Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Shout Out To Amy!!

Hey Ya'll,

I noticed that I had a new follower!  Her name is Amy & her blog is: "Babbles Of A Bandster".

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for following me in my quest for weight loss.  So, "welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)
Merry Christmas


Amy said...

It is Amy from Babbles of a Bandster! I don't know how to get it to use my pic when I start following someone's blog. Driving me nuts!


Debi said...

Thanks for responding to let me know it is you! I just noticed that you managed to get your photo shown. I was going to try to walk you through it, so I am glad that you figured it out!!

Dinnerland said...

Merry Christmas!!

Debi said...

Thanks Vanessa! Merry Christmas to you too!!

Nola said...

Hi, found you via your comment on Tracey's blog! I have put you in my favourites so I don't lose you! Merry Christmas to you from a fellow bandster in Aus

The Former Fat Girl said...

Merry Christmas Deb !!

Debi said...

Thank you guys!! I left a Christmas Wish on your blog, Former Fat Girl.

Nola, thanks for following me too! I wish that I could follow you as well. If this is possible, please let me know what your blog name is.

Both of you have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Lonicera said...

Thanks for all your cheery posts - and have a very good Christmas!

Debi said...

Thank you Caroline! I hope you have a great Christmas too!