Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Hate Wrapping Presents!! And...Bad News :(

Hey Ya'll,

Today I did some running around trying to get Walt's Prescription for his Antibiotic filled!!  Apparently, this particular Antibiotic is in high demand right now!  I almost didn't find a Pharmacy that had it!  I was told that everyone is running out of it & they are on back order to get it from their suppliers!  So I lucked out after several attempts.

Then I went & found myself some ear muffs & a ski mask so I can go walking without freezing my face off!!  So I can't wait to be able to try them out!  But since my DH is STILL downtown in Sacramento working, not to mention he was supposed to go for drinks after the last meeting, then drive the hours drive home!  We probably won't go walking tonight.

Well, I have delegated today/tonight to get all our Christmas presents wrapped!  I hate to wrap presents.  And I always wait until the last minute to do it!  But I won't be able to do it tomorrow as we will be making our Enchilada Pies for our Christmas Eve dinner & I have some last minute decorations to put out tomorrow as well!

Now for the bad news.  Walt's Dad is not doing very well.  He was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver a couple of months ago & the Doctor's are having to drain the excess fluid every two weeks (at up to 10 liters each time).  Last Tuesday the 15th, they did an Operation where they placed a Shunt (or stint) (?) in to help with the fluid buildup to try to prolong his life & give him a more comfortable existence.

We just found out that he went back into the Hospital on Sunday with severe dehydration as well as other problems.  Yesterday he was not doing very well at all & they weren't sure he would make it.  My Mother-In-Law finally called us about a half hour ago to advise us of this.  She said that the Hospital gave him 2 more pints of blood which helped, but he appears to have lost most of the control in his legs.

So, since he is "out of the woods" so to speak, he is being moved to a Nursing Home tomorrow until he can get to the point that he can "take care of himself".  He does not want to go, but the Doctor told him that if he went home right now, he could fall & injure himself as well as my MIL.  My FIL is 84 & my MIL will be 80 next month!  It isn't looking too good right now.  We are hoping that he survives until next year at least.  But he is deteriorating pretty fast now. 

Well, so much for the downer posting.  Just keep good thoughts coming our way.  We can use them.  I will leave you with a few more photos taken on our walks.

This is another photo of the house that did the huge display of the Nutcracker Suite.  Full on music (radio station & all) plus all the lights were synchronized with the music.

These house likes Bugs Bunny!!

Well, that's all for tonight, till next time.

Aloha My Friends & Happy Holidays


The Dash! said...

Ahh Deb,
So sorry to hear about Walt's dad - that is terrible news full stop and a little harder at Christmas when it should be a good time of year. My thoughts are with you guys.
Cara xxx

Debi said...

Thanks Cara. We are hoping that he will hold on for a bit longer, but he is getting worse & having to go into the Hospital fairly often now.

Robyn said...

Sorry to hear about your father in law. I remember you mentioning his health problems before and I'm sad to hear things have gotten worse :(

I also hate wrapping presents. I can never get them to look really nice, but don't care enough to re-wrap them. It helps now that I have 2 year olds that want to help with everything...no one can expect a present wrapped by a two year old to look nice. All my presents this year have pieces of tape all over them where the babes missed putting the tape on the right spot.

Debi said...

That is so cute! The babies helping you wrap! I can really see the visual of the tape everywhere!!

Yes, it appears that my FIL won't last too much longer. We are hoping he will last at least another 3-6 months though.

Merry Christmas