Monday, March 1, 2010

By Request, Photos Of Some Of My Crocheted Items

Hey Ya'll,

I have had some requests for pictures of my Crocheted items.  So here is some of my work.  Some good, some not so good, but something I enjoy doing, and I am getting better at it.  Especially since I only had two short courses of instruction about 33 yrs ago!

This was an Aran Afghan pattern that was supposed to be done in a single color, I chose to make it more difficult, and work it in two colors!

This Afghan I made for my BFF, Nadene.
From this point on, all Afghans made were done with double yarn which made them very large, and heavy!  Also, all of the Afghans made after the Aran one, were made by request of the person and they chose the pattern and colors!!

I made this Afghan for my SIL, Mark.
Another view, it was folded in half length wise, meaning that it was almost big enough to fit the top of a Double bed at least!  As are most of the Afghans made with the double yarn.
This one was made for my DD, Kat.  It too was doubled over.
Another view of Kat's Afghan showing the detail.
This one was for my DD, Christa.
A bit closer photo.
This one was for my DS, Russ.  It was in Purple and Peach.  He picked out the colors, and no, he swears he is NOT GAY!  Definitely not the two colors that I would have put together!!  LOL
A closer look. 
This one was for my BFF, Kelly.  Her favorite colors are purple, so I made it in two tones of purple.
Closer look at the stitches.
This one was for my SIL, Elliott.  His favorite color is Blue.
A better view I think.
My first pair of slippers, that I made for my Mom.
My Granddaughter Emily's Hat.
A hat for my Grandson Walker.
A hat for our friends son, Sam.
A hat for someone who used to be our friend, David.
And this hat and scarf was made for my BFF, Nadene.

So that's it guys!  You are probably sorry you asked!  LOL  I forgot to take photos of a couple of the scarfs I made and another pair of slippers and hat, though.  What did you think of the bears being my model for the hats?  Well, I better go for now, I need to get back to work!!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Dinnerland said...

Wow-- amazing!! I tried to comment yesterday and say that I think you're doing great and that 30+ inches is nothing to sneeze at... what a talent you are.
Someday, if I ever get some renewed patience, maybe I will learn this lovely skill.

Debi said...

Thank you Vanessa!! I do love doing it, and it is kind of therapeutic for me! Plus I can give some gifts that were made from my heart. :)

Sally Hamilton said...

Debi - I'm an avid crafting, quilter, knitter - your work is beautiful and I'm tickled to see that you've kept photos. I have made a scrapbook of my work because it's easy for pieces to get away from you (as gifts) and then they are forgotten. I love this type work as it keeps my hands busy and keeps me from grazing - of course, I don't keep much in the house for grazing any more ...

tessierose said...

Debi, you are so talented! I paint as well, but not as well as you. I do find it very theraputic as well. Great job!

LDswims said...

Beautiful work! I love my afghans that my mom made me - so I can know how special the recipients of these afghans and hats and booties feel! I love to knit but have not ventured into the realm of afghans yet...

DawnB said...

Very nice! I wish I had your talent & patience :)

Debi said...

Thanks everyone!! I do love to crochet, and it is time consuming. It also helps me to not eat as much, like Sally said!!

The only hard thing with the Afghans is that they get so big!! The ones that are made in one piece (meaning they are not squares that are put together), gets so big that I must make them on one of our couches, so that I can pull them across my lap, back and forth, so that they do not lay on the floor!!

They are so heavy and warm, that I try to work on them in the Winter!! In Summer they are killer hot! LOL

Girl Bandit said... are very clever and I love the design on the first one...looks tricky

Debi said...

Thanks GB! Yes, the first one was the hardest. At least at first until I got used to the pattern.

I am making this same one in the same colors for my DH, except that I am making it even harder for myself! The original was worked in single crochet stitches. The one for my DH is in slip stitches, making them much tighter and dense. Of course it is being made in double yarn as well!! So basically, it will be the thickness of a blanket!! Which is why my DH wants it!