Friday, November 13, 2009

My First NSV's Yea!!!

Hey Y'all,

Just wanted to say that I have finally noticed some amazing changes, but I forgot to post them.  Tuesday, when I went to the Hospital to finish my Pre-Op Lab Work, I put on the shoes that I had bought to wear last Winter, as my feet had become so swollen that I could no longer wear my usual shoes (& hadn't been able to since April 08)!  I had been getting by with wearing flip flops most of the year (thank goodness we live in California).  But it does get cold in the Winter, even here. 

So last year, I purchased some pull on shoes online from LL Bean, that has a zipper on top & in a 1/2 size larger in Wide Width, making them easier to get on.  Even so, usually when I first put them on (every time), I would have to force the zipper up on the left shoe, & it would be tight until it stretched out.  But Tuesday, they came right on & was almost too large (actually they were too large, but I was afraid to try on my regular shoes).  So I wore them anyway & they were just swimming on my feet all day!!

This also means that my legs & ankles are not constantly swollen!!  My legs & feet feel much better.  I just wish the Restless Leg Syndrome would go away!!  LOL

Also, my hands aren't as swollen anymore, I can almost get my rings back on my fingers.  I haven't been able to wear my rings in at least 2 years!!!  The only exception to this is when I go somewhere where it is much cooler than I am used to, then the swelling in my hands go down & I can get on one of my larger rings on temporarily.  Which is sad, I love my rings.  However, I really only wear my wedding band on a daily basis (when I could that is).  I wear the fancier rings when we dress up.  So, when we were on vacation last month, I was able to wear one of my rings, but not my wedding band.  :(

The last but best NSV is; I can bend over to pick up something without feeling like I want to die.  Before, I could barely pick up something that I dropped on the floor, even from a sitting position!!  So I am definitely feeling much better already!  I can't wait for more weight to come off!!

Aloha My Friends  :)


Judi said...

Aloha Debi!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!! It's always great to meet new blogger friends and take a peek into their lives! Love your blog style!
It's great that you are already experiencing the rewards of your journey! There will be so many more to come! It's the best thing you have ever done....I promise you!!!
I'll be back!

Debi said...

Thanks Judy!! I can't wait to truly get started. I can't believe it is only 5 days away now.

ToomuchRN said...

Hi Debi I've been also following you. That is good news and as you continue to lose those things you think are some and not so important will become exciting. I know have my rings on my neckless because they are too big. Good job on the weight loss. Keep up the good work.

Debi said...

Thanks Myra! I've been following yours too! That's funny about losing sooo much that you have to wear your rings on a necklace. I told my husband that if that happens with me, we get to have all my rings re-sized! He said that it would be worth it! He wants me to lose weight for health reasons.

The Dash! said...

Great news about the shoes and rings - I have a collection of rings waiting to be re-sized too - I felt really naked at first without them! Doing well, Deb :) not long now!

Debi said...

Thanks Cara! I have been without my wedding band for so long now, it will be strange to wear it again, but I am looking forward to it! But, I don't want to worry about resizing until I am at my goal weight, or whatever I determine it to be. My DH says that I might want to stop at 150, we'll see.