Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi To Christa & Amy!!!

I just wanted to say hi to my new follower's Christa & Amy.  Welcome to you both!  Amy, it is a pleasure to have you checking out my blog.  Your blog was the first blog that I read & it really got me excited & into blogging!  I never thought that I would become a blogger (you can ask my daughter)!  But following all of the blogs has really helped me in my journey to Lab Band Land.  I find it so amazing how close & supportive everyone is.  We are each others support group through the good & the bad.  I also like how we can say whatever we want & we won't be looked down on.  Even my husband Walt said that I can say whatever I want to on my blog (yes, he does read it) even if it is about him, & he will never hold it against me.

Anyway, hi to all my follower's & I hope all of you have a great weekend!

Aloha My Friends  :o)

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