Saturday, November 14, 2009

Down A Tad Bit More!!! :)

It's 5 days until Lap Band day!!  :)

Hey Y'all,

Happy Saturday everyone!!  Hope everyone has a great weekend planned & doesn't have to work.  I jumped on the ole scale just a few minutes ago & found that I lost another .6 lbs!  I know it isn't much, but, hey, I will take it!!  Here's hoping (imagine my fingers being crossed) that I can lose another 3 lbs by Wednesday when I see the Surgeon.  That would make me an even 210.0.

I've decided NOT to ask my Surgeon for permission about eating a REAL MEAL on Wednesday, the day before Surgery (if anyone has any comments, for or against this move, please let me know)!  We will have my appointment with the Surgeon at 1:15, then we will go to the Hotel/Casino & check in so we can drop off all our bags & all of my pillows (which I will need to be laying on in our truck for the return ride home), then I have to go to the Hospital to Pre-Register at 3:15.  Once we are done with that, we will go have an early dinner of my choice with our friend Nadene.  Then back to fluids only for the rest of the day!

Well, yesterday was One Of Those Days that most people HATE, since it lands on what most people consider an unlucky number.  How did everyone fare?  What is strange, is that my DH & I consider the number 13 to be a lucky number for us.  In fact, we were married on a Friday the 13th!!  LOL.  We have been married for 16 yrs (17 in April) & have been together for 18 yrs, still going strong, so I guess it is still a lucky number for us!!

Well, I guess I better go for now.  Got lot's to do & so little time to do it in.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Dinnerland said...

I agree with 'no last meal'-- and don't bother to ask your surgeon. It is likely you will get a negative answer like "Why would you want to do a thing like that, " or "NO!!!" from the doc.
Debi-- you will STLL be able to eat things you love after the lap band surgery-- don't look at this as the end, but the beginning.
I know I'm not banded yet, but I've been diving in and researching and reading and everything I understand tells me that things are pretty reversible and IN YOUR CONTROL. You don't need to take the lap band out to have your old eating back-- you just get unfilled.
But chances are, you won't want to... look at the blogs of the very experienced bandsters who have done well... they seem to really not WANT to go back.
Go with this change. You are going to be so happy and proud and feeling good. Having the 'last supper' would just be a step backwards right now.
Hope this helps.

Debi said...

Thanks, I needed that! I know it to be true, just wanted some real food as I have been on a pre-surgery diet for 3 wks now with very little food allowed! And the last 2 wks has been liquid only with a couple of servings of a veggie (I am not a vegetarian, nor could ever be!), so that means that I have been on liquids only with green beans everyday!!! I am sick of green beans! And I have 4 more days of them.

Gen said...

I am probably in the minority here, but I am totally in favor of the last supper. I just posted about this on Vanessa's blog. (Take a look).

I do not think it is that big of a deal. Have some food! I would suggest going low carb, though. (Maybe steak?) That way you will not gain water weight right before your surgery. (That water weight stays in your liver, which is what you do not want). Many bandsters only have to do low carb for their pre op diet and they do just fine.

No matter what you do, you will be on the banded side in a few short days! So excited for you!

Debi said...

Thanks Gen. That is what I was leaning towards. I was thinking either Spaghetti or Fillet Mignon with a great small salad. So, I agree that the low carb is probably better. So now I am leaning either towards the steak or a pulled pork sandwich (maybe sans the bread)! HA!

Gen said...

Debi, I just had a pulled pork sandwich sans bread last night - so good! But steak is a good choice too since you may not be able to have it again for a loooonnnng time! And a salad with some awesome dressing! Good idea. Wine too. Don't do the spaghetti (in my opinion) because it really could put a bunch of water weight right back on you. If you had more days before your surgery I would say eat whatever the hell you want!

Debi said...

Thanks Gen, I agree, I can have spaghetti or pulled pork anytime. But the steak is something that I do occasionally get a craving for & something that I can't eat for a while.

My problem is this, if I go for the steak, I have to have the baked potato. Now, I don't eat anything on it, except for butter (lots of butter), which is the problem. So, my DH says that maybe it would be ok if I limit my potato to 1/3, instead of a full one or a 1/2 of one. What are your thoughts on this?