Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Woo Hoo!! 8 Days & More Weight Loss :)

Hey Y'all,

Well, it is now 8 days & counting!  Yesterday, I went in for my Pre-Op Labs (EKG, Chest X-Ray & Blood Work) at the local Hospital.  It took over half the day as my Surgeon's office didn't put the Diagnostic Code on the lab slip!  So they refused to draw my Blood Work without it.  So, I had to wait at the Lab until the Dr's Office reopened from lunch in order to call in & get the STUPID  DIAGNOSTIC CODE NUMBER!!!  Anyway, I got it & they took my 6 vials of Blood.

DH if you are reading this, you can scroll down to the next paragraph!!  After leaving the Hospital, I drove to Sams Club to pick up some more Veggies & String Cheese.  Now comes the confession time.  Since I was out so long, & I hadn't had anything to eat or drink as yet, I started getting a bit light headed, which means that I needed to eat something soon!  So, I drove through McDonald's.  But...I managed to keep somewhat control over what I ordered.  I really wanted to order a whole meal, but I held back & only ordered a Fries or Soft Drink!!!  So, in my book, that is an accomplishment!!  It's funny, but the burger didn't taste the same to me.  It kind of tasted like a Bison Burger, or maybe it was the salt I was tasting, I'm not sure, but it definitely tasted different!

Anyway, once I returned home, I saw that our Palm Tree guy, Dan was here.  So I visited with him a bit before he had to leave.  So by this time, it was getting pretty late.  Since I had ate the burger, & I wasn't hungry, I decided to wait until dinner time to have my first shake.  I ended up having only 2 shakes, the burger, one helping of the veggies & one string cheese & THANK THE LORD, I LOST WEIGHT!!!  I was expecting to have gained!  I lost another .6 lbs!  I know it isn't much, but I will take it.  And for your information, my scale only shows increments of .2, so I could have lost .79 & it would only show .6, unfortunately.  So I have lost a total so far of 15 lbs, my current weight is 213.6.  I still have one week to try to lose another 3.6 lbs to make an even 210.0 by Surgery day.  I can dream can't I?

Well, I better go for now,  have a great Hump Day everyone!!

Aloha My Friends  :)


The Dash! said...

lol What is a hump day? And go you only ordering a cheeseburger.. minimal damage I would say. Far out and only 8 days left? That went fast - for me!!

Debi said...

Sorry! I forgot that you might not have heard this term. Here in the states, it is a term for the middle of the work week, for those of us that work Monday-Friday weeks!! So hump day means the week is half over.