Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day Of Keene Pumpkin Festival :o)

Hey Y'all,

First off, it was supposed to be a really cold day today, but it turned out picture perfect like we hoped it would for the festival!  Today, we started out by walking across the street from our B&B to the local Ocean Bank to view 11 of Rick's paintings that were on show there.  Then we met Rick, Kelly & their son David & began walking the one block to the center of town where they had all the pumpkins setup.  People were still bringing in pumpkins all day long!  The official count was to begin at 8 pm tonight in hopes that they would win the title back from Boston for the most carved/lit pumpkins in one area!  Their best count to date was just under 29,000!  So hopefully they made it back into the Guinness Book of World Records this year.

We walked around checking out the pumpkins & ate a nice lunch from one of the stalls set up to sell food for charity, etc.  I had a pulled pork sandwich (yum)!  Then after walking around for a couple of hours, we walked to Rick & Kelly's house which was only about 5 blocks away.  Where she prepared some fantastic, home made Chili & the best French Onion Soup ever!  It was sooo good, but (TMI FOLK'S, don't read further if you are squeamish) I have had one continual BM ever since it seems!  LOL  But it was worth it!

Now that I think of it, I am not sure why, but late, late last night, I was having trouble going to sleep because my stomach didn't feel right.  I wasn't in pain so much.  I just wasn't able to put my finger on why it was bothering me.  Then, all of a sudden, I realized that I felt like I was going to have to throw up!  I haven't thrown up in years (ugh!). 

So I quickly removed my Bi Pap Machine Mask & ran into the bathroom...I got myself in the position...waited & waited...FINALLY, it started to feel like something was going to come up...I began retching, but it was only a dry heave (the worst kind in my book).  This happened for about 5 minutes, then, as quickly as it came on, my stomach felt much better (even though nothing ever came out!!!) & I was able to go back to bed & actually fall asleep!!  What do you make of that?  I have never felt this way, only to feel better just by attempting to Throw Up!

Anyway, sorry that I got off my chain of thought!  While we were at their house, Rick was showing me his fantastic paintings!  He paints in Oil, Acrylics & Watercolors.  Can you believe this?  One of his paintings is in the Library of Congress!!!  He has a copy of it in his living room.  He also does stone etchings, like on granite for grave stones, etc.  He has done some fantastic stones with the persons portrait etched on it!  He is really, really good.  So I listened intently, when he was giving me advise on how to work with the oils in my painting.  It really is too bad that they weren't able to make it to Cape Cod with us, he was planning on painting with me & giving me some first hand advise.  Oh well, maybe another trip!

Well, I better get off for now.  I think that I have pretty much turned everyone off by now!  LOL  Tomorrow, we are going apple picking!!!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :o)

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