Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Only 15 Days Till LB Day!! :)

Hey Y'all,

It's 15 days & counting!

Not much happening here except the Pre-Op diet & my pulling our tax information together.  The diet is going well, so long as my husband doesn't cook here at the house.  Then I smell it & want to eat too.  I have only lost another .6 lbs so far, but with the liquid portion of the diet to begin tomorrow & last through the last 2 wks, I am hoping that I will lose at least another 5 lbs by then!!

By the way, if anyone is reading this that is a Pre-Bander & hasn't started their Pre-Op Diet yet & wants to know of a good Protein Drink.  I have been drinking a great one.  It is called Premium Pro Rated, it has 26 grams of Protein, & is only 160 calories per serving, IF you use water.  I was using Non Fat Milk which made it 250 calories, but decided to cut it back to 1/2 c NF Milk & 1/2 c water, making it 205 calories per serving.  For the last 2 wks, I am planning to cut it down to 1/4 c Milk & 3/4 c Water making it 182.5 calories per serving to keep my calories below 1000 with the added veggies allowed (so long as the taste is still good). 

Anyhoo, I purchased this Drink at Costco for only $28.99 & it has 70 servings in it!!!  The Protein drink that the Surgeon is selling is over $50 per container & only has about 25 servings!  At the Steps 2 Success Class that we were required to attend, my husband asked the PA if he thought this drink from Costco was comparable to the drink they were selling, & after reading the label, he said yes, it would do fine!!  So, lets seeee, $50 for less than 30 servings (& nasty tasting as well) vs $28.99 for 70 servings (& great tasting), duh!!  OH & DID I MENTION THAT IT TASTES GOOD TOO???  Here are some not too great photos of the product that I took at Costco.  They thought I was nuts, taking photos of the bag there (it was before I actually bought it, so we could compare products, etc.).

This shows the website on it at the top if anyone wants to look up the company & product information.

Have you ever had someone who likes to come in while you are blogging & begin to read while you are still typing?  My husband just did it & he knows that it bothers the s--t out of me!!  I looked at him & asked him, couldn't he just wait to read it, after I am finished?  (he knows my blog address & reads it daily)  He said, "of course I could, I just like to come in & irritate you"!!  And he is sooo good at it!  But, he loves me more than I could hope for, so I put up with his idiosyncrasies.  LOL.  Well, I guess I better go for now, lots to do!!

Aloha My Friends  :) 


The Dash! said...

OOOH my MOTH does that too : I'm halfway through writing and there he is reading over my shoulder. I have the same reaction.. do you think you could wait? Hmmm? lol.
Doing well on the liquid diet. Can't believe it's only 15 days left.. that went so fast ... and the last two weeks are going to fly by. Now we begin the countdown.

Debi said...

Thanks Cara, yes, it is going very fast. So far so good. I can drink the Protein shakes fine, but I am sure that after a couple of days of nothing but them & a bit of veggies, I will be sick of them!! Right now, they are ok, since I can add a few other items. Glad to know that my DH isn't the only one who does this!!

Robyn said...

Glad you found a shake you like. My surgeon didn't give me any options, so I had to endure the nasty stuff. These last days before your surgery are going to fly by and you'll be banded before you know it!

Debi said...

My Surgeon didn't give any options either, they just assumed that we would purchase their product! So, when I saw a post on another blogger's page, saying that she had found this shake & actually liked it, I jumped at it.

So when we took in the information on it for comparison, they couldn't come up with a good reason to say no, it isn't comparable, other than to say, you must buy our product, which they didn't want to do, so I lucked out!!! :)