Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Early Pics Of Me!!

Hey Y'all,

I found some REALLY OLD pics of me starting from when I was 17.  They are really grainy but it is the best I can do since a couple of them were so old & washed out, I had to try to bring in some detail.  Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy them!  I wish I looked like these again!

I was seventeen here & in the best shape of my life & I was about 100 lbs here.  We were camping out at the Colorado River & boy was it hot!!!  My husband says that there is NO WAY he wants me to get this small again.

This photo was taken when I was 18 yrs old & about the same weight (100 lbs).  Not a care in the world, sitting on top of my boyfriends car (now my ex-husband).

This photo was taken at Disneyland & I made a giant foo pah of wearing a Knott's Berry Farm t-shirt!!  The character acted like they didn't want to take their picture with me!!  But of course, they did.  This is my daughter Christa in the picture with me.  She was about 6 or 7 in this photo, so I was about 23-24 yrs old & about 130 lbs.  Can you believe that my ex-husband told me I was OVERWEIGHT!  And needed to go on a diet???

This photo was taken while I was practicing my line dancing with a friend Little Richard.  This was taken in 1991, I was 36 yrs old & about 130-140 lbs.  I met my current husband shortly after this photo was taken.  And I have been battling my weight ever since we stopped dancing.  I just wish my Spine would let me dance again, it was my favorite thing to do!!!  Hopefully, after I lose weight, I can at least dance a couple of dances now & then.
Of course, I battled by weight off & on from the time my ex-husband & I got divorced (which was in 1979), until now.  But when I was dancing, I was able to keep it off!!  Well, that is it for this walk down memory lane.  I hope everyone is enjoying themselves.  Ta Ta for now.

Aloha My Friends  :)


The Dash! said...

Thanks for sharing your pics :) You sure were a skinny minni - and no, I cannot believe your ex told you, you were overweight. Where was that mans mind!! (blind maybe??)

Debi said...

The funny thing is, he was telling me that since I had gained 30 lbs with pregnancy & never really lost it, that I was now overweight (since I was 100 lbs when we married). He finally got on the scales & found that he had gained 30 lbs too!! He stopped telling me I was overweight!! LOL

Gen said...

You were one skinny chick! I was NEVER 100 pounds! (Maybe when I was like 9 or something). I think I hit 120 for about 5 seconds in high school. What is your goal weight now?

Debi said...

I am shooting for 130-140, but if I get to 150 & am happy there, I may just stay there as my DH doesn't like women too skinny! But personally, since I have been that weight in my adult hood, even though it was a long...time ago, I am hoping for at least 140. I am only 5'3" so I short.

The BMI calculator I was given at my Pre-Op Class, shows 108 as being on the borderline of healthy & underweight. Well, I don't want to be that small! But 130 shows almost 2/3's the way to Overweight & 140 as borderline Overweight! Go figure.