Monday, November 9, 2009

The Dash Inspired Me!!

Hey Y'all,

Well, if you haven't read The Dash's blog today, you must!!  Her story is hilarious & embarrassing & yet she still found the courage to tell something really embarrassing to potentially thousands if not millions of people!!  Maybe not millions or thousands, but you get the drift I'm sure.  Well, since she told us her most embarrassing moment, I will tell you mine.  Unfortunately, I have not one, but 2 most embarrassing moments that deal with swimming pools!!

My first embarrassing moment, was while I was still in High School in So California.  At that time, I was in the best shape of my life (between 98-100 lbs)(thank GOD!!), but that still didn't help the embarrassment.  Every Friday, during our PE Class, we had open swim day.  I loved swimming & I looked forward to this every week.  I had my teeny weeny polka dot bikini on (no joke, red, white & blue at that).  I went to the lower of the three diving boards & dived in.

Unfortunately, I clipped the water just perfect.  As soon as I did, I realized that my bikini bottoms were pulled straight down.  The only thing that kept them from being pulled totally off my legs & down to the bottom of the 12-15 (I don't remember which it was) foot depth, was I closed my legs immediately & they stayed at my feet!!!  Let me tell you, I didn't come up until I had them pulled totally up.

When I came out of the water, any hope that no one had noticed was immediately destroyed when one of the young boys was right there hoping to help me out of the water!!  And everyone else watching as well.  Well, I can tell you that I NEVER dove in the pool there again!!  I stayed in the shallow pool instead!  LOL

My second most embarrassing time was probably the worst though.  It was summer & extremely hot that day.  I had went to visit my mom with my daughter to get out of our house that had no air conditioning.  They had friends, Nikko & Ina, visiting from Holland who wanted me to go swimming with them in my parents pool.  I didn't have my swim suit with me, but my mom lent me hers.  Well, even after pregnancy, my mom was more well endowed than I was, but it didn't fit tooo bad.

So I go out to the pool.  My Aunt was there as well & said, "why don't you dive in so Nikko could get you diving in with his video camera?".  So I said sure.  I dove in & swam all the way across the pool to the shallow end before coming up.  When I did, I was smiling & so was Nikko (who was still filming my exhibition)!!  My Aunt was standing behind him making funny faces & motions trying to get me to look down.  After a few seconds, when I finally did, I realized that one of my boobs had completely come out of the swimsuit!!

Now, as people from Europe, Nikko & his wife Ina, didn't think anything of nudity, but let me tell you, I turned around & swam all the way back to the deep end & stayed there as RED as I could be!!  I am not an exhibitionist.  The worst though, was a year later.  My parents went to Europe to visit with Nikko & Ina.  Nikko thought it would be nice to show his home movies.  You guessed it I am sure, I was in one of them & my dad was NOT happy!!  According to my mom, he was more embarrassed than I was!!

So, does anyone else have any embarrassing pool stories to tell?  LOL

Aloha My Friends  :)


The Dash! said...

lol. Ouch your experiences might even be one step up from what happened to me - but flesh baring or not - no matter what age we both got caught! We can laugh about it now (and yeah, I think it might be a while before I go back to the Aquajetty lol)

Debi said...

I know! I never dived in the diving pool again, & I never went swimming with Nikko & Ina ever again either!! LOL