Thursday, October 22, 2009

We're Home :(

Hey Y 'all,

Well, I am sorry that I haven't written since the night before we left New Hampshire.  I have been sooo busy catching up on bills, etc. :( 

That last morning in New Hampshire, we had our farewell breakfast with Rick & Kelly.  It was great to get together again with them, but so sad knowing that it was for the last time!!  None of us wanted the breakfast to end.  But, of course it did.  It had to, as we had to drive to Manchester, NH in order to catch the first leg of our 3 leg flight back to the reality of our life as we know it!! 

We weren't looking forward to another 15 hours in a plane or an Airport, so we attempted to upgrade our seats to First Class, at least on the last flight as it was to be a 4 hr flight.  We were willing to spend up to $500 total for an upgrade, but it would have cost us $1100!!  As they couldn't upgrade us on just the one flight, they had to upgrade all three!  So we politely, said thanks but no thanks. :( 

Luckily, since the fantastic employee at Houston, changed our seating for our return flights to much better seats, our flights were so much better than they could have been.  We were originally scheduled to be in the very rear seats of the planes, & she moved us up to the very front row of the cheap seats (the bulk head seats) so that we had much more leg room!!  In fact, it worked out that we only had to share a row on the second flight!  The first flight was on a small regional jet, so we didn't have a third seat in our row & the last flight wasn't totally filled (thank god!!), so we were able to have a seat between us, giving us a bit more elbow room!!  :)

We still didn't get in to our home Airport until about midnight, which put us home about 1:15 am.  But just walking into our home felt really good.  But the best part was getting into our OWN BED!!!  :)  You never realize how much you love your own bed, until you have to sleep in a different one!

Anyway, I have been crazy busy just getting the bills together so we can make sure that we haven't missed a payment, etc.  :(  I haven't even unpacked the suitcases to even THINK ABOUT washing the clothes!  Luckily, that can be done tomorrow or another day.

I had my sweetheart of a husband upload all the photos to my computer last night & I am still in the process of working with them.  I will post a few of the pictures in a day or two, I promise!  My problem will be forcing myself to not put too many on the site & overwhelm you!  I tend to do that easily.  LOL.  So I guess I better go for now, just wanted to say hi & let you know that we made it home safely in one piece!

Oh, BTW, my Pre-Op Class is next Tuesday the 27th, so my 4 wk Pre-Op Diet starts next Wednesday!!!  Then, my Surgery!

Aloha My Friends :)


Robyn said...

I was actually just thinking we hadn't heard from you and was hoping your trip back went okay. Glad you had such a good time on your trip!

Debi said...

Thanks Robyn, it's nice to know that someone actually checks in on me from time to time! It will really help me once I start the pre-op diet next week. I am sure I will need all the help I can get! My husband is sure that I will turn into a raving Be'aach (if you know what I mean) during the diet! LOL. I promised him I will do my best not to take it out on him!

Gen said...

Welcome home! I am so with you on the "ahhh, my own bed!" feeling.

I forgot, how long is your pre-op diet and what do you have to do?

DawnB said...

Welcome home! It sounds like you had a blast.