Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Beautiful Day Today!!

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood!!

Hey Ya'll,

I don't know how it was in your neck of the woods today, but here, it was a perfect day!!  Not to cool or too warm.  

We were invited to our friends home for their daughter Teagan's, 5th Birthday party.  They had a really nice gathering of mostly family, with a couple of friends.  They will have another party a bit later for Teagan's friends.  Food wise, I did fairly well there today.  I only had a spoon of Chili, a spoon of Macaroni & Cheese and a spoon of fresh Strawberry's.  I know, I know, I shouldn't have had the Macaroni & Cheese, but it looked so good!  Then, to make matters worse, I also allowed myself one Cupcake.  And it was really good too!!

Oh well.  I did not have this Lap Band Surgery for a fast weight loss.  I am planning on eating normally, but trying to eat less, giving me a slower weight loss.  If I can get up to about a pound a week, I would be at goal in about a year.  Maybe some weeks I can lose two pounds, who knows?  But I am not going to push for a fast weight loss.  I don't intend to deprive myself of foods I love.  Doing that has always got me into trouble, causing me to go on a feed binge.

Not much else happening right now.  So, till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Bonnie said...

One spoonful of macaroni and cheese? Is it really possible to stop at one? Who knew. Good job keeping the eating in check.

TJ said...

Happy Four Months Debi - a couple days late, but I just remembered myself! I am glad you had a great weekend!

Debi said...

Thanks Bonnie and Tracy!!

Tracy, I didn't even think about it either until you said it!! I even have a Ticker Tape which shows my time line since Surgery!!

Happy 4 Months to you too!!

THE DASH! said...

Hey don't beat yourself up over one spoonful of mac and cheese. As you said: take it slow and have it come off that way too. It's working for me! I think you're brilliant! xx

Debi said...

Thanks Cara!

Girl Bandit said...

Hey 1 cupcake and a sppon of M&C won't break the bank...your goals are very realistic

Jenny said...

I agree with you about moderation. I don't believe that the lapband is supposed to be a diet. Skinny/Healthy people eat cupcakes too!! Just in moderation!

Butterfly/Amy said...

Just one spoon of macaroni & cheese? If you can stop at one, that little spoonful isn't likely to cause any damage when it comes to the scale. I'd say pat yourself on the back. :o)

Debi said...

Thanks guys! They even sent us home with 4 cupcakes, and I have resisted them!!