Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Bad!!

Hey Y'all,

My husband complimented me on the selection of photos that I put in my blog, but he wanted to make sure I corrected the information I gave regarding the Mayflower II.  I didn't realize that the ship was positioned where the Bow was facing the land.  I assumed that it was the Stern!  Now, I do know the difference between the Bow & the Stern, if only I had looked more closely! LOL.  Am I redder than normal?  Well, I should be at any rate!

Now, I am also going to say that my first day on the Pre-Op Diet wasn't my best.  I didn't even have my first drink until about 3pm when I made my first Protein Drink (& that was only after my husband got on to me about not eating or drinking correctly).  Luckily for me (as I do not do well with drinks that don't taste very good (think gagging & throwing up)), I remembered reading on one of the blogs I follow that she found a powdered Protein drink mix called Premium that you can purchase in Costco that actually tasted good. 

So I high tailed it to Costco & bought my first bag of mix.  It is a 6 lb bag, makes 70 servings & only costs $28.99 (about half the cost & made twice as much as the Protein Drink mix being sold by the Surgeons office)!!  I haven't tasted the Vanilla, but the Chocolate actually doesn't taste bad (of course, I mixed it with fat free milk instead of water to thicken it a bit)(we'll see how much I continue to like it after having to drink it for at least 3 wks!).  So, my day started out bad as far a dieting goes.  I obviously didn't follow it completely, I only had one of the 300 cal or less meals, & only 2 of the shakes with a string cheese, but at least my calorie count was within the correct range.   

I also forgot to make sure that I still had a pitcher, to make my sugar free Kool-Aid, for my water intake.  I wasn't able to find the pitcher, by the way.  Now, I don't drink coffee or tea.  The only thing I normally drink is Caffeine Free Diet Coke.  So I have to find a substitute for my water intake, hence the Kool-Aid.  I also don't drink water much, duh!  However, we will be putting in a water filtration so we can get some good tasting water, but until then, I HAVE to down my water with Kool-Aid for sure. 

So, I had to make a special run to our local CVS (Long's) Drug Store to purchase the stupid pitcher.  So, I know I was bad, bad, bad today, but I will start & follow my diet religiously beginning tomorrow.  I will also be taking photos, measurements & checking my weight tomorrow so I have a good idea of the changes I will be going through.  So until tomorrow.

Aloha My Friends


The Dash! said...

Great idea doing your measurements.. wish I had thought to. Also great news you found a drink you can get down easy enough.. I think thats half the battle most of the time. Good luck with it!!

Robyn said...

I also nearly throw up when I drink protien drinks, but I've been drinking several a day for the last week, so I know you can do it too! I find that plugging my nose and chugging it as fast as possible does the trick for me. Then I have to drink water to make sure there is no remnants left in my mouth before I unplug my nose. It works, I haven't thrown one up yet (although I've come close)!