Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello New Follower's :) A Late Hello To 2 Other's :(

Just got back on the ole computer, & noticed I had some new follower's.  I like to say welcome to everyone, so...welcome to Nessa (Nessa In November), Linda O (Redoing Myself In Royal Oak), Shanazing (When Push Comes To Shove) & A Sunny 23 (unfortunately, I can't find your site, I would love to follow it).

Upon checking out my site, I appear to have missed welcoming a couple of follower's from wayyyy back.  So please forgive me, I would like to also welcome Stardustic & Myra (As My World Turns).

Gotta tell ya, it is getting harder to figure out who I am missing sometimes!!  But I asked for more follower's so I will continue to do my best to always welcome you.  And..."welcome to my nightmare".

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