Monday, October 19, 2009

We Don't Want To Go Home!!

Hey Y'all,

Well, today was our last day here, & it was a perfectly beautiful day!!  The temperature made it up to 55 degrees & no clouds what so ever.  Tomorrow is supposed to be just as perfect, wouldn't you know.  Unfortunately, we leave tomorrow morning after breakfast!  :(  Today, we drove around the local area & took pictures.  We stopped at a local hot dog truck & had some really good hot dogs & chili!  Yum!  After spending the day driving around, we spent the late afternoon & evening at Rick & Kelly's just having a great time! 

In fact, while Kelly was getting dinner ready, Rick was gracious enough to work on his latest painting for me so that I could watch his technique.  Not that I need any help at all!!!  LOL.  Truthfully, I could use all the help I can get!  He saw that we loved so many of his paintings, so he gave us 3 of his Watercolors & 1 of his miniature paintings that was done entirely without a paint brush! 

Then, we had to come back to our B&B so I could pack for our return trip tomorrow, BOO HOO :(  By the time we get home, we will have either been sitting in an Airplane or an Airport for about 14 hrs or so.  Luckily, our layovers won't be as long going home & our return trip will be about 5 hrs faster!  Well, I am tired & need to get to sleep, so good night everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend!

Till Next Time,
Aloha My Friends  :o)


Gen said...

Hot dogs and chili sounds so good right now! Have a great trip home.

Debi said...

Thanks Gen, we just got home a short time ago! It is now 1:30 am & we have been up since 5am !