Monday, November 2, 2009

I Was A Bad Girl :( 17 Days & Counting :)

Hey Y'all,

It's 17 days until LB Day!!

I was a bad girl over the weekend!  As I said in my post yesterday.  My friend from Truckee was visiting us over the weekend.  She found out Friday, that her A$$ of a boyfriend, was seeing another woman.  A very young woman.  My friend is only in her 30's, but the new girlfriend, is 24 yrs old!  The really pissy thing, is that he apparently was seeing this girl for about 6 months!  Allowing my friend to help take care of his young son (they live together), cook & clean the house & pay half of the bills!!  :(( 

But now that he wants to see this new girlfriend more often, he finally comes clean & tells her that he was seeing someone else & he wants her to move out asap!!  The a$$hole!! (envision a pitchfork stabbing him right about now).  Sorry, I just can't stand someone who would do this to my friend.  So she has made the decision to move back to where she grew up & where her family still is.  I will miss her as she is one of my best friends.  But I do understand & I think that this is probably the best move for her at this time, as the only thing keeping her here at this point is her job (with no benefits) & us.

Anyway, I digress.  Over the weekend, since we had company, my husband Walt barbecued a great piece of meat with corn on the cob & asparagus.  I am supposed to be on this strict diet.  This week on the diet, I am allowed one meal of 300 calories or less.  So I ate 3 oz of the meat & 3 oz of the corn after cutting it off of the cob.  This in itself wasn't too bad.  BUT, I only drank one of the shakes yesterday, & ended up eating one of the 290 calorie frozen dinners & 2 pieces of fruit as well!!  I did still drink all of my water for the day though.  This morning I stepped on the scale & I had gained .4 lbs!

So today, I am back on the diet 100%.  I will not deviate from it now.  Unless, on the last day, the Surgeon gives the go ahead to eat a small meal.  I have read in a few blogs that the blogger had eaten on the last day/night before surgery.  How many of you that are reading this did eat a last meal the day before their surgery?  Did it cause any problems?  If you did eat, was it approved by your Surgeon?  These are questions I would really like answers to.  :)

Well, I better get off for now, till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Robyn said...

Even though you didn't follow the diet exactly, you made smart choices. It's not like you ate half a pie or something! Hang in there.

Debi said...

Thanks Robyn, I have just weighted myself & I have lost the .4 I gained yesterday & I am down another .2 lbs. I am supposed to lose 11 lbs by Surgery, but I am not sure if that is from the initial weight in on Aug 28th of 228.6 or the weight in last Tuesday of 226.8.

I have either lost 11 lbs, or 9.2 lbs as far as they are concerned! Either way, I am keeping my beginning weight on my ticker tape as 228.6, as I believe that was my highest weight (ever) & that is when I began my journey to the Lap Band.

But, it would be nice to lose at least a total of 20 lbs by Surgery day. With 16 1/2 days left before Surgery, I am hopeful that I will have lost at least another 10 lbs!! Wish me luck! :)