Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Time To Go :o(

Hey Y'all,

Well, today we mostly got ourselves ready to go on to New Hampshire for the last 5 days of our trip.  We will miss Cape Cod, it has been beautiful here.  We went to the local laundromat to do our laundry so we have clean clothes to finish the trip out.  For our flight from California, we didn't want to check in more than 1 bag each, since the Airline charges for EVERY bag checked!!  Because of this, I only packed enough for a week, so we needed to wash them to reuse for the 2nd part of the trip.

Having our own washer & dryer at home, I have become so unaware of how expensive it is to use a laundromat.  To wash & dry 4 loads of clothes, it cost us $17!!!  Maybe it is just this expensive here.  I remember it costing me about $10 to wash & dry about 6 loads back home.  Of course, that was 10 yrs ago! LOL.  I couldn't believe how expensive it is.  But it would have cost more to have someone else do it for us.  So we spent about 1 1/2 hrs doing the laundry.  Then we went souvenir shopping!  We bought everything we needed for Christmas presents!  Now I only have to wrap them!  So that basically took the rest of the afternoon!  Then we went to dinner once we returned to the resort & dropped off the goods!

So now I have to repack everything for our trip up to New Hampshire.  It will be a lot easier to pack for this leg of the trip.  I just hope the snow holds out until we get there!  We do not have a 4 wheel drive vehicle or chains!  I hate to have to buy chains for a rental car.  So please cross your fingers for us.  I got everything except the leaves my grand children asked for.  We are hoping to be able to stop along the way & find some that have fallen from the trees that are still in good shape & color.  Well, I guess I better get off for now, not too much to report for today.

Till Next Time,
Aloha Friends  :o)


Amy W. said...

Hi Debi! Thank you for your comment and bless your husbands heart for thinking I am 5'6. You win...I am a tall, lenghty, 5'4"! HAHA, everything on my is stubby!

Debi said...

Thanks Amy! I figured that you were close to my height, but Walt was sure you were taller! He said that you look like you weight much less than you do for your height!

I'm lucky (or cursed which ever you consider it) in that I carry most of my weight in my belly, chest & arms. So most people can't believe it when I tell them that I weight 228 lbs. But I sure do feel it.

Anyway, thank you for replying! :o)