Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do You Have To Deal With This Too???

Hey Y'all,

You are not going to believe what my DH just said to me!  Or maybe you will!!  LOL  He called out my name from the bathroom, asking me if we had anymore tooth paste.  I asked him if he had looked in the cabinet under the sinks.  He replied, "no, it isn't my job to look for things, just to use them up & whine until you eventually replace them"!!!  And he wonders why nothing seems to get done around here!!  LOL.  So I'm curious, any others have the same problem?

And, by the way, I am sorry that I have posted sooo many posts today!!  But things happen that I don't want to wait to write about, as I WILL FORGET IT!!

Aloha My Friends  :)


Gen said...

Oh totally my husband too. And then I have to hear about it when I fail to read his mind about picking up more floss or deodorant or whatever at the store. Like I am supposed to automatically know. My husband does NO shopping whatsoever, it is all on me. I get sick of it. But love him anyway.

Debi said...

I know!! I will be going to Costco or some place & ask him specifically, do you need anything from there? He will say, "no, I can't think of anything". Then, a few days later (if I am lucky), he will say, oh by the way, I need ..... UGH!! I was just there! Now I have to drive back & battle the crowds again? LOL