Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh No! It's Coming Soon!

Warning!!  Warning!!  This post may be upsetting to some & I want to apologize up front if it does.  This post is about those who have never acknowledged that it is their actions or lack there of that cause their weight loss problems to continue even after being banded.  This is not a post against those (the majority) who do follow the rules, only to occasionally stray, as we all do from time to time.  So if you get upset easily, you may not want to read this particular post as I am going to voice my opinion of why some bandsters haven't lost weight.

I was just sitting here this morning & thinking about my upcoming Surgery.  While thinking (& yes, it did hurt to think! :)), I realized that my Surgery date is only 36 days away!  I am both excited & terrified.  On the one hand, I know that it is the best thing I could do for myself.  On the other hand, by doing this Surgery, I will forever be changing my life, & my way of eating.  That is, if I truly want to change my outward appearance.  I could of course, be like some & say that the band didn't work for them & give up.  I have read a few blogs where the person did not change the way they ate or drank & continued to wonder why they were not losing weight!  I mean seriously still eating the same as before!

Well, if you don't cut your calories down drastically, or limit drinking the high calorie beers, wines & sodas, then, you won't lose weight!  This is something that we as a group, (especially me) has to deal with.  We have to make the sacrifices early on, in order to lose weight.  After we have lost the weight, or at least have been at this a while & have figured out the ins & outs of our new tool & how we (individually) lose with it.  Then we can add back in some of our favorite things, in modest quantities of course, that would normally be considered no no's in the beginning.

But if we think that the band is an easy way to lose the weight & the band will do it all for us & we don't have to change our life in any way, then we are just kidding ourselves, & we will not lose weight.  The band is just our new tool, & we have to work hard to make it work for us.  This is what I too, have to come to terms with.  I must lower my food intake drastically in order to achieve my weight loss goal.  It just irks me when I read certain blogs & they were crying foul about not losing the weight, when they hadn't changed their eating/drinking habits!!!  Which is why I stopped following them.  It made me too upset that they blamed the band for not working, when in all honesty, they didn't follow the rules of the new tool!!  Ok, I will get off my soap box now.

Has anyone else had these similar thoughts?  Or am I the only one to get upset about it?  This is why I am really going to try to stay away from the foods that I know I can't have.  My biggest vise will be sweets & my Caffeine Free Diet Coke!  I will have to go from drinking Diet Coke to Water!!!  But from reading everyone's blogs, it appears that for most of you, once you have been on the diet for awhile, you really don't miss or like the old soda anymore!  I am hoping that my tastes will change for the better & I will lose the cravings for the bad things.

Till later,
Aloha Everyone
( P.S.) I hope I haven't lost any followers because of my tirade today!


DawnB said...

I agree completely. I read posts on LBT where people SWEAR they follow the rules and do not lose weight - well that's just impossible!

Debi said...

Thanks Dawn, I was so worried that I came off too confrontational or accusatory. When I just wanted to vent that (a few) bandsters, not (the majority) think that the band is the answer to their problems & they don't have to change their diet or exercise at all! Then complain that it didn't work for them.

They are the one's that my Surgeon said needs the Bypass Surgery as the Band will not work for them.

Anyway, sorry, I went off on a tangent again! I appreciate your understanding what my message was.

Gen said...

Sing it Sista! All true. But I am not really bothered by anyone who does not change - that is just their problem, and hopefully they will figure it out one day. It is HARD to change old habits, and some of us just take longer to figure this out.

I probably could have lost more by now if I did everything 100% right, but that is totally unrealistic (at least for me). I am just aimimg for doing the right thing 90-95% of the time.

By the way, this is how naturally thin people act. They eat reasonably and exercise the majority of the time. They also eat cake and nachos once in a while, and they skip a few workouts. But they (mostly) stay thin because they are doing things right 90-95% of the time!

The Dash! said...

I think Gen pretty much summed it up, Deb. I too am working on the 90-95 percent rule as it's just too hard to give 100 percent all the time and this is working for me. 22 kilos down and feeling fantastic.

I do agree with you in some way though. For people NOT to lose weight when banded they really must take a good hard look at what they are doing and figure out something is not right. I heard this story about a girl of 23 and it stuck with me (from my doc at my first appt.) He told she came in for an appt. once, about a year after she had been banded upset because the band had been a big mistake and she had only lost about four kilos and he was to blame, blah blah blah. So they went through her history. She had lost about five kilos in 12 months..turns out this silly girl had been drinking 1-2 large choc milks every single day. And she wonders why she didnt lose.
lol Some people!!

Robyn said...

I've also read a few blogs where I kind of shake my head. We all know why they aren't losing weight, but something must be going on with them where they can't make the changes necessary to make it work. I can think of one blog in particular where I'm regularly reminded of how unhappy and unsupported this woman seems, so I'm not surprised she turns to food for comfort. It makes me feel bad for her more than anything.

Debi said...

Thanks everyone, I agree totally. I know that for any of us to think we will be 100% on the ball, 100% of the time is just ludicrous, but, I know that if we don't at least try to follow the diet at least 90% of the time, it will take years! Which I am not prepared to spend on a strict diet. I am hoping to get to my goal weight within a year to a year & a half at most. But I do expect that I too will probably fit somewhere in the 90-95% as well. No one is perfect, or we wouldn't be in this boat! lol

Dinnerland said...

I don't have the band yet, but I agree with you! Of course you need to change to lose weight... and I agree with the concept that a little treat here and there will be OK, if the overall movement is towards much smaller portions and following the rules that you need with the band.