Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Updates :)

Hey Ya'll,

Sorry this has taken so long in coming.  Although my Mom was released from the Hospital yesterday.  She still has Blood Clots in both Legs, as well as the Clot in her Lungs.  They were giving her shots to try to dissolve them as well as thinning out her blood.  Now that she is home, my Niece who lives with my parents is in charge of giving my Mom her shots. 

Even though the results of the Ultrasound shows she still has Blood Clots.  They released her to go home yesterday.  Walt and I were hoping to speak with the Doctor, but never saw a Doctor again after Thursday night, to explain what is happening with my Mom.  So all we can do is hope and pray that they didn't release her too soon.  She said that she is not sleeping well, but is very happy to be home in her own bed at least!!

This is where I would have put the photo of my Mom at the Hospital, but she would have killed me!!  LOL

Landon Michael Scott, born 03/13/10 at 1:25 am 6 lbs 4 ozs, 19.5 inches long.  Isn't he just adorable?

My Niece Cara, had her baby boy early yesterday morning at 1:25 am (Saturday the 13th).  At first the Doctor had planned on releasing her today, but because of the Pre-Eclampsia problems and I guess her current blood work, she won't be released from the Hospital until at least tomorrow.  So now both my Niece and her Son were born on the 13th!  She really didn't want to deliver him on the 13th.  LOL

Well, I guess I need to go for now.  I haven't been feeling my best today.  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Tina said...

He is an adorable baby...Rest up and I hope you feel better....I'm glad your mom is better. I hope the clots disappear quickly.

workinprogress said...

What a gorgeous little fella!!!!

Hope your mum is on the mend soon - I hear blood clots can be quite painful :(

Debi said...

Thank you! Yes, he is adorable!

Yes, my Mom said that the pain was almost unbearable. So I told her that she better remember this pain, so the next time it happens she will know to call me so I can take her in to the Hospital immediately!!!

Jenny said...

He is so cute!!

I hope your mom starts to feel better soon!

Gen said...

OMG so adorable!!!! My 3rd son was born on the 13th of March and we just celebrated his 9th Bday in Mexico!

Hope your mom feels better!

Butterfly/Amy said...

Definitely a beautiful baby.

Did they place a greenfield filter for your mom? That would keep any clots in her legs from making their way to her lungs. If they didn't, depending on the reason she is getting the clots, she might want to ask her doctor about one.

Bonnie said...

Sorry about your Mom. I know it's so hard when a loved one is in the hospital. It seems like communication sucks and you hardly ever really know what is going on. I would definitely try to get in contact with her physician to find out why she was released. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way and hope your Mom feels better soon.

Bonnie said...

Oh, I forgot - Congrats on the new addition to the family. He's a cutie.

Debi said...

Thank you everyone!

Butterfly/Amy, I don't remember hearing this term (Greenfield Filter). So it doesn't sound like they did. I will try to remember to ask my Mom, however, she will probably not remember even if they did tell her.