Monday, March 1, 2010

Back By Request, My Paintings :)

Hey Ya'll,

I also had requests from a few of you to see my paintings.  I posted them wayyy back in December, but I am re-posting them so that no one has to go searching the hundreds of posts to find it!!  LOL  So, without further ado, here they are!  Please remember that I am a beginner & I only began painting about 1-1.5 yrs ago & I have only completed 7 Paintings & I would like to think that I get a bit better with each one (with the exception of one).  I also am in the process of painting 3 others.  I will post a photo of each for your critique.

This is my first completed painting, which my Mother and Father-In-law wanted as soon as they heard that I was painting it.  I loosely based it on a photo from a Calendar.
My second painting, that I gave to my Step-Daughter Kat.  This was loosely based on a painting I saw in our local Aaron Bros.  Everyone that saw it, says they liked my version better.  I have since tried to get Kat to let me redo the Palm Fronds, but she will not have it!  She likes it the way it is.
My third painting.  It was based on several photographs of Lake Tahoe taken by my Mother-In-Law & seamlessly pieced together by my Father-In-Law.  The photo took 2nd place in Nevada Magazine.  It should have taken first.
My fourth painting that I loosely based on Kat's painting, with some changes.  This painting was for one of my BFF's Kelly.  
My fifth painting.  Also based on the Lake Tahoe photo.  I like the mountains & rock in the foreground better, but I didn't do as well on the reflection in the lake, & I think the colors in the original painting matches the photograph better.  I am still trying to learn how to do reflections!!  This painting was for our friend Jerone, who was our Flight Instructor.
Here is a photo showing the actual Framed Photograph of Lake Tahoe on top, then the two paintings based on it.  Christa's in the middle, & Jerone's on the bottom.  Here you can really see the difference in the colors between the two paintings.
My sixth painting that I painted for my other BFF Nadene.  She requested a Butterfly, so this was my first attempt at something other than water & sand!!  I wanted to test paint a Rose that I placed in the right hand corner, for Mom's painting.
And of course, my Mom's Rose Vase.  It is my seventh painting.  This one I used photographs of different Roses & pieced them all together.  I know the leaves are horrible, but what the hell, I am not very good at leaves yet.  I forgot to take a photo of it in its frame before we gave it to my Mom.  I chose this background color as it is one of her favorite colors.  And Roses are her favorite flowers.  I Love You Mom <3

This shows some of the sketches I did of a few of the Roses, and the actual sketch of the Rose Vase that is taped to the wall.

This photo is of the the sketches I have made for our friend Aggie's painting.  Walt said that Aggie wanted a painting of flowers, since I love Plumeria Blossoms, I have chosen to paint them.  I just hope she likes it.  And I hope it turns out at least half as well as it has the potential to be.
And this is a painting in progress.  It will be for my Daughter Christa.  It is based on her photograph that she took of the California Coastline, North of Monterey.  The photo is of course on the left, and my painting is on the right.  I still have manyyyy hours left on it.  But someday it will be finished!!  I promise Christa!!

And this is the start of my latest painting (or work in progress).  It will also be based on the Lake Tahoe photograph, but much larger!  About twice the size in fact.

So far, I have yet to get to keep one of my paintings!  Anyway ya'll, I need to get to bed soon, so I need to get off here and start getting myself working towards bed.  Hopefully I will be in bed by 3:30 this morning, which will be earlier than the last two nights!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Sally Hamilton said...

Debi - you're so beautifully creative. My hat's off to you. Painting is something I would love to do but can't seem to quite get the hang of it. I have so many images in my head that I just can't quite get through my fingers and onto canvas. I make up for this by creating art quilts (wall hangings) - I plan to do a set of 3 waterfront wall hangings for the quilt show in September.

THE DASH! said...

WOW!!!!! I know I commented way back when you first posted but that butterfly one does it for me every time. And the landscape one with the snow capped peaks - just beautiful. You are intensely clever, Debi. Amazing!!

Jenny said...

Ok, I would TOTALLY NOT know that you are a beginner!!! Seriously??? Love them!

Is this your escape? I heart paper crafts and try to do them all them time when I can sneak away!! Maybe I'll post some of mine...not sure if I'm that brave though!

Marie said...

Beautiful! Love to see creativity and you are very talented.

I just started following you a few days ago and am trying to get acquainted with blogging. I'm not very good at it yet! Here is my blog!

Take care,

DawnB said...

They are beautiful! I feel like I am somewhere warn & tropical now! You have great talent - does not look like a beginner's work at all! Thanks for sharing.

Debi said...

Thanks everyone! I do love to paint. I just wish that I could be more free with my painting. I try to make it too real, exact. I can't just paint a few strokes of color that from a distance looks like what it was supposed to be!! I have to try to make it exactly like what it was supposed to be! Anyway, I am trying to improve with each painting.

Sally, I always wanted to learn how to quilt! I love them. But with all that I do right now, I decided that I just didn't have the time to devote to making quilts. Besides, you need some room and special equipment which I won't have in the near future!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Kristin said...

Debi, these are beautiful. You have an eye for this, and a talent for translating it from your head to the canvas. Your comment about hoping your painting turned out half as well as it has the potential to be rang so true with me. I always felt this way about the stories I wrote for newspapers - they were so good in my head, but nailing them down was much harder and I was never completely happy with the finished product. I interviewed the poet laureate of the US once, and he said his poems always ended up being about 10% as good as what he had in his mind. It was comforting to know I wasn't alone in that, and neither are you.

Band Groupie said...

Debi, I can't believe you've only been painting a short time. You've got a real talent for it and I can tell you love it too! Time to start thinking of one for you, for the new place! Thanks for sharing these!

Debi said...

Thanks Kristin and BG!! It is good to know that I am not alone in thinking that I will never get what I truly wanted to express down on the canvas. And it is nice to know that others really do think that they are good. I am my own worst critic!!

Girl Bandit said...

You have such a talent!!! The first painting alone was gorgeous and the lake Tahoe one is amazing...I think my fav!!!

Debi said...

Thanks GB! Yes, I think almost everyone that has seen it, especially in person, likes the Lake Tahoe painting the best. I just wish that I could make the reflection of the mountains in the water more realistic! Something I am continually trying to work on.

Butterfly/Amy said...

thanks for following my blog. I love your artwork! You are very talented.

Debi said...

Thanks Amy!! I tried to make a comment on your blog, but couldn't.