Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Can't Be True !

Hey Y'all,

I just stepped on the ole scale, to see what my current weight is & I couldn't believe it!  It says 221.4!  At my first Consultation with the Surgeon on August 28th, I weighted 228.6, & at the Doctor's Office on Tuesday, I weighted 226.8 in their office.  Unfortunately, I didn't weight myself after I got home (silly me), to see if my scale is still reading close to theirs. 

Yesterday was the first day that I (kind of) started my diet, so I wasn't expecting to see much change.  I hope this is for real!!!  I had bought a new scale in August & at that time, it was reading about the same as the Doctor's, so I really hope this is for real!!  If it is, then I have lost 7.2 lbs since August 28th without really trying & possibly 5.4 lbs since Tuesday!  I hope the next 80-100 lbs goes as easily (it won't!).  Anyway, I'm sorry that I was rambling on like this, I am just sooo happy!

Today, I had my husband take my measurements for me.  So here they are (measurements are in inches for those of you who are checking in from out of the US).

Measurement under Breasts:
Upper Arms:        
Rt: 17    Lt: 17 1/2
Rt: 12    Lt: 11 1/2

Upper Thigh: 
Rt: 27 1/2    Lt: 26 1/2
Rt: 16 1/2   Lt: 16 1/2
Rt: 9   Lt: 10

Now for the scary pictures!  Here are my official Pre-Surgery photos.
The dreaded full frontal.

The even worse, side view!!  The Doctor said that I am a true apple shape, I carry most of my weight in my belly & chest.

My husband had something to say about my behind, but I better not post it!!  LOL.

Who needs wings with arms like these?

Well, I guess I will get off for now, except to say:

It's, 21 days until Surgery!!
Aloha My Friends


stardustic said...

Wow Debi, great job! I am very happy for you. Keep up the good work.

The pictures are great... unfortunately I forgot real pre-surgery pictures. Will take some this weekend.

The Dash! said...

Whooo! I knew the liquid diet would kick butt if you stuck to it. You are doing brilliantly!!
Come on down three weeks... hope it goes fast for you!!!

Debi said...

Thanks guys! Except for having to drink so much, so far the diet is going fine. In fact, I have to force myself to drink or eat as I am not hungry for some reason! I am assuming that this will not be the case, once I start the 2 wk all liquid diet next week!

Gen said...

It is for real! That weight loss counts. You are doing a great job. Good job with the before pics too!

Debi said...

Thanks Gen, my husband took them, I need to have him take them a bit more close up next time though, for better view of the flab!! My daughter couldn't understand why I would put before pictures on. I told her so that later, when I can put some pictures up for comparison, it looks good when you can see the differences. She said, "oh, I get it!".