Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OMG!!! It's Cold Up There!!!

Well, today we drove back to the tip of the Cape Cod peninsula to Provincetown so we could walk up to the top of the Pilgrim Monument.  It stands 252 ft 7.5 ins tall & has 116 steps & 60 ramps (each ramp takes the place of a flight of steps, so we figure that it is about 22-25 stories tall)!  The brochure claims it should only take about a 10 minute leisurely pace to walk to the top!! (For who?  A giant that is in excellent shape?) (Although I must say that EVERYONE passed me up, even people 10-15 yrs older than me!!) lol. 

I guess that if they were more handicapped than myself, they were smart enough to not even try it!  As there is no elevator.  Well, it took me somewhere between 30-45 mins (Walt thinks it was closer to 45 mins) to make it, with a ton of stops so I could sit on a step periodically for a couple of minutes to catch my breath & allow my back & legs to relax a bit. lol  I didn't think I would EVER make it!  But I did.  And once we made it to the top, it was windy & freezing cold up there!  I had a thin jacket on, but I did take my gloves & a hat to keep my hands & head warm. 

Except for yesterday morning, the weather has been really good for us here.  But I am expecting it to at least rain if not snow when we drive up to New Hampshire.  They have already had their first snow of the season yesterday & they are expecting snow again on Friday morning at least (lucky us, the day we drive up!).  So, hopefully, my friend has a 2nd winter coat that I can borrow for the few days we will be there in New Hampshire.  If not, it is my problem! lol

Tomorrow, I go to the local laundramat to wash our clothes.  Lucky me!! :)  Then we have a couple more small souveners to buy for the family back home.  We found this really elaborate miniature golf place close to the resort which has a pirate theme, maybe we will play a round of miniature golf!  We leave Friday morning for New Hampshire, & as much as I love it here in Cape Cod, I can't wait to see my friend Kelly!  We haven't seen each other in at least 19 years!!  Till later.

Aloha My Friends :) 

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The Dash! said...

Sounds like you are having the best time - or at least had one. Gl for your trip home - you made some lovely memories. :)