Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hi To My 2 New Followers!

Hey Ya'll,

I just checked in & noticed that I have 2 new follower's, Fitness Bandit & Better Banded (Nicole)!!!!  Yea!  I will be checking your sites out as well!  Hope you like pictures, because when I do post them, I usually go crazy.  It's just impossible for me to put in only one or two!  Anyways, just wanted to say welcome & "welcome to my nightmare"!

By the way, Fitness Bandit.  I tried to leave a comment on your blog but was unable to.  Not sure if this is by design or if you were unaware of it.  Just wanted to let you know!!  Glad to see you are putting yourself first this year, you should.  Good luck in your weight loss.

Aloha My New Friends  :)


Nicole said...

Thanks Debi!

fitnessbandit said...

Thanks Debi!
I have fixed my comments section. Good luck on this amazing journey!

Debi said...

Great! I am very happy with my decision so far!