Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Quick Shout Out To Nad & Yana!! =:o)

Hey Y'all,

I just logged in & found that I had two new follower's, Nad & Yana.  I just wanted to say welcome to my world.  So thanks for following & good luck in your journey to Lap Band & beyond!

By the way, Nad, you really through me for a loop!  I didn't realize who you were at first!  Thanks for following me, I will always follow you.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Reg Reagan said...


Getting close my friend! You have made the right choice.... I hope the remaining days fly and your lapband is fitted as I am sure it and you will be very successful!

Reg Reagan xxxx

Debi said...

Thanks Reg! Can't wait, but also terrified!

meandmygizmo said...

Hey Debi! Got your comment today. It was deleted when I was able to post my comment onto Sally's blog and I deleted the post... Anyways, I see you are about to go for surgery! Yeah! I suggest taking a little pillow to hold over your stomach ~ something to clutch if you need to cough and also good barrier between your stomach and the seat belt. I'm excited for you! ;-)

Debi said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion. If we do end up taking my husbands truck, I think I will take a LOT of pillows! LOL I may have to lay my seat back as far as I can & lay on pillows to cushion the bouncing, not to mention the pillow over my stomach as you suggested!!