Thursday, November 19, 2009

A New Beginning :)


The surgery went very well. We got to the hospital a little before 6 am. Deb went back to the surgery room a little before 8 (surgery was schedule for 7:30 am - 9:00 am) and got out a little after 9 am into recovery. I wasn't able to join her in recovery. She was moved to a room around 11:30 am. This was originally going to be handled as an outpatient procedure. However, the surgeon after consultation with the anesthesiologist decided that because of the severity of her sleep apnea she should stay overnight in the hospital for observation (the concern is that the drugs used to suppress pain also tend to slow other bodily functions, such as respiration). Deb had the drink test about 4 pm and everything was fine. That wasn't a big surprise: she a had consumed several small cups of ice chips, drank a dose of liquid vicodin, and used the facilities several times prior to the drink test.

After getting back to her room from the drink test she was able to eat. When I left (I am going back: I have to bring her by-pap machine to her, since we were not originally planning on her staying overnight in the hospital) she was working on chicken broth, water (flavored with lemonade stuff, Crystal Light I think), and probably jello.

A dose of the liquid vicodin intially makes her pretty sleepy and she dozes off. When she is sleeping her oxygen level (without the machine) drops to a level that the little oxygen monitor doesn't like and it starts screaming. So she has an oxygen hook-up as well. The nurses said they will try her by-pap mahicne without any oxygen assist to begin with. If her oxygen levels don't look good with just the by-pap machine they will add oxygen to the air supply provided by the machine, so she will have enough oxygen one way or the other. The one hookup she likes is the lower leg massage and wants to take that home.

She wanted all her supporters to get an update and not have to wait until tomorrow when she gets back to the hotel room. I have tried to provide enough information to let you know how Deb is doing. She will undoubtedly have more to say when she is able to get to the computer along with pictures eventually. On a personal note from me: I appreciate all the support she has received from all of you. It has helped tremendously, thank you.

Have fun,



The Dash! said...

lol I thought Debi was talking about another friend Deb, who had been banded that day too until I twigged. So glad she came through ok, look after her well, she'll need it. Thanks for the update, Walt :)

DawnB said...

So glad Debi is doing well - Thanks for the update Walt! That was very nice of you.

Robyn said...

Nice to hear from you Walt. So glad the surgery went well, can't wait to hear from her when she's up to it.

Nessa said...

Way to go, Debi!! Thanks for the post, how wonderful to have you there to share and let us know she's doing ok. Prayers for quick recovery and a good nights sleep. Now the real fun begins!!

Debi said...

Thanks guys, I am back in the Hotel now, we are going to eat again! I will post after we return. Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers.

The Former Fat Girl said...

Debi I just found your blog and wanted to say Congrats!! This is the best decision ever..look forward to seeing you shrink !!