Saturday, July 31, 2010

What A Day!! :(

Coconut Palms

Hey Ya'll,

Well yesterday, after only getting about 3 hours sleep, I went in for my Hida Scan for the Gallbladder.  It was an easy test, but I had to lay perfectly still for about an hour and a half!  I will find out the outcome sometime this next week.  But today, I think I had a delayed reaction to the Nuclear Medicine they pumped into me.

I woke up with a Headache which just kept getting worse.  By 2 pm, it was just a step away from being a full blown Migraine.  So I went and laid down in bed as sitting up at my desk was not helping.  I took Allergy meds as well as 650 mg Tylenol (Tylenol Arthritis).  After a few hours of no relief, I had to take some more of the Tylenol.  Finally, after about 5 hours, I got up and made myself eat and start trying to function and do something.  After the 3rd round of meds and eating dinner, I began to feel relief!!  I am still not totally headache free, but at least it isn't debilitating anymore!

Now, as to the Fill I got last Monday.  I feel as though I have less restriction than I have had for the last several Fills!!  Has anyone else had this happen?  Normally I have to be careful for at least a week to 2 weeks after a Fill, but so far I haven't had any real feelings of major restriction.  I am still careful, but I don't feel like I am very tight.  Usually no matter how careful I am right after a Fill, I have a couple of minor "Stuck" episodes to deal with.  I wonder if I have lost some of the saline from prior Fills, giving me less total volume than we think I might have???  I would be curious if anyone else has had this happen to them?  And if so, did you feel more restriction like normal after your next Fill?

Earlier today, our Niece and Nephew came over and took some more of our Furniture, that we were giving our Niece, for her new apartment.  She took some of what we call, "my Furniture".  As it was my choice.  The Black Leather set was picked by both of us, but really is my husbands.  The huge Red Sectional Furniture was picked out by both of us, but my husband took it over, totally breaking down one corner of it, by how he sat/laid on it, and the Cream Sofa Set (my Furniture) was picked out for me, by me. 

We are keeping a Love Seat and Chair from both the Black Leather Set and my Cream Set.  The rest we gave away!  Now the house is REALLY getting bare.  We will now be using the Formal Living Room and Formal Dining Room, as a staging area to store boxes of stuff that we have already sifted through and boxed up to move.  We have a 3 car garage full of "STUFF" to go through!!  HELP!!!

Well, I am going to end this tonight, as I am very tired and still fighting a headache.  I just wanted to keep up with my life and Fill information.  And Walt told me to BLOG!!!  LOL  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Fiona said...

I am so impressed with how you handle everything. Please send me some wisdom o zen master.

Debi said...

I just look at it as what will be, will be. I can only do so much and what I can't control, I try not to worry about too much!! LOL I figure that I might as well laugh about it, otherwise I would just cry.

Bonnie said...

Hope you are feeling better.

Debi said...

Thanks Bonnie! I do feel better today. But my headache is trying to come back. I hate allergies!

Christine said...

I'm not sure what the answer is about the fill. Yes it's possible that you've lost some saline, but I think it's kind of unlikely. Maybe your body is going through a different adjustment process. Since you said it is usually 2 weeks before you "return to normal," then I'd say you should wait at least two weeks to see if there's any chance in your restriction. If there's no change in two weeks, make another appointment and get another fill. That's my opinion!

I'm sorry about the migrane. Feel better soon!

Debi said...

Thanks Christine! I hear you about waiting on the Fill. Unfortunately, my Surgeons office will not make an earlier appointment. Plus, I would have to drive a couple of hours over the Sierra's to get there. So I will just have to wait for my next scheduled appointment. :(