Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Hida Scan and Wow!! What A Weekend!!

Swan Reflection

Warning!  Warning!  Extra Long Post Ahead!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I began a post earlier today, and was about 1/2 way through writing it....then I lost the whole damn thing!!  So now I am having to rewrite it!  Argh!!!

Well, I went to my 7th Fill yesterday (Monday) in Reno, and I did get another .05 cc's.  Which puts me somewhere between 7.0-7.2 cc's.  I did lose another 2 lbs since my last Fill, but that was almost 9 weeks ago!  So 2 lbs isn't VERY MUCH!  But at least it was a loss, not a gain thank god!

I gave them the written report from my recent CT Scan for the Gallbladder.  They said that just because the Scan didn't show any Gallstones, didn't mean that the Gallbladder isn't Diseased and that a Hida Scan would show if there were any problems with the Gallbladder.  So I am scheduled for the Hida Scan this Friday morning.  It is supposed to take 2 hours!!

They said that the HIDA scan is also used to measure the rate at which Bile is released from the Gallbladder (Gallbladder Ejection Fraction).  And that if the GEF shows a rate of about 35% or less, then the old Gallbladder is heading South Fast!!  I will keep you posted on how old, my old Gallbladder is, compared to this old Broad!  LOL

Well, I finally had a new NSV to report that I am proud of!!  Last week when our friends from Portland were coming over, I wanted to vacuum the house.  And I have got to tell you that this was the first time in many YEARS, that I have been able to vacuum without needing to stop every few minutes and sit down because of the pain.  I was able to vacuum the entire house without having to sit once!  And without a lot of pain.  :)  And I have a pinched nerve in my lower Spine which always causes me problems!!  Yea!!

Also last week, while Walt was in the pool, I was sitting on the steps talking with him, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  I have never seen anything like this before, and almost had a Heart Attack.  At first I thought I was seeing a big squirrel run across the top of our fence from one side of the yard to the other and dropping down into the property next door!  But we don't live in an area where squirrels are.  And squirrels tails are thick and bushy, not long, thin and practically hairless!!  It was a RAT!!  I don't even know where it could have come from, the closest field is about a mile away, at least!!

So, transitioning from my terror of seeing my first HUGE, WILD RAT last week!  Last week our Daughter Kat, called me up and asked me if I would like to spend the day with her the next day.  Of course I said yes!  So she came and picked me up, took me to lunch (Walt ended up joining us as well, she paid), then the two of us went to the movies to see Eclipse.  I loved it, she had loaned me her copy of New Moon, so that I could watch it the night before, so that I could see the movies in sequence.  We had originally planned to have Pedicures as well, but ran out of time, as we were supposed to meet Walt, Russ (our Son) and Kat's husband Elliott for Russ's Birthday dinner.  We had a great day together and it ended too soon!

BTW, I passed my Motorcycle Written Test!!  And it only took me 2 times to pass it!  The reason I didn't pass it the first time (I missed one too many), they were asking questions that were not in the Ca Motorcycle Handbook (which I studied).  The missed questions were in the Motorcycle Safety Course Handbook.  Which I forgot to re-read before going in to the DMV.  But since the Safety Course is not a required course, I don't feel that they should be asking questions that the average person who has not taken the course can't answer!!  They should only ask questions that can be found and studied in the official Ca Motorcycle Handbook!  Luckily, they allowed me to take it a second time immediately after, so I passed it the second time.

Unfortunately, they messed up my paperwork!  I didn't notice it until later that night after they had closed.  The paperwork stated that I needed to wear Corrective Lenses!!  I have never had to wear Corrective Lenses while driving, and I passed the eye test while there!!  So I went back in the next morning, and they said that it was too late!  They were already processing the License.  So I had to wait until I received the new License and take it back in.  So last Monday, I took the new License back in with me, and they gave me the eye test again, agreed that I didn't need the Restriction placed, and re-issued the License.  So I had to make 3 trips to do ONE THING!!!  I know, I know, pick on the almost 55 yr old woman.  She is getting old, she must need to wear glasses!!!  Well I read!  But I am still ok to drive.

Switching gears again completely.  We found out a couple of weeks ago, that I have more American Indian Blood in me than I originally thought.  I thought that I was Maybeeee 1/16th-1/32nd.  I found out that I am actually 1/8th Choctaw Indian.  My Great Grandfather (on my Mom's side of the family), who was a Sheriff in Oklahoma in the late 1800's-early 1900's (and had the classic shoot out in the main street with an outlaw (both shot each other and died (and subsequently were buried close to each other in the local graveyard!))) married a Full Blooded Choctaw American Indian.

So Walt wants me to Research into my Family Tree, and see how far I can go with it.  My Dad has been checking online, and believes that he found ties in my family tree from my Mom's side, all the way back into the 1500's at least.  So that is my newest chore for me.  Research my Family Tree!!  Which I am definitely interested in doing, but don't you think that I have enough on my plate already??  Oh well, at least I can never say that I don't have anything to do!!

And last but not least, we walked into my SIL's, (Mother In Law quarters) where we were staying for the weekend up in Carson City, and was hit by a huge wave of HEAT!!  She "Forgot" that we were coming for the weekend, and didn't turn on the Air Conditioner.  It was 99 degrees in the place!  I am fairly sure that she turned on the Heat just to make sure it was unpleasant.  She always tells us that we are welcome, but lets us know in many little ways how it is an imposition, us being there. 

So we turned on the Air, and had to run it all night just to be able to sleep!  The next morning, we left for 3/4's of the day, and when we returned, she had turned off the Air, and opened up the place!  So we had to wait for her to go back into the main house, after visiting with us for awhile, then turn the Air back on (again for the night)!!  Would you treat your guests like this?  I know I wouldn't, but then like I said, I believe she does these kinds of things to let us know that she really doesn't want us there.

So, now that I have written another book, I better go.  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Anonymous said...

Gracious your sil sounds quite...rude! Awesome about your new license..kudos! I also have Indian blood (altho u wouldn't know it by looking at my blonde blue eyed sis!) We have commanche on our side..supposed to be related to quanah parker..happy hunting!

Christine said...

Wow, your SIL is really rude! that's too bad!

Congrats on passing the motorcycle test! I can't wait to see pics of you riding on the bike! Just curious, but do you find the bike too heavy to manipulate? I'm always worried that if it tipped to the side, that I wouldn't be strong enough to straighten it out!

Your rat story reminds me of a story of my own! My mom was visiting me. I took her out for coffee and pastries in the evening. The Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs is an historic 1800's masterpiece. The lobby is decorated in authentic Victorian style. There's a courtyard where the restaurant has some tables. There are palm trees and flowers all over, with sparkling christmas-style lights and candle-light. it's enchanting! We were sitting on there sipping coffee when I noticed something dart under my mom's chair! I said very very calmly, "Hey mom. I need you to stand up right now, don't look down, and just follow me calmly into the other room, okay?" Naturally she started to freak out and hauled ass to the inside of the hotel. I peeked down and it was an ugly-assed Possum staring at me! UGGGGH! It looked like a ginormous rat!

Ashley said...

I know what you mean about vacuuming except for me, I used to not be able to sit very long because after I did and then tried to stand up, my knees would ache terribly. No more of that! It's the little things, right? :)

Very cool about your family tree. I LOVE history, so I might have to start looking into this myself. The mormons also keep great records. I think they run


Cool about your American Indian blood line. My dad is from Oklahoma and has Indian blood but I have no idea how to resech this. Any pointers?

Debi said...

Thanks Jocelyn! I know what you mean about not being able to tell by looking. I am blonde and blue eyed too!!

Christine, I will try to get someone to take my photo on the bike someday!! I can't ride it yet as it is about 1000lbs and until we get the trike kit attached to it, it is literally impossible for me to ride since I can't even put my feet on the ground!!

Wow! A Possum? I saw one cross the road in front of me once, but never in the same space as me!!

Ashley, yes I agree, it is the little things!! I agree that the Mormons are highly regarded for their Ancestry records, and will definitely be using them!!

Christine, we are starting the Ancestry search on the free sites available as well as the free Mormon site. Here are some sites you can check out:

For some info on the Federal Cencus Records

The Mormon Site:

And of course, for a fee (but with a free 14 day trial):

Christine said...

Yeah I have an account at I haven't found anything mind-blowing there, but I did find some old census records that were pretty cool that gave me addresses of relatives...

Debi said...

That's great! I haven't really started to look yet.