Saturday, October 10, 2009

Were Here In Cape Cod!!

Hey Y'all,

Well, we finally made it here last night.  The trip took us about 18 hours from the time we arrived at our starting point airport to when we arrived at our final destination, Cape Cod!  We were in 3 different planes during the trip with 2 layovers.  The longest being 5 hours and the shorter layover only being 3 hours!

The first leg of our trip, I was seated next to a woman who was even bigger than I am, who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and was in major pain the whole trip!  So I felt really bad for her as the seats were sooo close, we became very intimate!  She slept most of the flight and was taking part of my space as well as hers, so I had to lean into my husband the whole trip, causing my rib cage on the left side to hurt like hell, and it hurt the whole trip.  In fact, it still hurts today!  Because we had such a horrible flight, we decided to check on the availability of First Class seats to upgrade to on the flight to Boston (we were desperate for space).  So by the time we arrived in Houston at about 5 am, I was in major pain and apparently, looked like I was in pain as well.

At the Houston airport I asked the first employee that came on duty (that's how early we got there, the place was empty and silent), if there were any First Class seats available, and if so, how much it would cost to upgrade.  Unfortunately, that flight was totally booked as well.  But she apparently felt bad for me (I had my walker with me and I must have looked pathetic, besides the fact that we were willing to pay additional for a better seat) and she made arrangements without telling us until she had done it, for us to sit in the first row of the cheap seats, of all 3 of our flights returning home so I would be able to board easily and not have to walk to the rear of the airplane's as all of our seats were in the rear! 

She said she would have moved us on the flight from Houston to Boston if she could have, but since it was fully booked, she couldn't.  So amazingly, what she did, was actually have us board the plane before the First Class people (talk about dirty looks from the 1st class people) so that we wouldn't have to pass a lot of people already seated, giving us more time to get to our seats and to put our stuff away (also, it gave us the time needed to put my walker at the end of the gangway for them to stow away during the flight). 

Wouldn't you consider that above and beyond?  Especially since we didn't request special assistance other than to attempt to upgrade to a better seat.  So, if our better seats actually do come through as she said, I will definitely be sending an e-mail to her supervisor praising her service above and beyond!

So, other than the fact that it took us so long to get here, we are happy the trip here is over.  Now we have to go to Walmart and purchase some supplies for breakfasts and lunches to save some money (we are in a Timeshare type of Resort), not to mention some snacks! lol.  All in all, I was up just a little over 36 hours!  Boy does my body feel it!!!  Well, I better go for now, lots of things to see and do and my sweetheart is hungry! 

Aloha Everyone!

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The Dash! said...

Wow.. what a great lady... it's so nice when someone does something nice for someone else just because she can. She needs a big hug for her thoughtfulness (well a mental one anyway!)
Sounds like a long drawn out trip - but now you are there.. ENJOY!! Have the best time and see you when you get back.