Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Almost Forgot!!

Hey Y'all,

I almost forgot!  I spoke with my other BFF, Nadene today.  She is my friend that lives up in Truckee & I almost had to stay the night with her last night on my way back home from Reno.  It's a good thing that I didn't stay with her though.  According to Nadene, the storm worsened overnight & I would have had to drive home through the snow.  I am in my little car with no snow tires or chains, not our huge Dodge Diesel 4x4, that could have made it easily!!  So that made me happy that I had made the right decision.  I was sooo tempted just to stay there & have a good talk with her for the day.

But, the funny thing is.  She asked me when my Surgery was scheduled for, as she is going to be in Reno on Wednesday, November 18th for a work meeting.  When I told her we were driving up that day too, as my Pre-Surgery Doctor's visit was the 18th & my Surgery is scheduled for the 19th, she was thrilled!  She decided to stay the night there in Reno so she can have dinner with us.

Now I have a huge question for all you seasoned Bander's.  Since I am going to have lost all the Pre-Surgery weight I am going to lose by then, do you think it will be ok for me to have an early, lite dinner with them?  Or should I ask the Doctor?  I am supposed to be on a total liquid diet the last 2 wks, but the information they provided, says that on the last day before surgery, I am not to eat or drink after Midnight.

Has anyone else eaten an early, lite dinner the night before their surgery?  I know that at least 1 of the blogger's that I read, did.  But I am not sure how common this is.  So I would like to hear from those of you who have already been banded, your thoughts on this, please.

Aloha My Friends

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