Sunday, October 11, 2009

2nd Day of Touring Cape Cod

Hey Y'all,

Well, we made it back to our Resort finally after a long day of driving.  We took the scenic route to the end of the peninsula to Provincetown.  We didn't realize how far it actually was & was about to think we wouldn't reach it before sundown, as we had started out a bit late.  The drive was beautiful though.  But, stupid me, I forgot to pack some extra batteries & of course my camera died after only a few shots from there! lol.

Before leaving Provincetown, we decided to go to the Pilgrim Monument before leaving while it was still light out, & low & behold, it closed at 5 pm & of course it was 5:05!  So we missed out on walking up (yes, I said walk up the 2 hundred some odd foot) monument for some great photos (from Walt's camera) from that height.  Oh well, we might go back before the end of the week.

Then, all hell broke loose!  We were driving back to South Yarmouth & I wanted to drive back the way we came (especially since it was now almost dark & we were in an unfamiliar area), but Walt (my sweetheart)(I have to keep reminding myself at times like these!), wanted to drive back a different route & I tried to tell him that we would have to cross West at some point in order to get back to our Resort.  He wouldn't believe me when I told him he was going the wrong way, & then.....he got really pissed!  Like men do when they are mad at themselves more than they are at you.  So I shut my mouth (although I wanted to smash his at this point!) & l let him drive where ever he thought was best.  We did eventually (with a lot of luck) find our way back, after stopping for gas & asking for directions! lol.

It seems that we always have at least ONE MAJOR BLOWUP from my sweetheart, every trip!  But I do love him, & I have to keep reminding myself this until he comes out of his rage.  So we finally made it back to our familiar territory & all was good again!  We then went to a nice restaurant for dinner on our way back to the Resort

Sometime after we left Provincetown, but before the big blow up, I finally managed to reach my friend by phone today!  My cell phone battery had died shortly after we arrived in Cape Cod & I was unable to find my charger while packing, so all I had was my car charger!  So it took driving all over yesterday to charge it up so I could use it again, but she was working by then, so I had to wait until this afternoon to call her.  Then, when ever I did try to call, we didn't have any service!  Or I would have service & start the call, then it would drop my call!  UGH!!  Sometimes I hate T-Mobile.  What a pain in the a$$!  But I finally reached her & all is well.  We will see her Saturday when we drive up to New Hampshire where she lives.  Well, I guess I have said more than I needed to for today.  So I guess I will just say,

Aloha Everyone!


The Dash! said...

Sounds like you having a lot of fun - I'm envious lol Holidays are just wonderful!!

The blow up with the hubby thing... I remember those days. Thankfully we are pretty much over them..yay lol

Robyn said...

Walt's a lucky man. Unlike you were able to, I can never keep my mouth shut and would have tried to give him directions the entire way home!