Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Apple Picking Time!!

Hey Y'all,

Well today, after eating breakfast, the five of us (Walt & I, Rick, Kelly & David) drove into Vermont to go apple picking!  I didn't realize that it was ok to eat some from the different trees.  So we ate some from each different type of tree to see which ones we liked best.  The McIntosh was the best by far!!  At least for us, as we like the sweet ones. :)  Did I mention that after eating breakfast & the apples, we were stuffed?

It drizzled on us most of the day, but it was still fun, at least it wasn't a hard rain like we were expecting.  Once we filled our bags full & left, we drove the scenic route back to New Hampshire for Walt & I to see.  It is breathtakingly beautiful here!  I really have enjoyed seeing Kelly & Rick again & I will totally miss them when we have to go!  :(  I could learn sooo much from Rick in painting!  Who knows, given time, he might have been able to show me how he does Watercolor painting!  It is a totally different painting medium that takes practice to do well.  I just haven't given it much time.  Maybe some day I will try it again.

Anyway, after returning to Rick & Kelly's to warm up, we treated them to Dinner, in thanks for spending so much time with us on their day's off.  I know Kelly will be exhausted after trying to keep us entertained everyday, then have to go back to her swing shift job the day we leave, but I have really missed her & am cherishing every minute we can spend together. 

Tomorrow, we will go over to their house for lunch, then we will take another drive to a really beautiful place for some pictures, then back to their house for some more talking & dinner.  Then, I have to repack our bags to go home the next day!!!  Boo Hoo :(  If Walt didn't have to work & we didn't have family back in California, we might just stay here!  Anyway, we can dream can't we?

Oh, by the way, they missed the Pumpkin record by only 700 pumkins!!  So close.  It isn't fair, Keene, NH has such a small population compared to Boston.  They barely stand a chance now that the big city is in the running!  But they almost did it again!!!  Well, I better go for now.  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


The Dash! said...

You sound like you're having lots of fun! lol I love picking apples straight off the tree to eat them.. nothing like it.

Debi said...

Yes, it was fun, I had never picked them straight off the tree before. And the rain washed them for us! They were so sweet!