Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Enforcer!! Plus TMI Questions :)

Hey Ya'll,

Am I the only one that has an ENFORCER for a significant other?  My DH watches me like a hawk!  He always has.  Even when I wasn't on a diet, he would say things like, "do you really need to eat that much?", or "you should only be eating half of what I eat at most."  Since the Surgery, if he thinks I am taking bites that are too large, or eating too fast, he is immediately on me to slow down or eat smaller bites, etc!!  I know that this is a good thing (but hate being told so! :)).  Especially when the restriction starts happening.  Right now, I don't really have any restriction to speak of, so unless I am eating too fast, or too much, I really haven't had any problems yet.  But in the long run, I will be happy for his help I am sure.  I was just curious if your husbands or boyfriends did this too?

WARNING!  WARNING!  TMI information being talked about or requested!!

Now, something that I have noticed in many of the blogs I read.  Many of you talk about burping a lot once you were banded.  Did it start immediately?  Or after you started having restriction?  I am curious because so far, I haven't had any burping episodes.

Another common complaint in the blogs is, (I don't know a polite way to say it) flatulence (passing gas, farting, etc).  Again, did it start immediately?  Or after restriction?  I ask this because I have always been gassy & so far, I haven't noticed anything more than normal, except for the first couple of days after Surgery.

Maybe this is why I didn't have the gas pains after Surgery, I wasn't afraid to let it out so to speak. :)  I am sure the Nurses weren't happy to have to walk into my room!!  LOL.  But the Nurse did ask me if I had any gas pains the morning after Surgery, & I told her no, but that I was passing gas regularly, & she said that was great!  She said that most patients are afraid to release it in an environment where someone could be coming in at any time!  And since the first few days, I haven't noticed being more gassy than normal.  So I'm thinking this might be something that picks up later after restriction?  Or is it because many eat a lot of beans for the protein?  Just curious if it is still to come or due to what ever I choose to eat in the future. 

Well, I think I am done asking the embarrassing questions for now!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Aloha My Friends  :)


The Dash! said...

OH HOLY COW! You have an enforcer too, lol. MOTH is on me like white to rice - that said, maybe not so much as like in the beginning but oh yeah, I would get those comments too.. remember, don't eat too fast.. don't forget to chew... Are you sure you're eating enough? The list went on.. now, through lots of scowling and hurrumphing from me, he shuts it! lol. Bout time.
And the farts.. holy moly, do we fart. I have to say I was always a 'lady' in that regard and though I live with five males who think farting is a hugely funny thing, I would always do it in private. Not so now.. I have been caught so many times it's not funny, and these aren't ladylike by any stretch of the imagination. Think big, think loud, think long *blush*... sigh.. one of the little downsides to having a band me thinks!
PS Love the colour change on your blog. Mint green - pretty!!

Debi said...

Thanks Cara!!

You always make my day! I used to be a closet farter too, but after months of enduring excruciating pain trying to hold them in, my DH said, "why are you holding it in? Just let it out!" So I did! After the first few times, it wasn't so bad, now he jokes that I am as bad as him (highly unlikely though). LOL

As for the enforcer, yes, he is always looking out "for my best interest"!! Nice to know that I am not alone in this. :)

Robyn said...

I think that if my husband were an enforcer like you and Cara have, I would strangle him. I am extremely sensative to anyone talking about what I eat, or how much I eat, if I'm eating too fast, etc. I take it very personally and it upsets me. I'm not sure exactly why but think it's from growing up with a mom who put so much emphasis on dieting and being thin, that these comments take me back to those days. I know now that my mom was just trying to do what was best for me, in the best way she knew how, but at the time it came across that I wasn't good enough if I wasn't thin. So my husband has never said anything about my eating, weight, etc. he knows it upsets me.

Anyway, onto to gas. I don't have restriction yet, but I have noticed an increase in the gas. But more than passing gas, I've noticed the pain caused by gas. I guess I didn't have painful gas in my stomach before, but now it seems like it's pretty regular.

Dinnerland said...

Wow, this is the first time I am reading this about that gas... oh well, the cost of getting healthy I suppose?

Debi said...

Yes Robyn, it sometimes bothers me, well, it bothers me more than I like to admit, but this is the way he I have gotten used to it!

As for the gas, I can't believe you are just now hearing about it Vanessa! I have read at least 70 blogs from the beginning & many of them talked about gas & how they just got used to the flatulence & for the most part, now let it out whenever needed!

Anonymous said...

If hubby were an enforcer, like yours and Dash's, I'd have to kill him -- that's all there is to it! I have a background similar to Robyn's -- my mom always after me to eat less, to diet, to exercise. I know now, as Robyn said, that she was just doing the best she could to watch out for me, but at the time, it sounded as though I wasn't good enough the way I was. I'm not even telling her about my decision to be banded because that's all she'll talk about -- how much I'm eating and how much weight I'm losing. She has a hard time just accepting me for me, and I have a hard time accepting that!

Debi said...

I guess I am just lucky that my mom was never like that. Even when I went on a self imposed diet at age 15 & lost down to 89 lbs! She never told me to stop losing weight. She was sooo glad when I realized I was too skinny & gained back up to 98-100 lbs though!! Which is what I weighed in my skinny pics I have in an earlier post.

Unfortunately, my DH has always been like this & will never change. This is something that I have had to come to terms with as I do not want to go on without him!

Nicole said...

I have an enforcer as well..SIGH..he means well.
since surgery I find myself burping more than I used too. oh well :)

Debi said...

Hi Nicole! I guess having an Enforcer for a significant other is much more prevalent than I originally thought!! At least we can all commiserate with each other!! LOL

Amy W. said...

I cant really comment on the burping or farting bc being the lady that I am....oh who am I kidding! I farted and burped all the time BEFORE surgery. But now, when I burp I can say "Excuse me, I had surgery". It's catching on bc now when I burp at work or around my family, they say "Surgery". And I just nod.

Debi said...

Amy, you crack me up!! LOL I did before, & I still do have gas, but I don't try to hold it in unless I am around other people, then I either go in another room or try to hold it in! But the burping, I still have not had that problem! Maybe it will come later when I start getting my fills?