Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eighteen And Counting!! :)

Hey Y'all,

Just wanted to say hi & that it is now only 18 days until LB Day!  So far I am doing fine on the Pre-Op Diet, we'll see how it goes next week when I go to full liquids.

Right now I have been visiting with my other BFF.  I only have two & I don't get to see either one as often as I would like as they both live a distance away from me.  But she is here spending the weekend with us & that is great.  She has told me she is trying to decide if she wants to move back to where she grew up to be closer to her mom.  I hate to see her go, but, I do understand & I think that this may be the best thing for her right now.

Well, it is getting late, I should go to bed.  Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!
Aloha My Friends

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