrs old.  As I said above, my Dad's nickname for me has always been "Lightning".  When I was growing up, we lived in Southern California, and our family was going to go camping at the beach for the weekend.  The morning we were to leave, my Dad opened my bedroom door to wake me up (I usually didn't like to get up early for anything mind you).  But this one morning, I was so eager to get to the beach, that as soon as my Dad opened the door to wake me up, before he could even close the door, I had already thrown up the covers and was out of bed!!  My Dad's jaw dropped to the floor and talked about it for a long time after.

4. If you could be a TV dinner – what flavor would you be?

* I would be an Enchilada Pie like our family makes with a side of Refried Beans and Cheese. 

5. The question we do every week so everyone can be a little famous without having to do an official blog award….what blog or comment stuck with you or spoke to you the most this week and why?

* Well, this week I have been a bad girl and haven't had the time to really read up on everyone's blogs,  so I can't really answer this.  So I would like to say that everyone's blogs, every day, is an inspiration to me and always makes me think beyond my own problems.  

So there you have it!!  I gotta go for now, till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :) 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Christine !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Just checked in after finishing my painting session for the day, and found that I had a new Follower!!  Her name is Christine, and she will be banded next week on the 12th!!  Her blog link is: Magic Cat Purrs.  So please go on over and check out her blog.  She has lots of questions and concerns, as all us newbies do, so please give her the support she needs!!  So Christine..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Big Shout Out To Sparkler !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Just me again!!  Sorry to post so many times in one day, but I like to give each new Follower their own welcome, which is why so many posts!!

Anyway, I would like to welcome my newest Follower and her name is Sparkler!  She is from Manchester, UK and her blog can be found at this link, Sparkler's Story.  She is newly banded, having been banded on Jan 30th, so please go check out her blog and give her the support a new bandster deserves!!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Another Big Shout Out To A New Follower, Rini !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I am also welcoming another new Follower.  Her name is Rini (The Shrinking Rini), and her blog is: My Big Fat Life Blog.  Please go check out her blog and give her some support!!!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

A Big Shout Out To Luckykah !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Just wanted to say hello and welcome to one of my newest Follower's!  Their name is, Luckykah.  However, I am unable to find your blog information.  If you would like to provide it, I would love to Follow you too!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Luckykah's name is Kristi and her blog address is, Best Wishes Never Go Out Of Style.  She is in the Pre-Surgery period and could use all our help and support, so PLEASE check out her blog and give her the support she needs.  :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Great Day Today!!

Hey Ya'll,

Today Walt and I had a nice lunch with our oldest daughter, Christa.  It was to celebrate her Birthday which was on April 16th.  The only problem is, this means that she turned 36 yrs old!!!  Yikes!  This makes me really, really old!!  LOL

For our kids Birthdays, we always take them to Lunch or Dinner at the Restaurant of their choice.  Today, Christa decided to try a local small family owned Mexican Restaurant near us that she had never tried before.  We eat there all the time and love it there.  As usual it was really great food.  And it was nice to get together with her for a couple of hours.  She is so busy home schooling the grand kids and running around, that she has very little time to do anything else.  So anytime that we can spend an hour or two with her, we are thrilled.

I showed her the two paintings that I am working on and she likes them both.  Although tonight I decided that I totally needed to redo one of the petals in Aggie's painting.  Walt agreed that it just wasn't working, but I believe we figured out what was wrong with it.  So this means at least another two painting sessions.  But it is sooo close to being done!  And because Aggie reads my blog, I don't want to post any photos of it yet.  I will post photos of it once we give it to her so the first time she sees it, it will be a surprise!

Well, I guess that I should go for now!!  Everyone have a great Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!!  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Another New Follower, Maria !!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

I want to give another shout out, and a warm welcome to my newest Follower.  Her name is, Maria and her blog is called, Last Train Out Of Fat Land.  She is new to blogging and could use all our help and support!!  She was banded in Jan '07 and lost 50 lbs, then had two children.  And has decided to get back on the wagon of weight loss!!  I need to do this too!!!  So please check out her blog and give her the support she could use!  So..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend

A Big Shout Out To Vickie Mac !! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Just wanted to say a quick welcome to a new Follower.  Her name is, Vickie Mac and her blog is. Digital Diva Blog.  She is newly banded and can use all the support we can give her, so please go check out her blog!  So...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Drazil's BYOC Friday!!!! **Bring Your Own Craziness**

Hey Ya'll,

1. What’s your favorite smell?

A favorite smell that always brings back the memory of my Grandmother is...Beaman's Gum.  Most of you have probably never heard of it.  But it was the only gum she ever chewed.  In fact, I can even remember the smell still and this was when I was only 4 or 5 yrs old!!
Other favorite smells of mine are The Ocean, Baby Powder, Carnation Flowers, Melons, Thunderstorms and Rain, the Christmas Cookie scent that is only sold at Christmas time from Yankee Candles, and freshly cut Grass.

2. What is your all-time favorite movie and why?

I have way too many favorites to choose just one, so I am going to list some of my favorites from different categories.  Historical/Period Type: Braveheart, Somewhere In time, Romeo and Juliet (the original from the 60's), Elizabeth, Apocalypto....Musical: Blue Hawaii....Comedy/Drama: Something's Gotta Give, Up In Smoke, Steel Magnolias, Tortilla Soup, Sabrina (the Harrison Ford/Julia Ormond version), The Holiday, Sleepless In Seattle, Bye Bye Love, and Christmas Vacation...Horror/Suspense: The Lost Boys, Signs, The Grudge, House On Haunted Hill (the remake), Hell Night (with Linda Blair) and all of the Alien's movies, plus many, many more!!!  I can't help it, I love movies and I am sure that I forgot many movies that I would also consider my favorites!!

3. What’s your trigger food?

Candy, Ice Cream, German Chocolate Cake, basically anything sweet can do it.

4. When someone you love is going through a difficult time – what are your go-to words to make them feel better – in just a sentence or two?

I've never been really comfortable when talking to someone having problems.  Especially if it involves a death.  So I usually just try to be there for them, give them a shoulder/ear to cry on or talk to and just be there for them the best that I can.

5. This one is always the same. Who is your nominee for the blog of the week for YOU? Which blog OR comment touched your heart, spoke to you, stuck with you all week?

This week I would have to say that Roo's blog was the one that really spoke to me (What Do I Hide Behind).  Especially since I kind of had a similar experience as hers, but not as extreme thank goodness.  But it broke my heart to read what she went through.

Please Be Sandy Lee's 100th Follower!! And Yesterdays Appointment, EEK!

                                               My Sentiments Exactly!!

Hey Ya'll,

Sandy Lee is soooo close to having 100 follower's!  She only needs one to do it, and she would really like to see 100.  Would someone like to jump on over to her blog, and sign in as a new Follower?  She is fantastic and a great friend, so if you are looking for someone who is always there for you with advice or compassion, then please go to her blog and Follow her!!

Well in other news, Walt and I went to San Fransisco yesterday for his appointment with the Specialist.  In fact we ended up being there all day!!  The Doctor says that unless he runs tests, there is no way he can say yes or no, to the possibility of Cancer (Prostate).  He says that since there are several possibilities that could be causing his bleeding, most of them are benign and would not be Cancer.  However, he could not say that Cancer is not a possibility either.

So he is ordering some tests to get the ball rolling.  First off, he wants to find out if Walt has a bleeding problem, so he is ordering some Blood Tests.  He is also checking his PSA level.  In the last couple of testings, it was elevated some.  And Walt has been on a specific drug for the past 3 months that should have caused the PSA level to drop at least in half, but it actually rose a bit.  So they are testing to see if it is still elevated or finally going down.

TMI ALERT!!!  The last test (this round of testing), will be an Ultrasound through the Rectum up into the Prostate.  Checking specifically for anything that could be causing the bleeding or whether it is Cancer itself.  So please keep good thoughts our way.  Walt thinks that it will be nothing serious, but I still have my concerns.

Since our appointment was the last one of the day, the Doctor wasn't in a hurry, and actually spent over an hour with us!!  So we didn't get out of the appointment until after 5pm.  And trying to get out of San Francisco during rush traffic, especially on Friday is not a good idea, so we walked over to a local "Authentic" Mexican Restaurant.  I mean it was so authentic, that it was only a step or two above a street vendor taco/burrito cart!!  It was a hole in the wall place where they prepare your food in front of you.  It was suggested by the Doctor so we figured it couldn't be all that bad.  The food was fantastic!

After eating, we drove down to the water and watched a large group of men para surfing (wind surfing).  They were really good and could get some great speed going from the winds.  Then we drove over to Ghirardelli Square where we shared an expensive Banana Sundae.  It was really good and I would have loved to have had one all to myself!!  So we ended up leaving San Fransisco by 7:20 pm and was home by about 9:30 pm!  We were so exhausted by the time we got home.  And the next trip will be even more so, as we will have to be there in the morning for the Ultrasound, then stay until his afternoon meeting with the Doctor!!  Then waiting again for traffic to ease up to drive home!!!  Sigh!

Well, today is my Moms 75th Birthday.  But she is sick, and my Niece is cleaning the carpets in their home, so we will wait until next week when she feels better, to go visit her.  I hate not getting to see her in person today, but we had a good conversation on the phone, at least until her coughing started up and she could barely get a word out without coughing up a lung!!  So we ended the conversation so she could go lie down and rest.  So...till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)
                                               This Sounds Great Too!!