Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still Waiting!! =:(

Sorry Guys,

I am still waiting to hear back from the Surgery Scheduler.  As soon as I hear from her & I have a date, I will post it!!!  In the meantime, we are leaving tomorrow for our vacation to New England!!  Yea! =:)

Aloha! :)


The Dash! said...

Pfft - why don't things move ahead like they should. Slackers!

Have a good vacation.. lucky girl!

Debi said...

Thanks, we need the vacation. We haven't been on one in 2 yrs! We went to Mazatlan with friends & feel in love with it there! Unfortunately, the food was sooo good, that I gained about 10 lbs just on that vacation! lol.

Anyway, I will put in another call in the morning to the Surgery scheduler, as we don't actually leave until almost midnight tomorrow, so there is still hope I can make the arrangements before we leave! My luck, she will try to call while we are on one of our 3 legs of the trip & unable to take calls!!